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  1. Looking really good so far. Takes me back to cold evenings on Bletchley station as a teenager when the 104s were coming down from the Manchester depots to replace our Craven 105s!
  2. Had my first contribution to Railway Modeller published in 1979 as a mere 13 year old. 44 years later, still modelling and exhibiting layouts - hobby for a lifetime!
  3. It’s downloaded for me fine
  4. Marylebone has seen HSTs during FGW weekend blockades when Paddington has been shut. Theres a few photos on Flickr.
  5. Had a good day yesterday exhibiting my layout at the Sutton Coldfield railway society exhibition. Plenty of signs up encouraging visitors to wear masks and wash/sanitise their hands. Interesting that less young people were wearing masks than older. A good day all in all, great to be back exhibiting and felt safe throughout.
  6. Brilliant edition, really enjoyed the articles on the Rats at Aylesbury, Finsbury Park and the Saltley seagull driver memories - thanks!
  7. A fiver a month is a small price to pay for access to a site which is not only full of useful modelling advice, but has also been a lifeline socially for some of us throughout the pandemic.
  8. Bletchley based 08403 awaits its next turn of duty in the engineers sidings at Bedford St Giles.
  9. "Bedford St Giles" is making its much delayed exhibition debut at the Sutton Coldfield railway society show this weekend (Saturday 3 October). If you happen to come along, feel free to say hello!
  10. Hi all, can't see anything elsewhere for this exhibition on RMWeb - apologies if I'm duplicating anything! Next Saturday (2 October), Sutton Coldfield railway society are holding a one day exhibition, details on the poster below. Why not come along and say "hello" - I'll be there with my layout 'Bedford St Giles' which is making its exhibition debut (long delayed!).
  11. Been railway modelling over 50 years now, never had an issue with rail joiners. Simply push them carefully in by hand and make sure the adjoining rail slides in correctly by using a flat surface. This has always worked for me in gauges from N to O.
  12. I use the last 4 digits of the power car - for example 50390 is 0390.
  13. 90037/90020 pass Colwich on a southbound freightliner from Mossend to Daventry on 16/7/21.
  14. 45596 "Bahamas" passing Colwich on its journey from Keighley to Southall on 16/7/21.
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