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  1. Zimo are researching a DCC controlled cocktail stick.Its due out next year .It all sounds a bit cheesy .
  2. An upgrade for all those rocket carrying flat cars
  3. i have only ever had one connector go awol during my centuries of modelling .I got a pair of pointed nose pliers and just crimped it gently .Problem solved, My phone engineer gave me some wire connectors that were full of grease which i presume is similar .They work fine on my layout though a bit messier .
  4. As long as everyone enjoys themselves it doesnt really matter a fig how accurate or authentic their toys are .What I do object to other people shooting down other peoples enjoyment .We should have a flak gun motif to press as a flak warning preferably with troll aiming it .
  5. Well clever you old chap .You obviously have the skills ,time and wherewithall to do this .So do I .I cant be bothered though and like most modellers all over the world will settle for a nice shiny well made fake which will probably look fantastic better and run better than most scratch or kit built unless very well and professionally made .So stick yer arrogant sarcastic comments up yer glue nozzle and let everyone else enjoy them selves .Get cracking because we will want to see the results .
  6. Need some coaches now from Genesis fake or not .
  7. I guessed the S&D 1P would appear as they normally release a Collectors Club fancy livery when a suitable prototype like the 1P comes available .Sorted and ordered .
  8. Collectors club S&D full livery 1P .
  9. The LNER Fairlop loop had many larger trains when diversions were needed. in the 30's I gather.
  10. Your moaning ?. I am still waiting for Eggerbahn's American 2-6-2.Not a word for 60 years .
  11. I have just received my Boxhill .no issues .It runs fine looks good .It looks completely accurate pulling 4 box cars on my Southern pacific based LA switching layou t .Purists will love the fact it drifts through Peco Code 83 insullfrog with no issues ..
  12. A lot us H0 brass bashers on US sites are using 6 pole 15 mm /18 mm Mabuchi square motors which give huge low down grunt .Not for racehorses more like hefty shires .Minibea in China and others sell them on ebay for a miniscule price .There are several sizes .
  13. I just use lais DCC on my US brass and others.I used an offset 8 pin plug in on my Bachmann 4-4-0 and my Trix Bayern 2-4-0 peat loco .
  14. I have a 2002 golf that still looks pretty good .Apart from an easy fixable whack on a rear arch following a fight with a rather tight fitting multi story after possibly a Jack too many after an exuberant blues jam session .The main problem it has is the air con compressor has packed up which due to a summer lock down didnt really matter in the end .We like it for our two furry Lhasas .If it passes its MOT reasonably next tome it will be a keeper.Seems OK at present .When I bought it a few yeas ago most people thought I had bought a new car .I like it as its a though a 1.6 auto it goes
  15. I know Bob Dance the Team Lotus chief mechanic for years way back when what the actual colour of green they used .He gazed blankly and said we just went to he local paint dealer and asked for British racing green and thats what he gave us ,Oh well . I also asked him him about the switch from a red colour instrument panel to black .Was it significant ? No he said .We ran out of red ..He also told me about Classic Team Lotus matching the red Gold Leaf colour .He also told me of Chapmans naughty cheaty bits .Bloody lethal .The guy who painted the originals couldnt remember what paint he used
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