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  1. Quite so. 60 pages in and still the thread that keeps on giving
  2. Sorry I was looking for the Hattons Garratt thread, but I inadvertently stumbled on this one. Do please carry on
  3. 25 pages of Comedy Gold Jerry If you don't like 'em, don't buy 'em. Simples.
  4. Agree - very much a niche model. I got my order in some weeks ago now for 3 x triple packs, but am nervous about it getting across the line. If people cast their minds back a couple of years, at one stage the B class tanks were no certainty.
  5. I don't care how much these cost, just shut up and take my money!
  6. The benchmark would surely be a one year old 68 class release rather than a 10 year old Western?
  7. There were 166 2-10-0s delivered to the TCDD of this particular design. As mentioned above, 22 from VF and 15 from BP, the remainder coming from German and Czech builders. Two more were built by the TCDD's own workshops in 1961. There were only 11 2-8-2s delivered of the above design - all from Henschel in 1937.
  8. The more detail and the more variations, the higher the price, and the greater the mithering. Just sayin'.
  9. So which loco was parked out the back of Hither Green shed circa 1967/1968 ?
  10. Not your fault obviously - but that's a 4MT 2-6-4T not a 3MT 2-6-2T - regardless of what the caption says.
  11. I can't believe 5 people agreed with the above. http://www.burystandard4group.org.uk/80097-br-4mt/history-of-the-standard-4-class The Standard 4 tanks were originally allocated to all regions of British Railways, except the Western. They became particularly associated with the London, Tilbury and Southend Line (LT&S) working commuter services out of London until that route was electrified in 1962. They were also widely used in East Sussex and Kent working from Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and Three Bridges on those lines of the former London Brighton and South Coast Railway that were not electrified. Another group worked from Polmadie depot in the Scottish region on the Glasgow commuter services. Note that from July 1962, a batch displaced by electrification of the LT&S was transferred to the Western Region’s Swansea (East Dock) and Shrewsbury districts, as well as other regions.
  12. Jolly good. If unhappy with post and packing costs, suggest you wait until available in stores at estimated retail cost of £100, this will help alleviate your concerns.
  13. There will always be someone mithering about summat.
  14. The fully automated (driverless) Sydney Metro North West opened a couple of weeks ago - I managed a quick ride on it last week...... Sydney saw the opening of the A$ 8.3bn Sydney Metro North West rail link between Tallawong and Chatswood on 26 May, with around 140,000 people experiencing free travel for the day on the new service. Much of the newly constructed 23km rail line between Tallawong and Epping is underground with 15.5km in twin tunnels between Bella Vista and Epping, and 4.4km on a continuous elevated viaduct between Kellyville and Rouse Hill. At Epping the new line has been extended to include the former Sydney Trains 13km Epping to Chatswood rail line which has been converted for driverless metro operations. This is the first automated passenger operation in Australia to use driverless trains, and the thirteen stations on the line are also the first in Australia to be equipped with platform screen doors. Epping station Tallawong station Macquarie University station
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