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  1. D1935 working the 1040 Crewe H.S. to Southall at Rugeley on 9 September 2020.
  2. 37688 on the rear of the 1040 Crewe H.S. to Southall at Rugeley on 9 September 2020.
  3. Hows this for a prototype for everything - 47826, 47237 and 47802 passing Rugeley on 5M43 1019 Southall Wcr to Carnforth earlier today - 18/8/20.
  4. Well I think its another excellent edition - good mix of articles and reviews. The article about placing people was a bit different, good review of the NRM 33 as well
  5. Hi. I recently purchased a Bachmann 'Dutch' livery class 47 - 47346. The livery is "too modern" for my early 1980;'s based layout - is there anyone interested doing a body swap for a blue liveried version. Thanks in advance, take care and stay safe.
  6. Thank to everyone who responded to my query. I have just got round to doing a decoder reset (CV 8 to 8). The decoder is now working correctly and sound is all working too. But the lights are stuck on in one direction - F0 has no impact and they stay on even if the loco is running in the other direction (in which case, both headlights are on). If anyone knows a way of just getting the lights turned permanently off (I'm not bothered about them to be honest!), it will save me having to return the decoder. Thank you again, stay safe, well and happy
  7. Hi - they were unpainted metal in BR blue days
  8. Hi. Today I put a Hornby class 47 TTS decoder into my Bachmann class 47 using an 8 to 21 pin adapter. The loco ran fine for half an hour on my rolling road so I programmed up its 4 digit address. Then retested - all working fine. I have just put the loco on my layout again All was as expected for about 20 minutes. Then the loco just stopped and the sound went off. Now it’s completely dead except the lights come on and off at one end - no sounds at all or sign of the loco moving. Can someone advise me please what I have done wrong. When it was running OK, my Powercab was showing it was pulling about 0.3 amps. But now when I put in on the track it’s showing 2.4 amps. Thanks in advance for any assistance- stay safe, well and happy.
  9. Not posted for a while, heres a few photos from tonight's running session. Stay safe, well and happy everyone. 37293 on an ARC stone train bound for Wolverton Motive power variety on Rectory Lane shed 33212 on a cement to Tring 50005 at rest after bringing in a passenger working 47148 awaits departure whilst a 117 power twin sits in the bay. 25313 on a stone train to Bletchley sidings.
  10. HI Pete. How do you change the display to amps instead of time please - I agree, the scale time display is rather pointless (although I do see how some folk would use it!). Thanks in advance, stay safe, well and happy everyone.
  11. Just downloaded the digital version - another excellent edition full of useful articles. Well done to everyone involved with its production - especially bearing in mind the tricky circumstances of late.
  12. Here's a few more photos...
  13. Your Little Brickhill is rather different to my OO gauge exhibition layout of the same name
  14. In the 1970s I was a ball boy at Chelsea and recall seeing several class 74s passing the back of Stamford Bridge on Cross London freights alongside the more common 33s, 73s and 47s.
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