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  1. 50005 “Collingwood” stands in the depot headshunt on ‘Rectory Lane’
  2. Just had a reply from Peters Spares - for a class 31 or a class 47, you will need 1 x PS77 set and 2 x PS79 sets per loco.
  3. 40013 and 40145 passing Rugeley working 0Z57 Barrow Hill - Crewe holding sidings 9/4/21
  4. A busy Sunday afternoon at 'Rectory Lane'
  5. Ooooh, can't beat the Green Bus Company - legendary locally, although Chase came a close second with their battered Leyland Nationals until well into the 2000's!
  6. 37293 waits to come off the branch with a loaded ARC stone train for Wolverton.
  7. Those Soundtraxx Econami sounds are very impressive Richard, do you know if they have any plans to increase the range of sounds available please. Thanks.
  8. The “Cobbler” sets of MK1’s that used to run between Euston and Northampton had a mixture of open and corridor coaches. If the train was packed, up went the armrests in the compartments and four people would sit each side - those seats were absolute luxury!!
  9. The shed supervisor at Rectory Lane depot kindly let me have a wander round earlier to see what was about.
  10. A drone visited 'Rectory Lane" last night, here are a few photos it took...
  11. This site may be of use to you.... https://www.brdatabase.info/ Take care.
  12. Can’t find my photos of the 110s in the repair shop at Stratford to post, but I have found a photo of 2 class 110 DMBCs in the repair shop on page 110 (aptly!!) of British Rail DMUs and diesel rail cars by Brian Morrison. Photo is dated 22 September 1987.
  13. I remember seeing class 110s in the repair shops at Stratford on occasions during Saturday morning visits. Have photos somewhere.
  14. Just had a virtual coffee and started wandering round the layouts - some excellent modelling on view in here! Absolutely love the music accompanying “Perry Barr” - so nostalgic! Thanks to everyone involved in organising - top show
  15. Fantastic, proper buses!! I remember the United Counties Lodekkas on the 390 and 391 passing our house in Bletchley where I grew up. We never had a car so went everywhere on the bus and train! Happy memories!!
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