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  1. Thank you for the kind words. Yeah i would luke to experiment with chipping/ flaking in the future. Just need a few cheap wagons to give it a go on
  2. Cheers bud. That does look more like the actual wagon. But yeah the colour the camera on my phone gave was way off. I do have a "proper" camera.... but i have to admit i am useless with it :(
  3. never saw your reply before i replied above. but yes this is exactly my thinking now! just need to convince the other half that 13 or 14 wagons at £40 a pop are essential now
  4. that is fantastic, I think you have just given me the eureka moment i needed.... if you can't see all "20" wagons in a shot... you can effectively hide the fact it is a shorter than normal train. If the scenic section only is long enough for 10 wagons why do i need to run 20, when 10 will be out of view. I could get by with just one or 2 wagons longer than the actual viewing area and hopefully it will give the impression of a much longer train. thats been a massive help. Cheers
  5. yeah they would be comparable in length to the flats and tankers you have. do you have a photo of what you run? So I can get an idea of what a train of that length would look like? Cheers
  6. That is a great layout and seeing things like that definitely make me want a N scale layout. but i love scratchbuilding and not sure I could cope in N scale.... that is likely the number one reason holding me back from N scale.
  7. Unfortuanately its HHA not HAA wagons im after... these are 20m ling in real life, so approximately 240mm in oo scale. So a rake of 20 is 5 metres??? Even a rake of 10 is huge!!! Your right the logical choice is to go down a scale to N. But i really want OO. Using these wagons even a shunting layout is rather large lol Main reason for wanting HHA in particular is i lived near rugeley power station for 20ish years and saw these trains run regular.
  8. I just wanted some opinions on rake lengths. I am after a rake of HHA wagons, but with prototypical rakes being 20 wagons long, I fear it would look too big on a layout. So what do you all do? compress the rake to say 8 wagons? or just run really long trains? My main concern is the length of passing loops, sidings etc. obviously blank space is compressed in virtually all model railways but how about trains... do you compress those also? Cheers Bloxley - aka tom
  9. I have to admit i never used a referance pic for this. I picked it up for £1.50 and have no intention of using it on a layout. Just a practice piece to have a go at some techniques on. Your right about the rust shade though, it needs to be more brown, although it is nowhere near that orange in person, however it is definitely too vibrant.
  10. Hi all, Would appreciate some comments and critics (dont worry i know its not perfect, thats why I am asking, so please say it as you see it) This is my first attempt at weathering. I used a mixture of airbrushing, powders and oil paints. Ps for some reason the chassis looks greenish... but is definitely a browny grime colour in real life. Must be a colour balance setting needing tweaking on my phone. Thanks to anyone who comments in advance. Bloxley - aka Tom
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