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  1. Hi all. Does anyone know a manufacturer of TDM cables for OO gauge class 47s please. Have just bought a couple of Lima Scotrail 47/7s and want to detail them up Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.
  2. On my way back from a Housing conference in Manchester this afternoon took an hour out at Piccadilly to get a few Pacer shots before they go. It's not going to be the same when they have gone - never thought I'd say that about them having said the same when the 1st gen railcars of my youth were withdrawn.
  3. Would love to take part in this - if anyone is setting up a team and has a spare space please get in touch! If there anywhere online that you can register interest to take part? Thanks, have a happy day
  4. Im going to a conference at Manchester airport in a couple of weeks time - does anyone know if Pacers happen to operate into the airport station at any time please. Thanks in advance, have a happy and safe day
  5. 08221

    Brian Dominic

    Thats very sad news, Brian was very involved with the 2' gauge line at Butterley at one point and our paths crossed through that common interest. My condolences to all concerned.
  6. Wonder if any photos of it exist and if it differed from the 'standard' blue and grey livery that we later got so used to seeing.
  7. Yes, the Bletchley 105 Cravens units were branded as paytrains, remember them well rattling along the Bedford to Bletchley branch - happy youthful days
  8. 230005 at Bletchley forming the 11:01 to Bedford on Saturday 28 September 2019.
  9. 08359 at Brownhills West station, Chasewater railway on Sunday 18 August 2019.
  10. Very interested in replies to this posting as I have just bought the same traverser to replace cassette’s in my fiddle yard.
  11. First time I have posted on your thread Clive although I have been reading it for a long time. Your modelling history has been very similar to mine in many ways - doing ‘real’ modelling for over 40 years - conversions, detailing, etc. and not buying off the shelf ‘ perfect’ models like a lot of folk expect today. A couple of years ago I went out to kill myself after over 20 years of domestic violence came to a head, I was caught on the way out by a friend who stopped me. Modelling in the ‘traditional way’ was part of my therapy to help me recover and build a new life - I recently got married to an amazing lady and my life is now finally good. Modelling has always been a part of my life since I was a small child and has got me through a lot. People like you and the chap in your link are an inspiration to us all and keep true modelling alive - don’t ever stop please!
  12. Thanks James, really appreciate your reply. yes, I was thinking of a neutral grey base coat and using old Lima Mk2’s. will order one up and see how it goes... thanks again.
  13. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has tried these out and if they are any good. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F133065921824 Any feedback would be welcome as a couple look quite useful. Take care and stay safe
  14. Sorry if this has already been asked anywhere, but can you download the backup copies to read offline - off to Mexico on honeymoon in 11 days time and would be good to have a browse of some back copies on the plane!
  15. So sorry to real this. so much effort goes on behind the scenes by all involved in exhibitions- both organising and building layouts. In its own way, every layout is unique and irreplaceable. lets hope the culprits get an appropriate sentence and not some namby pamby community service.
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