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  1. Wow, how things have come on as a business! Congratuatluions. Growing from a hobby to a businnes would not have been easy I am sure, but well done. Good for us too who use the couplings.
  2. As Great Northern has said, this a small business with a big orderbook. When I last spoke to the owver a while back over an order question I had, I found out that it was a produiction line in his front room!! No mass production machines etc. As with all model railway "cottage" industries which start small and then need to scale up due to mass demand, they can find it difficult to appear like big box shifters/maunfacture with seperate Sales and Tech support teams. When you have to do all the making and communicatiing as well as living a normal life, it can be a bit overwhelming a
  3. Similar OLE contact wire protection used at Kings Cross. https://twitter.com/RealJohnWynne/status/1343886590150660096/photo/2 A better view of the wire slew and rasing of the contact droper hanger posts in this tweet https://twitter.com/ECMLupgrade/status/1350483394757537795/photo/1 All to give better safe construction working clearance for all the excvators.
  4. Having seen signs like this before on other weak bridges, the 3t MGW most likely relates to the disused span of the bridge that is use as an access track for road vehicles. The rail span is likely to be in far better condition and maintained for adequate rail axel loading.
  5. Great software update which now zips up all thoses replies with quoted images, make it so much easier to read the posts now. Thanks!!
  6. What a shame!! Always a great show.
  7. See pg 42, it is a Kirow rail mounted crane. https://www.balfourbeatty.com/media/317250/rail-plant-services-overview-a.pdf
  8. Looks dam good to me, really nice and grimy with the weathering being nice and random, as it would be in an area like this.
  9. Love the Thread Jack and seeing all your mods and creations, some great inspiration. I so need to weather my container train!! On the magnetic coupling front, Hunt Couplings have just launched a new version which now allows individual items of rolling stock the be in either orientation, see https://www.westhillwagonworks.co.uk/couplings-new-c-2/hunt-couplings-elite-oo-gauge-new-c-21/
  10. Have patience!! Take time and “playing around with the settings” will improve your skill. I must have spent an age on Youtube watching various “how tos”. My first efforts were weathering buildings and track, then a few Airfix kits with my eldest. Not yet picked up the courage to tackle any rolling stock! The key tip I picked up on the web was first the mix has to be right and second to take time with the coverage as it will take a good while because the airbrush mix is very thin, so many passes are required. This is where patience kicks in, as you may need several sessions to
  11. Same perosn does these for the Lima TLC conversion. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lima-NEM-Coupling-Converter-Sample-1x-4-pockets-/202772112519 Quite like this idea and then to use the standard Hunt NEM as there is some lateral play once fitted in the pocket which will help the wagon to negotiate corners.
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