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  1. We used to catch the Perth express back to Bletchley after we had midweek games at Chelsea where I was a ballboy. I remember one night we got to Euston as it was leaving, my dad grabbed me and lifted me up into an open door of the guards van as the train started to move off - that would never happen these days!
  2. your class 310 looks amazing, the interior is fantastic. I love the wood panelling at the end of the carriages, brings back happy memories of commuting on them for many years in the 70s and 80s. Would love to see more photos of them!
  3. Going all 'old school' but very much Bletchley flyover related... One morning in the 70's, my dad was sitting in a 310 in platform 6 waiting for his daily morning commute into London. A northbound cement train went by hauled by a 25, but it was rather noisier than normal as this was happening (sorry for the poor quality photos - taken by a very young me!).
  4. I've got Lais 21 pin decoders in both my Dapol class 122's - have had no problems at all Take care and stay safe.
  5. Haven't done an update for a while (apologies!), so here are a few recent photos. I have finished adjusting all the points to solve a few random derailments I was having, relaid the track in the fiddle yard, got the turntable working and relaid track in the depot so I can fit in the loco depot. I've also added signals and a few other scenic details. Cravens 105 DMU passing the junction to the branch line and station A general view of the station and yard 37293 on an ARC stone train passes the junction to the station Bletchley 08's stand on shed on a Sunday afternoon A Bletchley based class 105 Cravens unit passes under the bridge taking the branch line to the station 47147 on a rake of stone wagons to Rectory Lane yard A busy scene on Rectory Lane depot 37293 on a stone train
  6. Hi Peter. Just wondering if there are any updates at all. Thanks, stay safe and well everyone.
  7. What a fantastic photo! I used to fire "Alice" when she came to Leighton Buzzard - Adrian Corke was her regular driver there. Small world - take care
  8. A similar view from 1981 - a Bletchley 105 Cravens unit with a Marylebone 115 DMS on a Bedford service (my photo).
  9. 08221

    John Farrow

    Gosh, that’s such sad news. Knew John well from when I used to go on his Hertfordshire Railtours in the 80”s. A sad loss - RIP John. May God bless you and thank you for many happy days out.
  10. Thank you both, I wasn’t lubricating the wire and I will file the end to to see if that makes a difference. Really appreciate your ideas, will report back!
  11. Hi all, hope you are keeping safe and well. I’m in the process of restoring my OO gauge layout “Rectory Lane”. The track is generally in good condition with the exception of one point which was not working. I have put a new tie bar on and the point works freely now. This afternoon I went to run some new wire down the tube that controls the point - the wire gets 2/3 or 1/3 the way through the tube depending on which end I start at, then gets stuck! Does anyone have any suggestions please how I could unblock the tube (I’ve tried slightly bigger wire and that get stuck too). I really don’t want to have to do a new run of tube as it goes through some scenery that I’d like to keep if at all possible. Thanks in advance for any ideas - stay safe, well and happy.
  12. I remember the TR site before they built those buildings. As a lad (and with non driving parents), we used to wait for the bus home to west Bletchley after trips to London and Kent. Recall the old carriage sheds before they were demolished - gosh I feel old!
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