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    Southern Region Steam - nostalgia for the real thing and modelling it in 00. I'm the team leader for the Hull MRS layout Ladycross (July 2020 Railway Modeller)
    Music - I play in an original rock/folk crossover band for which I write the songs.
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  1. Much as I love my trains to be as accurate as possible, like a couple of people above, I do enjoy a bit of tinkering with coaches. So I took an old Tri-ang Pullman (Anne, Jane, Mary or Ruth- who knows) and cut a bit out of one side then turned that round so the window positions were reversed. I then filled in what I believed to be the correct windows, painted it green and fitted flush glazing. It looks a bit like the Pullman that was used on the last train on the Kent and East Sussex which was quite well photographed though mainly the Pullman was in the background. It does OK in a Summer S
  2. The Poundland superglue is the one recommended by Hornby to stick the brake rods on their Bulleid Pacifics. I Emailed the customer relations department as I couldn't get them to stick and a guy rang me with this advice.
  3. Anybody know what happened to Rob Bryan and his tram layout Mill Street Junction ? We were friends in the 70s when we were both in rock bands. He wrote several magazine articles I think in the 80s.
  4. I've played with an L1 to give an approximation of an E1. The most obvious differences are the shorter frames in front of the smokebox, the cab and the tender.
  5. I've put Flushglaze in quite a few green Lima Mark1s and, with one noticeable exception, they look IMHO really good. The exception is the Buffet Restaurant Car. It is a vast improvement but it's nowhere near as good as the Replica Model of the same coach. One side is better than the other though, the 2 small windows on one side still look far too small so I try to position it that the audience/spectators/crowd/congregation only see the other side.
  6. Hi everyone, a bit of help please. I'm looking at freight trains for Hull MRS's layout Ladycross. Was either Portland or Purbeck stone or both carried by rail in the early 1960s ? If so what kind of wagons and, equally important what did h loads look like ? Large rocks, Small pieces, Square, symmetrical, random shapes & sizes. Oh and did it go along the Bournemouth to Southampton route ? Many thanks John
  7. I have one that's been seen on Hull MRS's Ladycross. I made it years ago from one of the old Tri-ang Pullmans. I carved about 2" out of one side and reversed it (quite usefully the sides are flat without a tumblehome) then filled in some of the windows, flushglazed the rest, painted it green and gave it some Hornby Gresley Bogies. I took my inspiration from a handful of photos I found so, dimensionally I don't know but it looks the part. The photos showed plain sides, not matchboard. Maybe they are poor photos but it does me. Rule 1 applies. Sorry I don't have a photo, it's at the cl
  8. I believe the locos worked down from Eastleigh tender first.
  9. Sorry guys not been here for a few days. Thanks for taking my place Phil ! Ladycross is set in the New Forest (ie the Bournemouth Main Line) in 1962. We have an excuse for various farming and agricultural stock though to be fair there wasn't much freight on a Saturday in August. I'd like to have them in a pick up freight or similar but don't want it to look silly.
  10. Phil, I have 4 of these for Ladycross. Any thoughts on an excuse for running hem or having them in the goods yard ? I hope you're safe and well John
  11. I want to have a go at scribbling destinations on the sides of freight and parcels vans. Please does anyone have a suggestion as to the right pen to use ? I've found a post from 2013 from deltic17 of this parish who used a Faber-Castell Polychromos in colour Cold Grey 1. But I also remember an article in a magazine that suggested something else. I can get to a Hobbycraft or the Range relatively easily or do I need a specialist art shop ? Many thanks. John
  12. I did this exercise a few years ago and now have 32104 and 32105 - one of each type. Sorry no photos as I don't have access to the models during lockdown. I seem to remember, though, using an E2 body but with bits - like the tank extensions - from Thomas rather than using Thomas with other bits if that makes sense. That way you're starting from nearer to where you want to finish up.
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