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    Currently modelling ex GWR BLT in 00 (Woodstowe) and building a Bavarian BLT (epoche III) in HO scale, but previously have built layouts in HOe (Austrian), 009, N gauge (German DB steam) and 0:16.5. Member of the Model Railway Club, Kings X

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  1. If you do fancy a heritage line and if the BR50 is a bit big, there are plenty of smaller tank locos which have been preserved. Off the top of my head, there are several Bavarian designs available: BR70 2-4-0T, BR98.8 0-8-0T (on the Fladungen heritage line, which also has a Prussian BR89 0-6-0T ) plus the former sugar factory 0-4-4-0T Mallet. There are also a number of enheitsloks, notably BR64s (2-6-2T) and 86s (2-8-2T) as well as former industrial locos. All of the above are or have been available RTR and Tillig have announced one of the standard ELNA locos designed for industrial use. Thi
  2. Interesting idea. I assume you're working in 4mm. What size baseboards are you using? I'm also intrigued by your idea of a loco works David C
  3. I agree that Humbrol ain't what it was, but I don't have problems with the stuff myself. If a new tin is "sludge", then it has to be stirred until it is broken up and dissolved completely. I then add a small weight of some kind (a spare screw or nut or similar), replace the lid and then shake for a minuter or two. The theory behind this is that if it works for aerosols, then it should work for Humbrol - and it does! It may also be necessary to add a drop or two of thinners - cheap white spirit will do. All of this does take a bit of time, but no more than 3 -4 minutes or so. You could try
  4. Fair enough! Interesting to discover your modelling background bears some similarity to mine. I too spent most of the last 40 odd years modelling narrow gauge, mostly in HOe, 009 and 0:16.5 scales, albeit with a brief excursion into German N in the early 1980s. All involved a great deal of scratchbuilding, which I finally got bored with, so my current effort is an 00 gauge ex GWR BLT, "Woodstowe" - there's a thread on it in Layout Topics. I'm now planning another BLT, this time another German one set in Bavaria - the only scratchbuilt stuff will be the buildings (which I still enjoy making), b
  5. Nice layout! The one thing you seem to have missed out is the church - I got married there almost 25 years ago! David C
  6. David C


    Looking forward to seeing your posts. I visited Prague last year and spent a short time watching trains at the two main stations there - but only for a short time whilst my wife was shopping! David C
  7. Very nice work. I look forward to seeing the finished diorama. Do you mind telling me where you obtained the chain? It looks like jewellers' necklace chain - if so, how did you colour it? Metalblack or similar? Thanks David C
  8. Thanks for posting the photos. I've never been to the exhibition but have been to Cologne many times in the past. I can even remember seeing steam on the Hohenzollern Bridge in the late 1960s .... I agree about the architecture of the city, although if my memory serves me correctly (it probably doesn't!), there is a rather picturesque square of old (and presumably rebuilt) buildings not that far from the Hauptbahnhof ... Best wishes David C
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