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  1. Hi Looking good, have you made it a more permanent/stronger fix? Andrew
  2. Hi I never claimed this thread was to give you the most accurate class 37 possible, at the end of the day it's a toy, something to keep me amused in my spare time. Andrew
  3. Hi Ben Details uploaded to a new topic http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/116575-lowering-lima-class-37/ Regards Andrew
  4. Hi Following a request from a previous post I thought I'd share my method of lowering the lima class 37 - A few pics pre-modification - Starting with the trailing bogie remove the raised sections on the bogie and chassis. Moving on to the motor bogie I think it is easier to modify the chassis rather than try and evenly alter the height of the bogie pads. All you need is some plastic "L" girder, a sharp blade and some glue, I used revell contacta as it was handy. Once the bogie has been removed cut a length of L girder and place it above where th
  5. Hi Ben The biggest improvement you can make is to lower it, not a difficult task, you just need some basic modelling skills and a bit of plastic L girder. I'll post some pictures of the task if you're interested. Since this picture was taken I've fitted a craftsman windscreen . Andrew
  6. http://www.keen-systems.com/Bachmann%20MkI%20Coupling%20&%20Corridors.html Keen systems recommend a few mods to the Bachmann bogie, might be worth a try as the close coupling system is identical. Andrew
  7. A couple of hours work and they don't look too bad, quite acceptable to me. Not my era but I got some to run behind my Westerns/Warship. Roof has been re-sprayed with Humbrol 67 before the whole coach was satin varnished, masking the windows took the most time. Once I have done my others I will give them a gentle weathering. Before After The only thing I will do is replace the coupling bar with one from Keen Systems so I can use the Hornby Roco style couplings. Andrew
  8. From the Modeltorque website - It is with deep regret that we advise of the passing of the gentleman behind ModelTorque, Graham Rooke, shortly before Christmas 2012. ModelTorque has now ceased trading and is no longer accepting any orders. All persons that had made orders from Christmas 2012 onwards should have been contacted by now explaining what has happened. The future of the ModelTorque product range is uncertain at this time, and any decisions regarding it will be made in the coming months. Any person that has a genuine need to contact ModelTorque can do so by sending an email
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