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  1. I've worked in Blackheath for the last 7 years. Pre covid, my lunch walk was down to Rowley Regis station to see what was running. Often thought it would make an interesting model, especially with the old oil terminal.
  2. I fitted standard Bachmann couplings to mine, makes a lot of difference.
  3. Here are a couple of photos of a Hornby class 66 motor bogie I've put into an old Lima class 31. You have to cut the sideframes off both sets of bogies, I then glued the class 31 sideframes onto the class 66 bogie frame with Devcon 5 minute epoxy - nice and strong joints! Take care, stay safe, well and happy.
  4. Hornby TTS decoders always seem very popular and sell out quite quickly. I too was hoping for several of their diesel decoders to be rerun, I like the simplicity of their chips and the sounds meet my needs.
  5. Hi ADB. I’ve got a couple of the class 66 motor bogies and plan to do the same upgrades on a couple of Lima 31’s. Is there any chance of a photo of the bracket you made in step 3 please to assist me. Thanks in advance, stay safe and well.
  6. The link goes to the replacement wagon wheelsets which are excellent. Peters Spares were also talking about doing replacement loco wheels - thats what has gone all quiet. I'm sure there would be a decent market for the loco wheelsets - along with a CD motor, a lot of decent locos could have a new lease of life!
  7. So sorry to hear what has been happening to you all. You are only trying to earn a living - sometimes people's behaviour really is beyond belief. Hope all gets sorted out and you can trade as normal in due course, take care - stay safe and well.
  8. A few photos from this afternoon's running session on "Rectory Lane"
  9. Some of them are old RES driving trailers and vans.
  10. Never knew about these 2 coach’s going to ARC, does s anyone have more information why, or how they eventually met their fate? Thanks in advance - stay safe, well and happy.
  11. Being a Rugeley resident, I'd like to see photos of that layout if possible please. Thanks, stay safe, well and happy.
  12. I’ve just got some Scale Model Scenery 4mm engineers blue brick sheets which appear to be very good. Take care and stay safe.
  13. Not posted on here for a few months - sorry! Here is 40012 passing 37293 during a running session earlier this evening. Take care, stay safe, well and happy!
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