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  1. i mislaid a pair of brass wheels for an american brass loco ,not exactly super small .In the end I managed to get a set by pure luck ,this was long before the internet .About 5 years later I found them down the bottom of my garden !!!. We assume our springer took them and buried them .I can find most stuff on the floor as I know where it is but as I tend to put tiny parts in random containers its a nightmare finding them again ....doh
  2. I have some lovely Tangent ,Atlas ,and Walthers high end tank cars .Keeping them intact on a switching hands on fiddle layout can be taxing when bits break and fall off .Some times I wish I had some blue box ..
  3. Some decent weathering and they lose the "toy "image and look fine on long trains.
  4. Long before new Minitrains .It was drawing I think in a flyer .
  5. Didnt Eggerbahn promise a Maine 2-6-2 among others ? And lets not forget Blackstones K28 ..........................
  6. MJT make some ecthed brass NEM boxes that take Kadees .Very useful .Also brass channel can be used .
  7. I had these too .Good fun .I had a weird dream once that they would put motors in them but nah......
  8. I read somewhere that after WW2 anti semitism was high as the Palestine issue had Jews killing British troops .Didnt go down well.
  9. LEDS seem fine ,not the same as Grolux tubes and you can turn it all to night at the flick of a switch and it has built in brackets .My layout is California sunny .I have just bought an LED garage light 4ft as replacement for a fluro tube so I will rig it up and compare colours.
  10. Mine is OK under LED lights ,shows up in fluro and a bit better under tungsten.My layout has fish tank LED lighing .nice model .
  11. I'll get the ball rolling 1 .wrong gauge , 2 its 2 hours out of my time period 3 linings wrong and badge poorly defined 4 too expensive 5 why have they made this when I need something else 6 why produce this when I can scratch build it in a few years anyway . 7 etc 8 blah blah 9 Vertappen never drove it
  12. Sorry, realised I had already told the tale as alfsboy about the origins of the masters.
  13. Perhaps I could make a request on this H0 extraveganza.It is for an Alco S6 switcher .Mainly used on the SP but lots of private roads and industries bought them usewd .A tiger stripe finish and grey /scarlet and lots of lights. put my name down for a shay .
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