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  1. What paint (make/number) did you use for the polished steel handrails, tyres buffers etc? It looks really good and I am about to bite the bullet on detailing my own Mallard to 1988 condition!
  2. The tooling destroyed was that which had never been sent to China for manufacture there. The original Mk4s have very much been made since production was shifted to china
  3. Maybe a simple or stupid question, but how are handrail pieces for RTR models made? Some handrails (e.g. loco boilers, or even Mk1 coach ends) are quite complex and precise shapes, changing direction and for locos, sometimes one-piece rails going along one side of the boiler, over the smokebox, and then along the other side. How are these made in the factory? Are they stamped, bent by hand round a former? In all the pictures of tooling development from manufacturers (e.g. Rapido and KMRC especially come to mind) , I have never seen formers for handrails, so was pondering
  4. No that goes outide my rules! It would open the flood gates to all sorts of long-scrapped classes and not-yet-complete new builds (P2, Patriot and B17 to name but a few) :-p
  5. A little confused by Hornby's projection of history. If the W1 were to have had a double chimney in grey when named, surely it would have had a double chimney in Apple Green, and also been named in that livery as well. I can't really criticise as they are modelling something that didn't actually happen. Even a a die-hard preservation modeller, 10000 as original is starting to tempt me....
  6. DROOOL!! The front skirting needs to fit better, but the whole thing screams '91! Love the see through mid skirting, something very noticable on the prototype, and very solid on the original model. Not sure which one I will buy, but given my first brand new model was a Class 91 back in the early 1990s, I have to get one!
  7. Was just about to paint up two commonwealth bogie sets with yellow axle boxes for a couple of ML support coaches, and realised my whole stock on CWs were used up (I have a new FK for my mainline set that needs another set of such bogies) I looked at the price tag on one set I was about to work on £5.20. Then the other set (£8.75). Then went online to find them at £10.50!!! What is going on? How have prices doubled in the space of about 5 years? And why do they not just sell the bogie frame without wheels, tension lock etc? No labour to assemble except for a once over of b
  8. G-BOAF

    The Engine Shed

    Has Paul left Hornby yet? surely a notice period to work out, and even then, another memeber of the development team could continue TES. Nothing in a large organisation like Hornby should rely on one person.
  9. Can anyone advise if there are suitable Mk1 centre buffing plates available to fit to the Motorail GUV? Either plastic or white metal. i.e. The Judith Edge white metal SR EMU version lacks the shanks on the end of the pistons. https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/jedetail/jesouthern/buffers/4-cw211 Any points appreciated
  10. Q2 2021 will be around 30 months since announcement, and presumably there was at least 6 months work on measurement and CAD production before the model was first announced. Minus six months for COVID really does go to show the realistic length of time needed to produce a decent, hopefully error-free loco from scratch is around 2.5 years. Can't wait for my model, but will have to be patient!
  11. Would love a steam model to be done to Accurascale standards. Imagine all the pipework in hidden places under the tender. While there are lovely models done (and now redone) by Hornby and Bachmann, there are gaps/weaker areas. I do believe there is a market for a true 21st century Black 5 and 8F, huge classes, long lifetimes, and in the case of the 8F, international application.
  12. I would say the underframe is 100% original, barring any minor platwork and component replacement. Below picture from 2013 of one of the afforementioned holes in the bufferbeam platwork, where test cables to the Dynamometer car were run for the W1. See further into bottom of this page (Tender 5484) on SNG website https://www.sirnigelgresley.org.uk/chime-archive/mob-tenders1.shtml I can't find a detailed enough picture of the rear of 10000 that would show the same hole in 1929/early 1930s. But if anyone has access to one, please share!
  13. I remember reading somewhere that the curve round of the platework at the front by the handrails is/was different on the W1 tender to the 1928 corridor tenders, but don't know if this is still the case today, as I think significant areas of the tender have been replaced (certainly at the NRM in 2012, the inside of Number 9s tender corridor appeared welded vs the clear riveting on nos 7 and 10, suggesting major platework replacement, but don't know if that was with BR or in preservation. For 60009 in final BR years or preservation yes R2535 Woodcock as highlighted Also R29
  14. Really sad. Good place for a browse and purchase either of models, accessories or, of course, books and magazines. Nothing left in central london now...
  15. What a snatch by Accurascale Sad that RMWeb will loose the one vocal and communicable member of the Hornby Team on here (as they are otherwise impossible to contact/engage with via RMWEB). Look forward to seeing how Accurascale UK develops with a very strong and engaged team.
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