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  1. For those of you interested in a track plan of Alderford here is a rather crude one I have drawn for the benefit of exhibition managers.
  2. My self and the rest of the team are looking forward to bringing Alderford out again as it's not been out since DEMU last year.
  3. Peco and sommerfeldt are the best options for catenary in OO at the moment.
  4. An interesting video demoing an early version of Legomans class 90 sound project.
  5. Great work Ian. Just one thing, you may want to have another look at the CV values for the disabling / re-enabling the pantograph. There is no difference in the CV values between the disabled and enabled mode's.
  6. Is that the finalised Bachmann 90 sound project by Legoman? It look's like it is with the label saying "pair" on it meaning it's ready for pairing with a sound fitted DVT.
  7. That's great to here Charlie and well done to Ian for getting them ready for sale so quickly. That's very likely more money I'm going to be spending at DEMU.
  8. I was expecting you to be cracking on with getting sound sorted almost straight away. Is the pre-fitted speaker of decent quality? I'm looking forward to seeing your sound fitted 90 at DEMU. Carl
  9. The IC class 90 is now showing as out of stock on the Bachmann Availability list which I assume means they have gone out to the shops. The RfD class 90 is still listed for an April release and the FL for May.
  10. I'm thinking it would be best just to buy the new decoder with the Loco so not to run the risk of causing any damage. This is a bit of an annoying situation as once the sound decoders are sorted for Class 90 I will be going this route with the two Loco's I have on order and the Bachmann decoders then become surplus. I may be able to sell them on.
  11. After asking the guys at the Bachmann stand at York today about how many functions are required on a 21 pin decoder to operate all of the lights and the Pantograph I was told that Bachmann are to release a new decoder specifically for the Class 90 as apparently if you use an off the shelf 21 pin decoder it would damage (exact words "burn out") the servo mechanism for the Pantograph. So as the Class 90 come's fitted with a speaker, with the above issue in mind I asked what if you wanted to fit a sound decoder and they were unable to give an answer. This situation dose not sound good and appears to be a bit of a shot in the foot for Bachmann. With regards to fitting sound I was chatting with Ian (Legoman) about this issue (he is aware of it) and say's as soon as he get's his hands on one he will be looking in to how exactly the servo is operated and then hopefully re-configure the Locsound decoder accordingly.
  12. The pan is sprung internally and Is all made of metal.
  13. They should be here well in time for when my layout go's to the GCR model show in June. I got the IC and RFD versions on order. One thing that looks a little concerning for me is how far set back the NEM pocket looks to be behind the valence. With my layout "Alderford" being a terminus station I need to fit Kadee couplings at both ends of all loco's so I'm hoping that a No 20 Kadee will be just proud of the buffers.
  14. Word has it that the class 90's came off the production line a couple of weeks ago and are now likely to be in a container ready for shipment if not already on their way. A fellow Preston club member was speaking to a rep last weekend.
  15. Well that was one great weekend of fun for the Alderford team and it was good to get to play with my layout again after an 18 month break. A massive well done to John and the rest of the DEMU showcase team for organising a top class show and it felt such an honour to have Alderford be among such top quality layouts. All of the positive comments on this board and at the show about Alderford are much appreciated and attending this show has generated 4 - 5 other potential show invites over the next few years.
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