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  1. The very village. The rain is stopping us hearing the Voyagers and Freightliners going past today!
  2. Oops! Duplicate post removed.
  3. And hello from 600 yards from the site of the Great Western’s worst ever train crash! Paul
  4. MTP is an incredibly effective camouflage. AFVs are quite hard to see out of, and are very noisy. High-visibility tabards are there for a reason. After all, loading wagons onto a wagon is not something you would be doing in a hot zone!
  5. More on the Army website; with the latest update, Ludgershall gets a mention. https://www.army.mod.uk/news-and-events/events/tractable/
  6. More detail on the Army website: https://www.army.mod.uk/news-and-events/events/tractable/
  7. I think it’s to do with the full equipment rotation for Op CABRIT - NATO’s enhanced forward presence in Poland and the Baltics. I have seen some Facebook chat about this. The vehicles shown include RWMIK, Jackal and CVRT, which are all part of the ORBAT.
  8. That looks really good. Just one thing; the machine gun on the Ferret (it’s the original Browning .30) is always dismounted when the vehicle is unattended, especially for transport. It would be signed out of the armoury by the commander, along with his personal weapon (SMG) before deploying. If moving by rail to an exercise area, the weapons are mostly likely to have been centralised and transported under escort. Paul
  9. I took my 10-year old daughter with me yesterday. She enjoyed the show; no rucksack of hygiene issues to speak of, and a some excellent layouts. Burntisland is the best P4 layout I have ever seen, and had tons to interest us both. The new roundhouse was fabulous, and I was impressed to see that the capstans turned when wagons were shunted to the coal loading dock. Really lovely people on the layout too - thank you. We were also impressed by the demonstrations, and the team on the Isinglass stand were particularly helpful too.
  10. I’m glad this thread has come back to life. The original picture is definitely SIIA 109 FFRs. I have been playing in Army Rovers since I passed my test with the SSM in 1986, including owning my own S3 Lightweight for ten years (having children meant I couldn’t keep it on any longer...). In HQ Squadron RY we had a SIIA BFA (battlefield ambulance) from 1965, all the way through to 1997. It would do 80 happily, and only the interim buy V8 110s could keep up with it. The brakes were less impressive however... Trains and Rovers... What could be more fun?
  11. Looks good, but the turret needs to be reversed so that the gun is over the back decks. I haven’t seen the model in the flesh, but most tanks of that time had a shackle to put around the barrel to guard against the traverse lock coming off and the turret swinging round, with potentially catastrophic results.
  12. Thanks for this - it was great to meet you all at Warley, and I have added my steam plea here!
  13. Enjoyed the Patriot/Scot debate. My question is what is Duck? His most prominent feature, after the pannier tanks, is the pair of above running plate sandboxes. To me, this makes him seem to be a pre-grouping pannier; either a 2721 or 1854; maybe an 1813, but not one of the Wolverhampton engines! What do people think?
  14. But you travel (for free) in first class. Try standard before telling the rest of us that the seats are ok.
  15. I can assure you that it was not.
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