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  1. Until issue 170 the magazine was known as Locomotives Illustrated with only one of those dealing with a diesel- the Deltics (no 19 I think). MLI started from Issue 171 with class 37s. I feel that there is so much more that can be covered. The obvious one is to update the previous issue's subjects as they have been doing subtitled 'The New Era.' A number of the subjects only really received scant coverage- such as BR first generation DMUs and the Southern emus. Expansion of the subjects would be welcome. Coaching stock is another area as is wagon
  2. A factor in deciding the loco (AL6) above's identity is the AEI cross arm pantograph which I believe ten were fitted with from new.
  3. Hi This is excellent news indeed. Thanks for posting this. My intentions were not to mislead anybody by posting incorrect info so my apologies for doing so and thanks to Antony for being able to clear it up. The announcement is still on the Key Publishing subscribe to MLI section: "IMPORTANT NOTICE This title will end with the December/January issue (on-sale 26 November 2020). As as a result, subscriptions are no longer available. All existing subscribers will be contacted shortly regarding their account." Is Colin able to contact Key to get t
  4. Which shade though? Very important in Southern circles... (lights touch paper and beats a hasty retreat. ..)
  5. Hi Mick A worthy and potentially complicated subject indeed! A good start would be to maybe get your hands on the 'standard' books on Southern Coaches such as the David Gould books for Oakwood or Mike King's for OPC, Crecy and KRB as there is a lot of info within including on repainting. I will sort a list out if you haven't got any of them. An excellent website is bloodandcustard which you should find much of interest. One of the subsections covers Southern coaching stock which is being detailed with a lot of info from Glen Woods- who is also prominent on SReMG an
  6. Quite an interesting issue with a number of interesting subjects. Found something strangely appealing/ inspiring about the muddy field with cows... The scenes with modelling water and drainage pipes I also enjoyed, not normally my type of thing, but definitely in this case so well done to the author and photographer (and whoever laid out the page too) for catching my attention. Class 01 article interesting too. Need to reread it again as I was getting cross eyed over the D2956/ D2965 issue. I am not sure if the proof reader had the same issue but I wouldn't be surprised. All I can
  7. Hi Colin Being the sub editor and proof reader of UPDate, I was in the position of getting an early preview of your article. I found nothing intrinsically wrong with at all and it read very nicely indeed. Such was that I needed to do very little alteration/corrections and they were of a time sensitive nature caused by the blasted virus cancelling your forthcoming appearances, so it seemed pointless to leave them in. It was a very interesting read on the logistics and otherwise of taking a layout to a show and all that it entailed. I echo Kelly's sentiments in thanking you for submi
  8. Hi Sorry for the delay. Time to clarify and correct the confusion caused by my inability to type numbers correctly... E5625 was apparently fitted with BT5 bogies for a time (Harris- "early 1972") as part of the development of the Mk3 stock. E5962 should have been M5970 which was converted into the prototype APT catering equipment vehicle and was later renumbered as M1800 and reclassed as RSS Restaurant Self Service. This was a more involved 'four-module' conversion. According to Harris in Mk2 Coaches there was another APT catering conversion carried o
  9. I think the above may be the relevant thread that you refer to. I just point out that none of the dates listed are my own work? They were kindly sent to me by John Atkinson who is one of the writers on the excellent bloodandcustard site which is highly recommended if you are interested in the units shown here- and why wouldn't you be! As yet the CIGs and BIGs have not been covered on the site but are 'in preparation.'
  10. Hi to Tony and everyone else, As someone who doesn't contribute anything much, especially modelling, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your projects, reading about them really is an important part of the day for me. It really does make me feel a part of something positive and constructive. The last bit of modelling I did was when I was Hinckley Signalman (not signalwoman or signaller please!!) with a T3 possession on and very few trains to have to deal with, I built a 4mm model of the Hinckley pway cabin, simply as it was outside my windows and easily accessible.
  11. Many thanks for your kind reply. I have photted the buffer beam arrangement under the floor. There is a metal plate with a screw at each corner. On close examination it does appear to be that the plate is angled to form the bufferbeam but it might not be very clear in the photos. I can't seem to get a decent photo behind the bufferbeam.
  12. Sorry for the huge date bump but I have come across this topic only today. At the 7th Chris Kedgley Skills Day today at Didcot Civic Hall was some stock previously owned by a now deceased member. Mostly it was all manner of GWR types but a model of a Southern Railway GBL (Gangwayed Bogie Luggage) van caught my eye and for a very reasonable price under £10 I was tempted. I am trying to work out who the model was made by. It is obviously a wooden body and the planking appears quite well reproduced to my mind. The underframe equipment is on a metal plate screwed to the underbody. The
  13. Myself and Kelly (D827) had a wonderful time. Lots of humorous chat about all manner of things and some excellent modelling on view. Where else can you see a Southern Region De-icing set on one layout and a De Glehn Compound (GWR 104) on a rake of LNWR corridor stock on another (set on the Dorset coast?) Whether you are a fine scale modeller or not there is much for the modeller to enjoy at these skills days. I recommend attendance! Thanks to all for carrying on with the day and for your time, expertise and chat.
  14. Hi Can I thank the organisers for another excellent show. Can I also thank the stewards at the entrance for the consideration shown to my friend Kelly (D827 here) who was using her mobility scooter (or The Dreaded Contraption as I refer to it)? Firstly being able to park near the front despite not having a blue badge- not all with disabilities are able to get a blue badge- was also a tremendous help and again much appreciated. I went ahead to join the queue and get the tickets and to see if Kelly could be let through the barrier at the end instead of having to zig zag round t
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