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  1. I remember when Gamages store had their super huge Lionel layout every Christmas .it triggered a life long inteest in US trains .i neve got near to owning a Lionel set but always fancied on e.Hey ho .it never happned and I settled for some brass instead .Good luck with your Lionel experiment .Often the the "toys' are where the fun is not in the last rivet.
  2. The point to mention is they are both toy trains .Hornby are available in toy shops and Rails isnt .This matters as while we consider ourselves above such things the public dont .Most will never see a Rails version at least at present .So long term the Hornby will be in shops for decades probably while Rails will cream off sales from a few cranks including me .it was great while there was no viable other option but for many including me the Hornby one is fine as will be the Rails version which has already suffered from the fact that Hornby has creamed off many buyers .Maybe not the creme de la creme buyers but Joe Public who in the end determines the viability not the pedantic few. When I worked in model shops it was Joe Public who bought most models not the expert buffers who frigged around for years fretting about the accuracy of a certain model .We wanted the guys who bought big RC tanks and blew them up every week or guys that bought plastic kits and never made them .Thats really what it was about.When the experts all came in moaning about this and that being missing we would nod in amazment at his knowledge while serving someone who actually bought stuff.
  3. I loved them as kid. I was born in 1946 .Probably first saw them in the early 50's .I got my first Triang train set when I was 5 ,but also later was given a huge pile of Hornby clockwork .mainly prewar .When I was 10 ish I found a book on how to draw railway engines .It was American and those Pennsy GG1 and NYC streamliners really hit the spot .That and Gamages Christmas Lionel display led me to like US trains hence my eventual washing up at Victors .See another thread .Now Thomas is back on the agenda with my Grandkids though their mum did own a Hornby Percy and track to play with when she was 14 ish .I might buy some Thomas N to go with some Kato track I use so the kids can play without wrecking my 009 trains/All great fun and still wondering why the scale of Bachmann Thomas bothers any one.
  4. I remember Victors well .I painted god knows how many brass locos for them over the year .My daughter thought "out back" was the filthiest place she had ever seen and the coffee making area disgusting as indeed it should be in model train shops .Great fun and best regards to Bernie ,Dave Paul etc .
  5. 300 is usually el cheapo old brass which may well need all the upgrades like motor ,gearbox and then DCC and lights and of course a good paint job .Modern brass is probably more like 1200 for a little one and 2500 +for a big un
  6. I think there is a third strain of us .One that dont really care , putting it politely ,and just like nice looking models they they fancy .They seem to out number the rest frankly .This is based on working in model shops and observing in train shops
  7. The Peco code 70 isnt out yet so will have limited range for a while .,Shinohara has stopped production .so thats another code 70 source gone .Not sure if Walthers do code 70 or Atlas.Model Engineeering do some code 70 .I use Peco code 83 on my SP layout but have a couple of spurs that are going to use code 70 when it comes out.The Peco track is good so at least there are no quality issues ..Surprised there havnt been more deaths by shooting on some US forums .
  8. Most of mine is internet as I model USA H0 but for anything I can actually buy in the UK I use my local shoppe great Eastern Models .They also have interesting secondhand stuff and some buildings have crept onto my layout if they look American .I also buy some 009 so use them for all that where possible.
  9. Try heating it up on any heat source like a heater or even a lamp and see if if it sets but sounds like something is wrong .It should go off after about an hour and harden over night but apply heat and its sets much quicker .Buy your self a new pack probably . .As milliput gets older it starts going off and drying out and making it hard to mix .I have resorted to a microwave to make it workable again but not really recommended .The white is finer and stickier than the other colours .
  10. No one has to buy it .Its a toy /model /useless facsimile /never be good as its the wrong back to back, and /or flange profile .Like Tiger tanks ,we all have an opinion whilst none have ever operated one in war .The Terrier is there and has made many people happy ,a few miserable ,even fewer very miserable ,one or two absurdly miserable and most probably indifferent.The Rails will be better/worse ,more expensive/ and you wont buy one at your local shop /outlet/ heritage railway shoppe .EMgauge and P somethings are missed out and so is S gauge .Through all this mine trundles its way through insulfrog points pulling old Farish coaches .My plastic residents of downtown industrial LA gasp at its cute beauty while a few others sneer as only plastic Americans can sneer at the fact its buffers ....BUFFERS !!!!! ...yes buffers ...are not quite as they should be .
  11. Dress up as a chicken and get those scanning chaps to modelU
  12. i Have ADHD ,DADGAG,,DGDGBDand AC /DC .So whatever one I buy I will get bored with and go back to my guitars.After that I will get bored and turn up my Blackstar and rock ...then back to the Terriers.
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