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  1. Either - I can't imagine a 6-monthly refresher on HSTs would be that much of an issue; you could have one set (rotating through the warm stored pool) that is constantly offering refresher courses. If Virgin managed it with the 90+Mk3s for a few years, it can't be impossible. Also given the vast majority of drivers and conductors have many decades of experience on the HSTs, it will be like riding a bike. I'd quite happily get into an HST driven by someone who hasn't driven one for a few years/months, as long as they know the route and had long term past familiarity. Its not as if they wil
  2. Question. The IEPs have been in service on GwR longer than LNER. Therefore fatigue cycles (breaking, track jolts, lifts etc) will be higher on the original class 800 5 cars. Therefore why has the lner fleet been withdrawn? Surely like in aircraft, a problem can be foind and highlighted for checking after x amount of time, miles, cycles etc. Similarly the newer class 802 in gwr should not yet have the same wear as the 800s. Is my thought process/logic completely wrong? Also having heard and felt the suspension bottoming out on many class 800 runs im not surprised there are now
  3. Need the nose headlight at that price... They tooled a new nose for a unique headlight position on a 37, and there are so many nose-headlight fitted 20s that at least the lower (more common) position could be tooled. Are we seeing the final production models or livery samples?
  4. I'm afraid I agree. I sense he doesn't get out. I think his youtube channel is his 'job'... And further more, he reviews are not exactly unbiased at times. I think he did a review of the Hattons 66 and was full of praise (and yes it is a good model) but didn't highlight the issues of wheel wobble and the poor execution of the axle boxes. Probably because he has affiliate links with Hattons and gets money every time someone clicks on his link....! Whever he has a link or other paid connection his reviews are always more positive....
  5. Just watched more of sams trains review. I find him very annoying. First how can he be a serious reviewer if he runs on carpet. If i were a manufacturer i would consider legal action where poorly running products are shown after being run in on a carpeted layout; all companies warn against carpet fibres damaging the mechanism. Scond, if his model is performing badly, send it back to retailer for exchange. If the second one is bad you can review it, but to criticise straight off is unfair. Yes we shouldnt have to send models back but sometimes we do. Third, the judery ru
  6. The Bachmann 9F was stunning when it came out. However about the same time the Hornby Britannia was relesed. It took me a while to get a Britannia, but putting the two side by side, the Bachman loco is that litle bit more crude. I don't doubt the Hornby 9F will be up to, or above Britannia levels, assuming they get the finish (esp on Evening Star) right. It is a real shame that there are so many not-so-old Bachmann moels without bearings in the Chassis. This is the biggest mechanical weakness on these models imho. One thing that Bachmann have that I have never seen
  7. Not sure I agree with this. Its a credit to Accurascale and a natural result of their rediculous attention to detail :-p What WOULD be useful is a table for each model of the variations and the potential renumbering options, given how easy GWR locos are to renumber (esp the BR versions where you just need plates and glue). Would Accurascale want to do this as a way to enhance sales of this initial batch? Would such a tool undermine sales of future batches of models? Do they have the resources to research this.... Maybe someone on RMWeb could cobble this toge
  8. Thanks Fran I will keep an eye out. I would second 7802 in its 2000s mainline form (after my similar lobbying for D9000 in in its 1990s/2000s mainline green, you may be seeing a trend in my messages here!). If you do end up doing the 4000g tender, with its revised chassis, I guess it might also be worth considering the Collett 3500g tender as running today with 7820. I believe the in-service collett 3500g tenders had the same underframes as the 4000g version (though someone more knowlegable will correct me) I don't know what it is, but for me the more modern lines
  9. Sorry I admit (on this occasion) to not having read the blog post... oops!) Glad to hear this will be sorted. As with all your other models, the manor has a 'the longer you stare the more you see' factor to it! Will you be tooling up a Collett 4000gal tender for future manor releases?
  10. Quite stunning. The etched whistle deflector, and the bogie front end detail stand out in particular in these pics. My one comment is the top row of 'lozenged shaped' rivets on the curved running plate section. I know the challenge here is the release of the casting from the tool, but the rivets are just too big, wrong shape and just look odd - like a row of staples. For me this really spoils the look of this area. Nearly every other manufacturer of GWR locos has missed this row of rivets off for the same reason, and I think this would be the best path for Accurascale to follo
  11. Union of South Africa: Stories from the Support Crew - published by Amberly, 15 April 2021 Just dropped through the door on the day of release (sadly left it too late to get a signed copy, but instead get it sooner). Had a flick through it (not read every page yet). Wonderful book, covering the history of the loco, its preservation and operation, from the perspective of its support crew and those closely involved in the loco. The world could do with more such publications following our flagship locos on the mainline!
  12. Just push very firmly when you refit the crankpins. The rear of the crank pin piece should be recessed from the rear face of the wheel; if it is flush you need to push further. Suggest using a robust flathead screwdriver or needle nose pliers. I once had a new Hornby loco and the valve gear seemed rather stiff - examination revealed crankpins on both sides were not properly pushed home (this was the least of my problems with that wheelset - the tyre diameters were not consistant either!)
  13. Going by the CAD drawing the running board is certainly a seperate part to the boiler and cab, so it could be metal...
  14. I really in two minds on ordering. My Bachmann 92220 is fantastic, if a little off on the shade of green (second batch model). The Hornby model looks fantastic, especially the between frame detail which was one of the few poor points on the Bachmann 9F. If the Hornby model comes out with a top notch build quality AND green colouring (i.e. not like the A2, King and a few others recent BR green models), I will buy it. But if I wait and see, there may be non left to order...!
  15. Do we know if the cab front tooling is also being amended to reduce the 'ridge' (supposed to represent the cab to firebox casing join) that extends too far onto the cab front? This results, on the LNER livery, in far too much black on the cab front, and the 'point' of the green ending far too high up the cab front. For me this is the only other major and inexcusable error on an otherwise excellent model. (acknowledging that some compromises are inherent in mass produced 4mm models) Also is there any potential for a Smiths Spedo drive to be included? After initial enthusiam (wi
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