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  1. I thought it was Pullman Second Class, which equated to 'normal' first class; a number of Second Class Mk1 Pullmans were 'downgraded' to Mk1 FOs, so I would have thought Hadrian Bar would have been similarly treated. Unless the seating side was different yet again to the Pullman Parlour Seconds (I believe today it is loose lounge seating so not comparable).
  2. Does anyone know of pictures of the interior of Hadrian Bar (historically or present day)? It seems to be rarely photographed even in preservation. Also how extensive was the 'pantry' area - going from the Bachmann model there is a large kitchen fan on the roof, but I can't find any details of what equipment there was inside the small (lavatory sized?) compartment. Stove top? Small oven? Grill? Hot water heater? What sort of foods would have been served from the bar counter, either in Tees Tyne Pullman or Nightcap Bar times? EDIT: all I have found is one interior picture
  3. I suspect this is morally wrong, if not legally on the edge - Accurascale and ESU are producing a bespoke sound file for the V5 decoder, sold only by them in their locos. Ripping the sound file from the decoder to use elsewhere AND then selling the original decoder/loco with sound file is certainly wrong as you are effectively copying a copyrighted product and creating an extra copy with another owner (you). Continuing to own the original would probably be the only way to do this while staying on the right side of morality. Your best bet (legally and morally) would be to install th
  4. Or two sound decoders with one engine turned on one each and through a different speaker. More prototypical!!! But this is getting o/t.
  5. G-BOAF

    Hornby Q1

    Frustrated and need help! Just rewheeled a 2011 Q1 (R3011) with lubricator drive wheelset (ex weathered, repainted black by me). Prior to a renumbering (to a lubricated loco) The oiginal wheels were distinctly off-centre resulting on loco waddling (it turns out the centre wheel set were very slightly off-centre on the axles, no idea how or why - but having pulled a wheel off the axle and measured with calliper, the axle hole in the wheel face is about about 0.1mm off centre). New wheels are fine and true :-) I was very proud of myself..... However, the centre driving
  6. I'm potentially tempted by the single first coach and mail coach. However I might also wait for seperate releases as the replica rocket, certainly in recent years, has only operated with the third class open coach, or just on its own without coaches. It does seem a bit unfair for those who purchased the initial release (and supported Hornby through 2020) to now either do without the mail coach, or have to buy a whole additional set.....
  7. Hosking at Margate? Or a flock of similar pullman cars (Peco, Petworth (a shame as this would be major interior alterations))?
  8. 1928 Pullman Car 76 has been sold (it has been announced). Does anyone know to whom and where? Would be a shame for it to be stuffed and mounted at a pub or similar. Hopefully an operational future somewhere (after a good restoration)?
  9. Re the reinforced (non Swallow) grill, this happened in late Intercity days due to the original grills not holding up to bird strikes etc. I remember an article in Modern Railways about it. I'm very sure it was pre-privitisation as I remember thinking after GNER came in 'good thing they don't have to worry what to do about the intercity bird as the grill design was previously changed'. So in a nutshell, way before the 91/1 or GNER Mallard refurb.
  10. Terrier 32646 in British Railways Sunshine lettering with cream numbers - is this correct? This loco is W8 Freshwater, and according to online soruces the loco didn't arrive back on the mainland until 1949 https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/32646-lbscr-46-newington-lbscr-646-iow-w2-iow-w8-freshwater-br-32646/ BR Database has its first mainland allocation as Fratton in June 49 https://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=S&id=306001906&loco=32646 Surely by this point it would have had the Early Crest applied rat
  11. Will take a step change for me to consider replacing my two Bachmann 9Fs, but will wait and see what the tooling and decorated samples look like before placing an order....
  12. I will certainly be getting one (assuming I eventually get a pair of Class 43s) as I've fancied a buffer-fitted PC but can't justify buying a complete powered pair!
  13. Will these have close coupling mechanisms fitted as per the sliding door Mk3? And what about the TSO(E) - I can't see this mentioned/specified....
  14. Is it confirmed this will be a full detailed model (and with proper chassis with bearings) and tender pickups? Will the roller-bearing detail of on the tender and cartazzi on 2007 be reprasented
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