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    Currently modelling ex GWR BLT in 00 (Woodstowe) and building a Bavarian BLT (epoche III) in HO scale, but previously have built layouts in HOe (Austrian), 009, N gauge (German DB steam) and 0:16.5. Member of the Model Railway Club, Kings X

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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. That's very helpful - I do have a bus pass, so will check that route out. All the best David C
  2. Any West Midlanders have any suggestions of where to park on the Sunday? A rail station between Snow Hill or New Street and Birmingham Airport would be ideal, but I could easily drive to Hampton in Arden or any of the others towards Coventry. Any suggestions would be appreciated. David C Carrot crunching, straw chewing Suffolk resident
  3. Julia: I'll bet you're an S4 (or possibly S7) modeller. I think I'm going to stick with 00 AND I'm going to model turnips ready to harvest even though I've decided to set my layout in July which is ONE WHOLE month earlier than they should even be planted according to some of the info other members have kindly posted above. Counting rivets on locomotives is a whole lot easier than this agricultural stuff .... Thanks for the posts and the humour! David C
  4. The main problem with your suggestion of using a big arse lamp is that I will have to co-ordinate the timetable with walking east to west. Clearly, when the morning trains arrive/depart, the lamp will have to be at the east end of the layout. For mid morning trains, the lamp should be somewhere between the east and the exact middle of the layout where it will need to be for services around noon. Obviously, the lamp will continue westwards in the same fashion until the last train of the day. In order to make this work, there will have to be some kind of pulley system running the entire length of the layout. I did think of motorising this, but think a hamster or mouse or similar creature in an exercise wheel could provide the power. When it was time to run the 4.30pm, I could simply jam a pencil in the wheel when the lamp was about 3/4 of the way to the west. I really think I should have built the layout to S4 standards. David C
  5. Once again, thanks to all those RMweb-ers who responded to my original request for information. You've all given me enough food (!!!!) for thought. I now have to decide whether the fiddle yard or the buffer stops are north, south, east or west! Anyone any ideas how to reproduce the passage of the sun from east to west during the course of the day? David C
  6. David C


    Looks as though it will be an interesting project. The signals looks good - but as one who hasn't progressed beyond the Dapol ones, that'snot that much of a compliment!!! I assume this is an exhibition layout. If the squares on the plan are 1 foot, then your scenic section must be 16 foot length plus fiddle yard. I look forward to seeing progress. Regards David C
  7. Again, thank you gentlemen for your replies. The White Rabbit's photos are spot on - some inspiring modelling there. David C
  8. Thanks again to GWR_Modeller and Nick Holliday. All very useful stuff. I'm thinking of two fields, one of spuds or cabbages and one fallow at the front of the layout, with another of livestock (sheep or cattle) at the rear. Contents of allotments (of which there are two planned) yet to be decided. Best wishes David C
  9. Wow! That's a very impressive and speedy response from members on what must be a pretty esoteric query. Many thanks to you all for some very useful information. Now all I need do is work out how to reproduce 'em in model form. David C Ex rivet counter Now a cabbage/sprout/potato counter!!!!
  10. Looking in my fridge at the veg, there's broccoli from the UK, asparagus from Peru and beans from Kenya. It seems as though the seasons have been abolished by supermarkets jetting in veg and fruit from all over the world whenever they are not in season in the UK. When I was a kid in the 1950s, before cheap flights, polytunnels etc not every variety of grub was available year round, but unfortunately, I can't recall what was in the shops at what time of year. Wikipedia is not very helpful on this. I'm sure most RMWebbers are fascinated by my diet, but for the few who aren't, what veg were grown when is of importance scenically. If I model a potato field or my 1:76 scale station master grows tomatoes on his allotment during the wrong season, then that is as bad as running 4 wheel clerestory coaches behind, say, a class 66! Are there any farmers or allotment holders who can advise this ignorant townie (who has only ever grown weeds successfully)? My layouts feature deciduous trees in full leaf (partly as view blockers but mainly because trees in winter are a real pain to make), so the season is late spring to early autumn and the period sometime in the 1950s. What would be growing in fields and allotments then? Thanks in advance David C
  11. Interesting idea. I assume you're working in 4mm. What size baseboards are you using? I'm also intrigued by your idea of a loco works David C
  12. Slip coaches do make interesting models though. John C. Agreed. You could quite prototypically use one on the branch, even if they were not seen on the mainline being returned on a normal service train so far West. The GWR removed the slipping gear (apart from the tanks underneath) from quite a few redundant slips and employed them on branchlines. Usually having 1st and 2nd class accommodation, they were ideal for lines where the passenger traffic only required a single coach. Off the top of my head, Farringdon, Newcastle Emlyn and (I think) Windsor were examples. The former had 70 foot concertinas whilst Windsor had a shorter version (not sure what diagram, but possibly a toplight). I want one for "Woodstowe" as they lasted well into the BR period. A beautiful and inspiring layout - keep the pics coming! David C
  13. I drove from Ipswich yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the standard of the exhibits. As an inveterate exhibition visitor (and occasional exhibitor!) I had seen Teign House sidings, the 0:16.5 layout, Gas Lane and Abbey Street before, but they were all well worth seeing again. Most of the others had something of interest, too, although I agree with Nick's comment above about the miniscule shunting layouts. I will certainly go in future years. Where did I hear about the show? UK Modelshops site, RMweb and the mags. Before heading for home, I had a wander around the centre of Ely and the cathedral, which I've only ever seen from the train before. If you've never been to the city, its a stunningly attractive place. David C
  14. Hornby should sort out deliveries to their existing suppliers before potentially making things worse with a lot of new ones. I wanted a couple of the new Collett compartment coaches for "Woodstowe" and popped into my local shop (Orwell Model Railways in Ipswich). The proprietor advised me they hadn't received any and he didn't know when the next delivery was. He also said that he always knew when any orders from Bachmann would arrive. I picked up one of the coaches at Ally Pally (from Cheltenham) but decided to get the other one I wanted from Orwell on the grounds that I should support my local - and very good - store. I go in moderately frequently to get all the usual bits and bobs needed when building a new layout and on which they will never make very much of a profit. Without easy access to such bits and bobs, life for us modellers would be a lot more difficult. The last time I asked, I was told that they had had a delivery from Hornby, but it was from an order they had submitted in August. Hornby has apparently outsourced their deliveries and consequently. they have no control of who gets what when. Its noticeable that the "big boys" like Hattons, Cheltenham etc had stock very quickly after the Colletts were released, but I wonder how many of the smaller outlets are in the same situation as Orwell. Whatever, it does not bode well for their survival - and these are the shops that provide a really valuable service for us modellers by stocking all those unprofitable bits and bobs we all need. David C
  15. Newhaven Harbour by the recently deceased Colin Parks? See obituary .... David C
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