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  1. For 34050, Hornby reworked stock they had, and supplied new shells to those who purchased the models supplied to retailers. There was no recall of retailer or customer stock, and old bodies were not sent back by the customer
  2. Does look absolutely wonderful. However the printed plate running over the moulded conduit is something of a let down. Clearly only one bodyside tooling was produced, but maybe the conduit should not have been moulded on as it does have a different routing on this crane. It could have been a seperate wire or just left off for modeler to invent. It is hard to see how an etched plate can fit over the printed one in this arrangement .... Minor gripe (more WIBN) that the cylinders only work for the hook lowering and not the jib, but I guess a clutch engaging the pistons for two sets of gears would have been too difficult to engineer and produce. Well also having to find some sleepers to put under the outriggers :-p Can't wait for mine. Really fantastic model
  3. Any updated ETA on the cranes? It is now December. When do Bachmann deliveries usually come in every month?
  4. See quoted above (why can't I find post numbers anymore???) Someone quoting Colletts Models suggested that they are doing new bodies. I was therefore being tongue in cheek over this assumption.
  5. someone spoke to someone who spoke to Simon K.... and concluded that it looks like they are doing new bodies... I'd await an official announcement before making any assumptions!
  6. I'm somewhat miffed that 4771 has not been announced in this first release. It will sell by the bucketload. So for those of us wanting Green Arrow 12-18 months, plus at least another 12-18 months to announced and release a second batch...
  7. Thanks John, that what I assumed. The replacement body is that produced by Hornby so the same screw holes. I'm planning on refitting the redundent 4500g body to a spare chassis (revised screw location, but using a Q1 keeper plate as that is all that was available in stock!). Will then end up with a spare Bulleid tender lying around!
  8. Rebodying my 35050 tender (4500 to 5500g). Are there any differences in the chassis between the two types as modelled by Hornby. SLL Website suggests some differences in brake arrangements, but does Hornby have two different sets of parts? If so what might need changing and what part number?
  9. Just to say I have purchased a few diecast aircraft from Aircraft Model Store. Very good service. He dispatches via a fulfillment centre, but products are in stock and no complaints. Also reachable by phone in my experience. Obviously if we assume this is a sister site, based on my AMS experience, all OK. But YMMV.
  10. WOW! Nothing for me in this first batch, but D6700 as preserved, or a large loco (preferably preserved) 37/4 would go down a treat. This puts the cat among the pigeons - a very mainstream extremely long lived prototype. Good luck with it!!! can't wait for one eventually
  11. G-BOAF

    Hornby LNER N2 0-6-2T

    I mean not really a variation of the N2 is it?! The N2 is a much more numerous class and typified Kings Cross subruban working, as well as having a popular member in preservation. I know the N7 was more numerous, but also less geographically diverse, and as such I am surprised that has become a mainstream modern spec model before the N2
  12. Seems like 47500 has been scrapped, based on these pictures of the cabs alone from October 2019
  13. I believe 001 had a bad transformer as withdrawn from service. This was swapped with a good one, enabling it to move to York under its own power (and be preserved in 'complete' condition). Somewhere online (possibly no longer available) was an account of the repaint and restoration of 87001. As well as the transformer swap it was noted that the tyres were almost out of profile and for any continued usage the wheels would need a turn on the lathe. This could not be achieved before the loco was sent to York.
  14. G-BOAF

    Hornby LNER N2 0-6-2T

    N2 is crying out for a retool to modern standards with the appropriate variations within tooling suite.
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