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  1. I'm currently building this kit at the moment, but finding that there seems to be a few steps missing from the instructions or may be its just me being a little thick. I seem to have a floor for the lower ground that doesn't seem to be covered in any steps and a fireplace piece that's missing from the instructions when its expected to be glued in. The overall finish though is good.
  2. After missing each other twice yesterday a nice lady at Hornby sorted my order. Hopefully should arrive in a few days. It looks like they have a few issues with the website and back end processes, but all sorted now.
  3. Finally had a response from Hornby on my order and to say there customer service is appalling is being too kind to them. My order has now disappeared from my account and they claim to have left me a voice mail. Can't even see Evening Star on the web site any more. My email tells me to ring them now tomorrow morning to order again. This will be the 2nd limited edition in a row that Hornby have messed up the order on.
  4. Experiencing the exact same issue. I've gone in to my order to try to make on-line payment with the same card and also another, but if fails, and then tried to phone them, but no answer all morning, so followed up with an email to which I've now got an automated response saying that there's a 2 week delay in actioning emails due to covid. Having failed to get Captain Tom after not being told I was on a waiting list even though clearly showed as available when ordered Hornby customer services is not showing itself in a good light. Surely if you have such a back log of customer emails then it sh
  5. Thanks for following this up and clarifying the exact position. If only they had done so when many of us have tried to contact them then I don't think that people would be as annoyed.
  6. Its just another example of the poor communication from them. You have to deduce from it that you're not going to receive anything rather than being explicit.
  7. The first thing I did was to check my order status and mine still shows as pre-order. Part of me doesn't want to give them the business using the discount code, but will have a look on pay day and see what price it brings a Princess down to or whether its still cheaper else where.
  8. This morning I've received an email from Hornby that suggests that anyone who hasn't received there model won't be doing so. "We were astounded by the excellent response to our 'Capt. Tom Moore' locomotive, with an amazing £140,000 generated from the sales of this model for NHS Charities Together! Only 3,500 of this limited edition model were produced with demand being extremely high and we were only able to supply a very few people from the subsequent waiting list. However, to express our appreciation for your interest in this model we would like to offer you an exclu
  9. Not as its a limited edition. I'd have expected them to have made them in one run. If what you say was the case then why not actual communicate that to your customers and then it ends speculation and customers know if and when they are going to receive what they've ordered.
  10. I've been looking at there site thinking about getting a few locos sound fitted, so might order some from them at the same time.
  11. Going to leave my order as it is for now and just see if anything eventually turns up or Hornby gives me a clear response.
  12. Thanks will have a look for some
  13. Mine is the same. Order number and shows as a pre-order. When I ordered it was showing as available. My order number is H00333833, so if yours is a later one than mine you can work out whether you are in the same position as me. Would be better if Hornby just came clean and owned up to the fact that they accepted more actual orders that they would ever have available, and that anyone who hasn't either received their order won't know be getting anything. I'd then go out and spend the money on something else.
  14. I had a reply to my latest email from Hornby. From it I take it that anyone who hasn't received one yet is actually on the waiting list. " Dear Mr Saunders, We received an unprecedented amount of orders from customers wanting to support a great charity cause with the Captain Tom Moore Loco. Unfortunately, we filled the order list very early after release therefore implemented a waiting list which was listed on the website under the product information. All orders are released in date and time order. For customers who have failed to make payments or hav
  15. There's been a few items on the site I've though about pre-ordering, but at the moment don't feel its worth the effort. If I'm on a waiting list then would be nice to be told at the time of ordering or pretty close. I think my order was 3rd May and as far as I'm aware its only ever been a pre-order and not on any waiting list, so with that and evening star on order I've had to make sure that there's always been an extra £300 in the bank ready just in case and that the wife doesn't spend it on something daft like the weekly shop or another pair of shoes. I guess they get away with
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