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  1. All the more reason to circulate images at earlier stages in the production (which to be fair Bachmann did do, but are now not doing for future releases). Look at what Accurascale are doing getting fresh eyes on here to provide feedback, it is good for us, for them and the end product. The V2 I really don't understand why the 'band' on the cab is positioned as it is, and why it is so white. The amount of black and shape of the green on the cab front is really really jarring. it was very obvious on the first livery sample and I did flag it to Bachmann, saying it would need an amendment to the tooling of the cab front. This appears to have been ignored. For a model retailing at over £200, with tooling expected to last many years, things should be right now. There have been 'first batch' errors before from Bachmann, namely the cab sloop on the early A2s. I wrote a long letter explaining these issues and the problem (front of the cab was too thick, hindering proper interface). It WAS fixed on subsequent batches, but no spares for 'batch 1' customers were available. I'm 80% minded to switch my pre-order of Green Arrow to BR version as a result of this, despite vastly preferring Apple Green, which is a shame as the rest of the loco is wonderful (aside from smokebox join, which can be fixed if desired with filler and localised repaint in black, in a way that apple green and fine lining cannot be)
  2. Nice to see the front running plate sorted. The whole front end looks much better. :-) But there is still to much 'black' on the lner cab fronts and the apex of the green therefore does not go down far enough. This is becaise the moulded reparsentation of the cab to firebox joining strap is too wide. I did flag this to Bachmann when the first livery samples were shown and they appear to have done nothing. It is not much an issue on the BR models but is a real howler in the LNER colours. What a shame, especially as it was correct on the old model. I really dont understand how errors like this creap in, and how somethig so obvious to me is missed by professionals in Barwell and China. I guess my order for green arrow will remain as there is now zilch chance of someone else doing it as Bachmann have otherwise done a very good job. But im wondering if i should switch from 4771 to 60800...
  3. The Aussie limited edition has an A4 boiler (albeit with an A3 dome position). In Peglar years she had an A3 boiler.
  4. Sad to hear, but kinda expected given the state of the world. Given they were due end q3, surely the factory has known for a while it wil miss this deadline.... but harsh to tell accurascale only at the time of scheduled shipping. Also a shame it will miss out a shot at model of the year 2021 which I honestly thought it would be a shoe-in for. There will be a lot of competition next year from other manufacturers as well as Accurascale's own 92 and 37
  5. I'm still waiting for the Kernow limited edition of 47815 in FGW 'Heritage Two-Tone Green'. It was repainted in this livery around 2004 and kept it once it was renamed as Great Western for its subsequent operator, and is still around (albeit in another livery). Kernow announced it in 2007 I think but then cancelled when it became clear that a long-range crewe-cut model would not be on the horizon any time soon. AFAIK there has not been a 'heritage green' 47/8 produced by Bachmann, either for a retailer or in the main range.... There are a number of locos to choose from, alongside 815, there is 840 in its final run and preservation until recently, and I think one Virgin XC loco with a full yellow end
  6. Assuming Bachmann's 'profit' on each model sold is around £70 (I'm basing this on an ex-VAT retailer markup of around 40%, and assuming a c.30% wholesale cost of manufacture), Bachmann will have to shift around 14000 class 47s before making any profit on tooling cost alone (if we assume tooling costs exclude the office-based research element). I'm calculating based on non-sound fitted models here (so ignoring extra margins and profit on sound-fitted models)
  7. I guess re AS 37 I was thinking that it probably isn't quite as comprehenisve in variations compared to the Bachmann 47. The 37/4s are only late life and don't cover original refurb locos (for example). I believe there are other gaps that AS have indicated they will fill, but are not currently on the horizon. Bachmann presumably also have a 57 hiden in the 47 tooling as well. It probably IS fair to say is AS can operate at a particular cost base, why can't Bachmann Branchline? But then again their strucutures are different - Bachmann is tied to Kader's factories (except for EFE rail), and has a much larger reserach, development and marketing staff than AS does (EDIT - I realise this is basically repeating your point about market life cycle). Accurascale engages directly with manufacturers in China who have to be competative in prices they offer for work. I guess the question is it right that the modeller is paying for the incrased size and bureaucracy of Bachmann Branchline? Also as Accurascale grows its range and business, will costs rise to support that size (i.e. the opposite of economies of scale!). This is the nub of the question, but Sam doesn't seem to be approaching it in a mature analytical way, he just criticises. Haha re the Sound Deluxe model - of course he fails to appreciate that profits need to be made on extra details, and that chip manufacturers and model manufacturers also need to recoup design costs for both the hardware and sound files. Also the number of chips that fail QC or testing, or are damaged in manufacture all have to be paid for. The cost of manufacture of a single sound chip is a small proportion of the final sale price. This is something else where he is very naive.
  8. What do you expect. It is very clear he makes money off hattons (who pay for the affiliate links on his reviews), who have severed their relationship with Bachmann. Why should we be surprised if he slates Bachmann when they are not stocked by his key financial supporter. What is a disgrace is that people tollerate this. I know he will complain about the Bachmann 47, and how it can be priced at over £200 when accurascale are producing their Deltic/37 at £160 (which completely misses the different cost bases that the businesses have, and ignores the greater number of tooling variations that Bachmann have invested in, and also the fact that if the Accurascale models were announced today, they would be at a similar price, and indeed the 92s will be going up in Jan 2022)....
  9. Thanks This one? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/104407-phil-mcs-workbench/&do=findComment&comment=3993406
  10. What (if any) is the best 'ready to fit' lighting strip to illuminate an inspection saloon, using the existing pickups? I don't particularly want a battery powered system as my saloon often* travels** with me*, and 'off with stillness' won't work for my needs. * Back when travelling was a possible thing **whole train in one coach, great for hotel rooms.
  11. I would expect the USA to appear in the main range (if this was part of the Model Rail agreement) rather than the EFE range, since it is produced by Kader, and indeed was released in Bachmann packaging!
  12. Cross posting from my post in DCC section. Amazon are offering an insane deal on the MRC Prodigy Advance 2 as $215, currently 4 in stock (I've just nabbed one) And even with UK shipping and UK import tax, plus payment in GBP with amazon currency conversion, it should work out at around £210 (based on Amazon quote, not sure if this is full tax coverage though). https://www.amazon.com/MRC-0001414-Prodigy-Advance2/dp/B000MKTB0I I understand that any warranty issues would involve shipping back to USA. I've taken that risk but might not be for everyone. But if you do, its Prodigy Advance 2 product at Prodigy Express prices
  13. Still 4 in stock. And even with UK shipping and import tax it works out at around £210 (based on Amazon quote, not sure if this is full tax coverage). https://www.amazon.com/MRC-0001414-Prodigy-Advance2/dp/B000MKTB0I This is definately the Advance 'Squared'. I did double check and um and err around any warranty faff and cost of servicing via post to USA.... ...and I've just ordered, mainly because stock was getting low, and also because I had waited enough time that I will (hopefully) be able to inspect/test within Amazon's 30 day returns window (thanks to family, I'm still able and intending on travelling to USA!). All up cost with free delivery within the USA, and charged in GBP to my card, less than £175. Compared to UK supplies at £310-£385 (albeit with Gaugemaster support). Not quite sure how Amazon are knocking them out so cheap, RRP from MRC is $460.... We shall see what comes in the box. HTH someone
  14. The way i see it is a new tender chassis would be needed, plus new bottom tool to the loco chassis. Then new boiler tool for long firebox. All the rest of the tooling including cab, running plate, gears, rest of loco chassi block, tender body, wheels, bogie, motion, detail parts would remain as they are
  15. What is the max current draw of the USA class? I'm looking to get a 6-pin Chip. I see Lenz silver mini recommended earlier in this thread but am worried it is only 0.8amps
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