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  1. Hi Phil, Nice to finally meet you at the weekend for a few trips along with 832. I shall make a point of looking in here to see how your progress goes with the 25/1. Cheers Lee
  2. Oh happy days!!!! Nice to see you progressing (rather quickly by the looks of it now). Cheers Lee
  3. Hi Brian, That's a very helpful guide to forming the brass etch steps. Do you have a hold and fold device? I have to say that those Grampus wagons look great, with some nice mods and I for one am looking forward to seeing them with a coat of paint and copious amounts of rust applied Is that the Heljian class 25 pictured above? Cheers Lee
  4. Jinty, Further to my last..... according to the BRdatabase website, 37078 was allocated to CF from 15/05/1988. http://brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=class&id=32&type=D&page=alloc Seen here at swindon in July of that year: 37078 Cheers Lee
  5. Hi Jinty, I think you might struggle with that one! I did find a few visitors to canton that fit the bill though: Class 37s Cheers Lee
  6. Hi Cav, BOT is looking very good. You've added some nice 'every-day' details which make it really stand out. What did you use for the platform retaining walls as they look superb? Now you've got a bit of momentum it would be nice to see you make quite a bit of progress with the build. Cheers Lee
  7. Hi Rod, The 08 seems very much at home on WKT and Steve has done a top job with the Railtec numbers. I think they look absolutely spot on! It's been said before but credit where credit is due - the houses forming the backdrop are absolutely superb. Once bedded in you will have a layout that must surely be worthy of an appearance in one of the Model Rail mags, or in the Guild mag. Your last set of pictures show your high standard of modelling skills. Please keep us up to date with the developments as it's always good to see WKT updates. Cheers Lee
  8. Nice work on the wagons Phil. Especially like the Bolster. A full rake of those would look extremely good Cheers Lee
  9. Hi Mike, I never realised that they were a different size..... I was letting the positioning go Cheers Lee
  10. Ahhh you prefer 40's in this livery? Cheers Lee
  11. Hi Peter, Is that large -logo livery.... without the logo? Cheers Lee
  12. Hi Peter, That is stunning modelling!!! I have no idea how you do that in 4mm..... I struggle in 7mm. Super detailing and some very authentic mods. Cheers Lee
  13. Hi Paul, It looks like you'll need to cut the extra headboard brackets from the nose doors then: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6266258854/in/photolist-rojqmM-agBTvu-fjHVCX-avFfJW-dy7dgU-9dXmiF-fjHs1F-feoa64-bjc1iB-dygEFh-dAZ6BX-axJdrL-axFuP4 But at least you don't need to remove one set of double arrows!! Cheers Lee
  14. Hi Brian, It looks like you've been very busy! You've made a top job of those Grampus wagons. I'll keep watching as paint is applied. Cheers Lee
  15. Hi Paul, Nice acquisition Looks like there's a few mods to do... especially those roof access panel handles (they're on the wrong way around). Which number will this be? Cheers Lee
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