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  1. oh my god you took it seriously ....
  2. Isnt the crane wagon a bit steam punk ? Doomed to failure ,all the pundits say so .
  3. They can sell to a different market without the buyer having to be a Hornby dealer or indeed upsetting Hornby dealers.
  4. I think most people may like to run various goodies on their layout and while china clay is very interesting ,and indeed you have made it even more interesting , an average plank dedicated to a single industry is going to get boring very quickly for some people .A small station and goods shed plus a small milk depot or maltings say ,allows an interesting mix .I can certainly see a larger china clay structure becoming a great addition to a larger lay out though in fact I can visualize it in my head... but my wife cant .Accuracy is a severe master .
  5. Pheonix made some 00 figures that were modern in the 80,s. I think I did BR station people ,maintenance types ( based at Crown point Norwich) ,some general figures and a track crew They came in sets from memory but had a small base on eacih figure which was a mistake I think .S&D make them now .I also have done some 0 gauge for Dart Castings but no modern I can remember .
  6. When I tried buying a few pots of Scalecoat 1 paint here in the uK it was going to cost me about 100 uKP plus import duties and VAT and handling,mainly as it would have been sent hazmat .Luckily I figured out it must be designed for some mainstream use and stated checking paint types.I did remember from an article in the 70's what kind of paint it is .I found it here at my local paint dealer for about 30 UKP an litre but of course no special color mixes . Its an American made paint .As I just wanted black it wasnt a problem .Its exactly the same paint ,bakes on and smells the same .
  7. Maybe an MRC Loco Genie might help .It runs on 12V DC or DCC .Its RC and sound .The sound is American but you can turn it off though the sound was surprisingly good . .Probably purists will be sniffy but it works .my Mine is in a gP9 and it works independently of any other control going through the track but will also just run and control on DC or DCC ..so its RC ,DCC ,DC all with sound .Maybe pricey per loco at about 60 sheets a throw .From Gaugmaster .Happy Christmas while you sort that lot out Oh well back to cooking the chicken .My turn this year .
  8. Golly Gosh .I am so excited .....Maybe this year Rivarossi will make a an Alco S6 in SP colours.
  9. I have done this using a green simplified late lining C and SE finecast SECR decals .It didnt quite have the amount of lining the full Bachmann version had but came out reasonably well .I sold it on .Decals were not that cheap especially as they are tricky to put on being a peel off top film type and I mucked up some lining so had to buy another sheet .I want to see if the new green version sells well or gets remaindered .Gone off SECR .............common ......
  10. I didnt say it was attached to any one
  11. I tuned down the flanges to RP25 on a Liliput 2-10-2 tank by wiring up the motor running it and turning down the flanges with a good quality swiss needle file .I used a kadee NMRA gauge for the wheel flange .it sounds horrendous but worked a treat .The pony wheels were done in a lathe or dremel ,cant remember .I am trying to pluck up courage to do some little Bavarian Trix ,Fleischmann ,and Roco locos
  12. I was browsing through some Eisenbahn Journals bought in Victors a few days ago .Great memories ,I do remember filling up an Escort van with customers brass locos to paint .Half way home to Norfolk I realised they probably were not insured so drove very carefully .I supplied one customer of Victors who had lots of logging locos painted and lettered for O Hooligans Lumber Company and the KIlikitat ,Klamath and Seattle railroad .I still have a pile of Champ Decals lettering sheets some where all in their little envelopes somewhere .
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