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  1. Mike: I hope you don’t mind my posting this here, I build this N5 from a set of your etches. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although the rivets did seem to go on for ever.
  2. What is happening here? I’ve been having some problems recently printing files which have previously printed fine. Both sets of prints have the same features, including a series of unintended grooves across the surface. The horses were printed as a set of three and consistently the third one simply hasn’t even started to print. The printer is an Elegoo Mars Pro, using a new well shaken bottle of Elegoo ABS like resin, in a room at around 20 degrees. The files have been prepared using Citubox 1.8.1, the previously successful prints used an earlier version, on macOS BigSur 11.2.1
  3. Ben: Good spot noticing that the bogies on the Auto-ballasters were incorrect; I've been through the collection and moved a couple of bogies that had somehow crept under the wrong vehicles
  4. The autoballasters are a good use of mixed media, and whilst I’ve singed my fingers a few times with the framework around the crew platforms I’ve enjoyed putting them together. They are something of a diversion from my normal activities which are 4mm LNER mid thirties. I certainly didn’t have any bright yellow or beige paint in stock. I need to press on and complete the construction, only 10 of the 25 are painted and none have had the decals applied yet. The aim is to get them complete before the Bachmann version appears.
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