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  1. Hello all, Tooling is complete on the Revolution Class 59 and we've been sent a couple of photos of first shots, which will now be assessed and checked. We are hoping to have EP1 samples on show at our next exhibition, the Great Electric Train Show at Milton Keynes in a fortnight. The models can be pre-ordered at our low EarlyBird price until the end of September, after which the price goes up. cheers
  2. I have often suggested to some of the smaller shops that they club together to commission something to give themselves a semi-exclusive model. Weren't the Bachmann retailer specials an attempt to achieve this? Not that they have done any in N, mind you. cheers Ben A.
  3. I suppose it depends where you're doing your shopping. Those entering the hobby may well start with their local hobby shops and I wandered into a shop a couple of weeks ago while visiting Barnstaple and there were a few Farish blue grey coaches (both Mk1 and 2 I think, but I didn't look closely) for sale. Certainly there are several in my local N gauge area group who don't use the internet to look for models; maybe shortages at online retailers create the slightly false impression that there is a scarcity. cheers
  4. Hi there, Excellent layout - I really enjoyed seeing it at TINGS. Great work! cheers
  5. Hello all, I’d like to thank the organisers for making this one happen; it felt great to be back and really good to meet so many of our supporters and customers after so long away. My understanding is that attendence was roughly 2/3 what would normally be expected which I think is a pretty decent turnout given the undoubted nervousness some may have had about attending large or crowded events. There were some great layouts in attendance including the lovely Meldon West, Sandy Bay and the large Northumberland Club layout complete with environmental commentary... The Revolution stand was busy most of the time; @TomE one of a number of people to photograph some of our newer items and samples. I am not sure it is fair to say TINGS has ‘lost its way’; they can’t force smaller manufacturers to attend and for each it will be a balance between financial viability and the benefits of meeting customers and showing face (whether with or without a mask!). For me the show offered a great balance and while some previous exhibitors were not present new faces - such as Rails of Sheffield and KR Models - were there. See you next year! cheers
  6. Hi all, Thanks for posting these images - fascinating. I’ve seen lots of shots of newer TfL trains being dragged from Derby to London, but there seems to be very little information about earlier LT stock. The 1938 stock trains were built in Birmingham, so must’ve been ferried to London somehow...presumably by the LMS. cheers Ben A.
  7. Hi Steven, I am not sure of your cut-off period but certainly the 59/2s worked Tunstead-Drax limestone trains from their introduction in 1994 for a few years. Redland/Lafarge PGAs also made it to Peak Forest though again, I am not sure of the dates (the photo below is from 2011) and the routes they operated. cheers Ben A.
  8. Hi there, Yes, we have used a variety of methods to bring models to market: crowdfunding, retailer commissions, working with angel investors. The only thing they all have in common is that they have worked! As time has passed we have moved away from a ‘pure’ crowdfunding model, which has limitations, to something better described as a pre-order system that we are happy to explain in more depth at shows etc. cheers
  9. Hi there, No, with the way international shipping is at the moment it’s probably sensible to wait until they are actually in the UK, or at least we know they are close, before making any firm statements! cheers Ben A.
  10. Hi Simon Great job on the repaint. I always thought the loadhaul logo on triple grey looked fantastic. Loadhaul black looked pretty good too. cheers Ben A.
  11. Hi all, In case it's of use here are some images I took of trains featuring these wagons in 2014 on the lines around Ely. Berfore being displaced by HOAs the PGAs offered by Cavalex were often seen in fabulous mixed trains with other PGA types and bogie hoppers, includnig those offered by Farish and the NGS. Manea March 2014 Barway March 2014 Whittlesey November 2014: At this time nearly all the PGAs were unbranded and debranded, though one still carried partial LaFarge livery, and all I photographed had had the ladders removed. cheers Ben A.
  12. I never could bring myself to buy the old Farish HST with its printed lights, but the Dapol power cars aren’t too bad are they? I am pretty happy with mine.... cheers
  13. I think we need decals! Who could do those I wonder? cheers
  14. Hello all, On one of our research trips Mike and I recorded some video content which has now been cut together into a short explainer/information/details/discussion with some music and footage of the real things. If you have a spare five minutes feel free to have a watch either via the News update on our website or on our YouTube channel here: I have also added a little more information about the period covered by each livery to the original news article. cheers Ben A.
  15. Hi all, Yes, I removed the MRL version from view as it was causing confusion! cheers
  16. Hi Jo, What a neat idea, and nicely executed! cheers Ben A.
  17. Hi all, Some good suggestions, but also worth bearing in mind that big locomotives on heavy stone trains doesn't necessarily imply huge quarries and massive terminals for the modeller. How about the Day Aggregates terminal at Newhaven? Traffic in Ealnos JNA box wagons, conveniently... We also happen to be offering the Southern 313 to go with it... Another smaller teminal that looks very modellable is Botley, where there is a stone loading site adjacent to the station. The aggregate is taken over the running lines in a conveyor, so the main terminal could be offscene, or in half relief. This is the view looking toward the station: And the terminal has been operating for a long time, meaning pretty much every 59 has probably visited at some time or another... Not strictly relevant but you could go back even further in time... Passenger traffic, once in the hands of 4-CIGs etc, now mostly Class 450s, soon available from Farish: Actually, could everyone please ignore this post as I think I have just found the inspiration for my next layout... cheers
  18. Hi Justin The Acton-Purfleet train was my go-to for action east of London. A quick glance at flickr threw up Foster Yeoman original livery in 1996: Hanson in 2000: and EWS in 2006: But it seems clear from this that the Mendip pool could all be used, so TBH you could use any of the liveries you suggested. For the 59/0s FY original lasted until 2000, FY revised covers 1998-2019 and Ai first appeared in 2008, which may be slightly late for you. For the 59/1s ARC lasted until 2000, with Hanson taking over from 1999. cheers
  19. Hi Justin, Over the coming days we are planning to upload more information about the various options etc to our website. In terms of liveries, what date or livery are you interested? I have documented the changes/dates. cheers Ben A.
  20. Hello all, In answer to some of the points raised, the reality is that as model railways in general become ever more popular and successful some duplication is inevitable. With my N gauge enthusiast hat on, this is a good thing as it shows that N is vibrant and healthy and it gives consumers more choice. Let's remember too that as has been pointed out the 59s are long lived, historic locomotives and pioneering locomotives that are also the antecedent of the dominant locomotive in Britain now. When we were looking at options for our next N gauge locomotive after the 92, the 59 was an obvious choice as no mass market model had been produced. And given where we are now in terms of development it would make no sense to change our plans now. Bear in mind too that some are reluctant to pre-order, so while there may be some Revolution 59s available at MSRP once we have closed pre-orders, they probably won't be around for long and another model, working to a more traditional production route, may well satisfy that market. cheers
  21. Hi Das, Thanks for the updates. For those of us who love trains but have never worked on the railway these accounts of prototypical operations - and the things that can go wrong - are fascinating! And in the context of modern block trains running between specialised facilities I find these minimal freight outposts irresistible! cheers Ben A.
  22. Hello all, On behalf of Sonic, thanks for all the input. There are still some tweaks to be done to the liveries now the samples are here - thanks to all who have commented. The LNER cabside lining is one area that has been addressed. Part of the reason for decoration samples is to spot such issues; no matter how long you stare at a livery diagram on a screen you're bound to miss something that jumps out when you have the model 'in your hand.' The chimney didn't quite mould properly on the sample shots; this will be corrected for production models. cheers Ben A.
  23. Grahame has hit the nail on the head here. It is always tempting to say 'if only they'd done X' but on the other hand I think it shows N to be in a strong position when two models of the same prototype are produced, and gives the consumer choice. Plus the Class 59s are a historically important locomotive - both in their own right as the first US-made diesels and first privately owned locomotives to run on British Rail, and also as the direct antecedents to the dominant freight locomotive in Britain for the last quarter century. cheers
  24. Calm down! He has just announced his second N loco (LNER J50) with a third tooling soon. Sam (Mr Sonic) has always said he intends to work in both 00 and N... cheers
  25. Hi there, We offered our Class 92 in N after DJM had announced his ill-fated project so it's not unknown. cheers Ben A.
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