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  1. Here's another connector from Wizard Models I stumbled across by accident this evening. Lot more reasonable in price too!
  2. Just remembered about these - Viesmann 5048 NEM conductive couplings might meet your requirement? Assuming you can find a UK supplier with more reasonable postage costs ...
  3. What about these then - https://www.expressmodels.co.uk/catalogue/micro-connectors
  4. Try searching on "micro wire connector" and you'll find a good selection - for example this one.
  5. The PSX trip settings are 1.27, 2.54, 3.81 and upwards but requires to be set via CVs rather than jumpers.
  6. RFS

    EBay madness

    Well it is actually rare in that it's no longer available. Have a look at completed items and they're going for silly prices - a couple just recently for £60 and £62. If I can find an online retailer with stock at original RRP, might buy a couple and try my luck!
  7. Interesting picture here on Robert Carroll's website of the Royal Wessex with a train of green MK1s all of which have a roundel.
  8. Bachmann did produce a list of model numbers, and although it has not been updated for a while it does include all the MK1 models produced so far, including the Bulleids which have 3 different colours - malachite, SR Green and BR green with the latter matching the dark green MK1s. List is a pdf file which I've attached here - branchline_products_by_item_no_rev11.pdf Different names such as BR Green, BR (SR) Green and BR (Southern Region) Green differentiate the types, with the higher suffix letter being the darkest.
  9. Royal Mail do now provide a collection service although I've not used it yet. See https://www.royalmail.com/collection
  10. Manufacturer ids in CV8 are listed here - https://www.nmra.org/sites/default/files/standards/sandrp/pdf/appendix_a_s-9_2_2_5.pdf
  11. Watching the Azumas coming into service over the last couple of years on the ECML, I was surprised to see how many KX-York/Glasgow/Edinburgh services were still being run by HSTs nearly 30 years after the line was electrified. There are also still some WCML services from Euston-Glasgow still being scheduled for class 221 Voyagers, at least till next year when some new electrics and bi-modes come into service.
  12. Nice pictures Dave. Can't help noticing that it's an electrified railway, but every train is a diesel! Seems we're still some way of making full use of the investment.
  13. You could use one these from Ebay - lever switch - select the short lever one. The lever rests against the tie-bar which changes it as you operate the points.
  14. These coaches have been released in BR Crimson, SR Malachite Green, SR Olive Green and SECR Wellington Brown. Whatever your choice, you just need deep pockets ...
  15. As I recall the R8215 has a red blob and the R8249 a blue one.
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