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  1. Hi Everybody Ready for an eventful day at RAILEX NORTH EAST on the Lees Locos stand, please stop by and see some of the work which Lee has on display and for sale
  2. I must of been at a different show then, went in at 10.15 and was still there at 4.30. One of the layouts which stood out for me was Portchullin, simply first class and a brilliant representation of the Kyle line. To all exhibitors, traders and organisers, a very well done.
  3. During last summer, they were hauled by class 56. Run north from Ribblehead via S & C to Carlisle and then return south via WCML. Runs on a Friday only I believe.
  4. Can someone help with a simple wiring diagram for wiring a Marcway tandem point please. I'm having trouble changing the polarity, Any help appreciated. Regards Paul
  5. After not visiting Blyth exhibition last year due to family comitments, may I congratulate all the members involved with organising the exhibition this year. I went through the doors with my dad at 10 o'clock and came out at 4 o'clock. It was just six hours of pure enjoyment with lots of interest for the young and older modellers, a real selection. The standard of layouts and traders were excellent. One of the best exhibitions I have attended. Roll on next August bank holiday, Well Done
  6. Good luck Mike Don't worry, I hav'ent forgot about Simon sounding the 37, once I get things sorted I will bring it down to you. All the best Paul
  7. Hi Brian Great looking class 26 and warflats. Deep bronze green is a Land Rover colour which military Land Rovers carried when they were first built and left the factory. Once the vehicle went to it's regiment, the vehicle was repainted. When you go and look for paint try looking for nato green or cammo green. This is more of a matt finish and not gloss like bronze green. Paul
  8. After spending all day at Blyth today. May I congratulate Chris and his team on an excellent exhibition this year. Every year this exhibition gets better and better and is a credit to Blyth club. Can't wait for next August bank holiday weekend at the new venue. Well Done
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