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  1. All over the news for several days before the announcement. My sympathies if you have to live in a cave for whatever reason, but on the other hand you have form as a serial Dapol hater
  2. So we can only hope number three in N will be the A5 - the J50 doesn't do it for me, but I'd snap up an N version of this in a heartbeat
  3. The first of what I am sure will be the first of many well thought out, quality posts to come in this thread.
  4. Very true, though unfortunately only a handful will bother to read it. The rest will continue to peddle their socialist nirvana of "Free models for all' on the various forums
  5. I don't have much time for speculation posts, but will be happy with RevolutioN's forthcoming announcement of a Class 76 in N
  6. It's brilliant to hear that orders are coming in strongly - deservedly so when all things considered it is a risky prototype to market. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined seeing an N gauge 128 produced. Despite my initial enthusiasm, and I'm probably an exception, I'm having great trouble hitting the order button as none of my preferred options has been covered. In fact I'd go as far as to say a whole decade has been ignored - the late 60s to the late 70s. No green with SYP and no blue with headcodes, for either Midland or Western. Hovering between taking the risk that this model will be so popular as to justify a second production run with different combinations, or going for the Midland blue with dominoes so that I don't totally miss out. Not a criticism as I do appreciate that you can never please all the people all the time, and also the challenges you face in bringing a model to the market. More a case of - if you ever change your minds
  7. Their system has automatically recognised my Australian address and taken VAT off for me before I've even ordered With that saving I might even have to get two!
  8. As a matter of interest I couldn't give a flying fig. I just know other manufacturers are making a better pitch for my money than Bachfar at the moment, be it the next 3 months or 3 years, and the this latest 'non' announcement only backs that up.
  9. My cash is already lined up Sonic's 0-6-2T Revolution's Class 128 and A tanks Rapido's Metrovick Dapol's high window Maunsells Sorry Bachfar, you'll have to go to the back of the queue.
  10. 3 x 3 packs arrived in sunny Adelaide this afternoon via airmail. International post making a bit of a recovery - 7 days UK to Melbourne and 5 days Melbourne to Adelaide. The outer sleeves are very tight, but no biggie. I found just being patient when first pushing the jewel cases out worked, and they slipped back in again quite easily. My father worked at Blue Circle, Northfleet and in my teens I went to school beside the Dartford Loop where they made regular appearances so just had to have a few of these. Oh...... and thanks guys!
  11. Good Lord. Why would they waste their time? Andy and Mike repeatedly explain the issues they face in producing and delivering their models in the current environment, both here and on the NG Forum, but from the constant whingeing that goes on it's obvious no-one takes a blind bit of notice. It's shame, because every email (or article) they have to write because no-one is paying attention means the less time they have for planning and producing their excellent models.
  12. Mmmmm.....what else has happened in the last 10 months? Nah, can't think of anything
  13. "Straight out of the box it runs whisper quiet......."
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