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  1. I've just uploaded the final two coaches, hope yours goes well also!
  2. Well during this lockdown period I've managed to finally complete the remaining coaches of my rake, making a total of 9. I'm debating whether to have a dart at 2 Pullman coaches rather than wait for the Bachmann Collectors Club pair to come up again on a certain auction site and for a very high price too. Anyway, here's the final two. My second First Open coach named Susan and numbered 1302 and as mentioned previously, a fictional custom project, this one being named after my mum. The 9th coach, a Mk2 first class compartment coach numbered 13440.
  3. Interesting info on the West Coast rake Andy, I've just completed my 9th coach for my rake. I've got a mixture of Mk1's & Mk2's and have reshaped a Mk1 kitchen coach so it authentically looks like 1961. Here's the link to the thread I started on the rake: I'll try and upload the remaining coach pictures once I download them from my phone.
  4. Have you tried using waterside transfers instead Ben? When I do my coach resprays I use the transfers for the ends of the coaches and then a paint pen run along the edge of the roof. I know loco's are slightly different but I'd probably go for the transfers if it was me. I've found them to be spot on but each to their own I guess.
  5. Well after everything falling into place over the last couple of nights, I've managed to complete the Kitchen Coach this evening and once again I'm happy with how it's turned out. Here's the finished result. 1961 will now be added to the consist and will run at my model clubs show tomorrow. Feel free to say hi if your venturing down to Admiral Lord Nelson School, Dundas Lane, Portsmouth, PO3 5XT. I'll try and get some pics of the set running where possible too.
  6. Thank you, I've just finished applying the final transfers so tomorrow night will be varnish and then rebuild late on Friday after setting the show up. 11 will be bad enough so no thanks to the rest lol!
  7. I placed the coach side transfers on this evening so its really starting to take shape. I've painted the coach vestibule ends black as well so that will be the next job transfers wise. I still have my fingers crossed that it will be running on Saturday at my model clubs show.
  8. After spraying the coach in primer the other night and a little more filling being required, this evening I have managed to apply the maroon paint onto the coach. I'm happy with the finished result on the coach itself but have to say the pictures don't do the finish justice. Now for a couple of days drying out before transfer application starts. I've also painted the required windows too using the spray gun as this gives a much better finish. One coach end completed. As stated, the relevant windows painted. And the completed coach sides in the poor dining room lighting. Best Ian
  9. Evening, As it stands no as all the mainline loco's I have all have their own support coaches that I've already done. Once the set is complete, I plan to build a observation saloon coach to run with the set that I purchased from Britannia Models that West Coast own. But that's quite a way down the line so to speak!
  10. Evening all, I've managed to finally get the primer onto the coach tonight so I'll leave it to dry for a couple of days and see if it requires a 3rd layer of filler on the filled in windows and doors, fingers crossed it won't! If not then the maroon is calling some point soon. Both sides ready for primer. And after..... I've also completed a few of the smaller jobs too like painting the bogie bits, cutting out the unwanted windows and placing the cant rail lining onto the roof. Regards Ian
  11. Evening all, So tonight I've finally started on the Kitchen car. One side of the coach requires a lot of filling in and rubbing down but I'm looking forward to the challenge. I've attached a couple of 'before' pics to see how the coach started out before being dismantled. It's going to take a while due to other commitments but I want it finished for the second weekend in May when the consist will be running on my club's layout at our annual show so the deadline will help to spur me on! Regards Ian
  12. Hi, Unfortunately due to work commitments which has included staying away for a few weeks for a college course and my two little boys, not a lot of progress has been made on the next two coaches. Although with things settling down I hope to recommence work in the next couple of weeks. Thinking of starting the kitchen coach and a first class Mk2. On a more positive note, the rake ran at a friends house a couple of weeks ago and I was really pleased with how it looked and good comments came from a couple of friends too!
  13. Cheers Steve, I do the lining all by eye so my eyesight can't be too bad I guess! Thanks Mike and I have no plans to do interior lighting so definitely nothing to worry about there 37038 lol.
  14. Evening all, Apologies on the lack of updates but with 2 young boys around it really is nip & tuck when I can do some work on the set but I have now completed the next two coaches to the rake. First up is a buffet coach, numbered 1861. The first process was to fill in a window on one side of the coach as following some research on the internet, the real 1861 has this blanked off so I decided to follow suit. This was my first attempt at the process and has given me some confidence in readiness for the kitchen car that will be done at a later date. The door handle's also needed removing too. On completion of this, the usual process of priming and full spray took place and the results turned out pretty well so then it was onto lining, the decals and varnishing. After all this, this is how the buffet coach has turned out. Whilst making the buffet coach, I was also creating the first of two MK1 first open coaches and at a late stage I decided to make the two first open's a custom project by renaming them with fictional names and coach numbers. The first one being named after my wife Michelle and here's the results, again I'm pleased with how it's turned out. Here's a photo of the two together. I also managed a couple of quick photo's of the six completed coaches thus far and I'm happy with how the rake is developing. Only five more to go including the big task of completing the kitchen car. I've slightly adjusted the lighting with the above photo's due to the not so good lighting in my house today but I'm looking forward to starting the next two coaches at some point when time allows!
  15. Indeed Dave, it really is worth the extra touch as it makes a huge difference to the appearance of the coaches. I'm not a member Ollie but I have got a Bachmann WC 37 with sound too, Loch Arkaig I think it is that I purchased at Warley a few years ago. I put a sound chip in it a couple of years ago and is my first sound loco. I also have a Vi-Trains one too so I'm pretty good on the 37 loco front.
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