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    Dapol Mark 1 coaches?

    Further to Robin's post above, we compared four different BSKs. The others were from Heljan , Lima, and one built from an etched brass kit. Comparing just the sides the Heljan and the kit-built were the same length, 5mm longer than the Dapol. The Lima was the the same length as the Dapol. Apart from the Lima they were the same height. Rob
  2. Railfan and Railroad is available through W H Smith. You will probably have to order it though, as i have only seen it on the shelf in one store, Poole. I've received it through Smiths for the last 20 years. Rob
  3. I went into Tesco today to see if the February Hornby magazine was out. It was, and they also had the 2021 Hornby catalogue so I bought both. When I paid for them a 'multibuy saving' of £4.00 was deducted, so it was £10.98 for both.
  4. I couldn't get a PL11 to work with a peco 0 gauge point. However I've found a gaugemaster surface mounted point motor GMC-PM20 will throw the point. I haven't tried it with a microswitch though. RobR
  5. Hepton Wharf was introduced in Modelling Railways Illustrated volume 1 No.3 in an article entitled 'The case for cameos'. It covers the design considerations and includes a perspective sketch and a track plan, as well as some photos. Rob
  6. To quote from the introduction the author 'aims to illustrate the changes that have taken place since 2001, with some additional photos included from 1991' As well as Peak Forrest there are photos at Tunstead, Earle's Sidings, Hindlow, and Great Rocks Junction. And there is a map, admittedly a small scale one. Rob
  7. Peco code 124 Bullhead is not true bullhead as the rail is flat bottom, which is why the rail joiners are the same as used for 00 code 100 track. C & L and I think Marcway use the correct bullhead profile. I am happy using Peco, as once it's ballasted and weathered I can't tell the difference. Rob
  8. The sixth book in this series, 'The North West of England' (excluding Cumbria) is now out. It has sections on the Manchester Ship Canal And Trafford Park railways, and the Port of Preston, as well as chapters covering steel etc. Up to the usual standard, and well worth getting. Rob
  9. The book 'The Steaming Sixties 4. The Days That Were - The Withered Arm in Cornwall' Irwell Press 2009 , author Peter Coster, has two sections on the Wenford Bridge branch. On 17th August 1962 he travelled on the Wenford goods, and as he had official permission to do so he says a Queen Mary was attached for his use. His photos in the book show it at various locations along the line, including Wenford dries and I think, the terminus. There is also a photo taken of the Queen Mary at Dunmere Crossing on May 5th 1964. Treneglos gets a mention in the introduction to the book. The South Western Circle used have what they called portfolios on various South Western topics, which contained relevant photos , drawings, plans, and articles, not all of which were from the railway press, which it would lend out to members. The one on the Bodmin and Wadebridge line included an article from the company magazine of, I think , one of the car manufacturers. In this the author describes a trip from Wadebridge to to Wenford Bridge. He states that at the time (the 1960s) one could buy a return ticket to Wenford Bridge, and the Queen Mary would be attached to the Wenford goods for your use. One of our club members is in the Circle. I must ask him if the portfolios are still available.
  10. In his book Rail freight since 1968 Wagonload Paul Shannon gives the date of the last use of Blue Spot Insulfish vans in fish traffic as the early 1980s on Scotland's Far North line. Clay hoods were, and CDAs are, only intended for use between clay loading sites in Devon and Cornwall and Fowey docks and would therefore not work east of Exeter. Great layout. Rob
  11. Frank, have a look at pages 84 and 85 of this book. This shows the lamps and board used at the end of the train. The board says 'DANGER KEEP 50 FT CLEAR'. This was to allow for buffer rebound when a loose-coupled train stopped, as vehicles had been following too closely. Rob
  12. The Skytrex Spring 2013 catalogue lists them at £240.00, and shows them available in crimson, blue, and green. I've never seen one so I can't comment on the shape compared to the Westdale or Heljan ones. Rob
  13. in the south of England there was the example of Farringdon, on the Meon Valley line, two and a half miles south of Alton. After the line was closed south to Droxford freight trains were hauled to Farringdon and propelled back to Alton, because the connection to the yard was trailing from Alton. The yard at Farringdon had two sidings, one running alongside a goods shed, the other one running alongside a loading ramp. Two and possibly three enthusiast specials were run during this time, using M7s and pull push sets. (Source ' The Meon Valley Railway Part 3: Closure and Beyond' - Noodle Books). Carter's siding, on the S & D between Corfe Mullen Junction and Wimborne was similarly served when the line onto Wimborne was closed. There was an article on the North Staffordshire Railway branch mentioned by Poggy1165 in Railway Bylines. Iirc the line terminated in a cutting with houses at the top of the cutting.
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