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  1. I’ve been getting some virtual work done on some PB&SSR electrics. Very happy with the look - and I’ve now designed a layout for them to run on For those who might be interested, please be aware that this is NOT the model on sale in my shop - if you order you will receive a most inferior model! I’m still tweaking these right now, so they aren’t available quite yet
  2. Having recently got it into my head to purchase the ‘Ghosts of Aberglaslyn’ book about the P&BSSR I’ve got it into my head to build a layout depicting the railway. one thing that has been made clear to me though, is that the models I have for the locos from the P&BSSR are only approximate examples which can now be improved upon. so I’m asking you all for some help if I can. I’m going to be using an 0-4-0 chassis for the updated kits and I’ve already homes in on the Fiddletown and Copperopolis chassis along with the outside framed 0-4-0 diesel from minitrains. Would anyone happen to have The dimensions of these chassis or be able to recommend a viable alternative for me? once again, a big thank you to everyone who has made purchases! I would however, encourage you at this time to either save your money for yourselves or to donate it to a food charity/front line medical workers until the immediate crisis has passed. Fortunately this is a hobby for me, so my livelihood does not count on sales. There are folks out there who need the money far more than I! all the best, C
  3. Ffestiniog and WHR, along with NYMR railway have all asked for funds too
  4. For me, it’s an appreciation of the more remarkable people and businesses out there. I ordered some warhammer stuff from Games workshop on Monday afternoon - they immediately closed down on Tuesday in response to the order for non essential businesses to shut, but gawd bless them, they had somehow managed to pick and dispatch my order in the meantime. for those not in the know, GW is a company approximately the size of Hornby, so I can imagine that they had a small number of orders to get through to achieve this
  5. Been thrown in at the deep end at all of the exhibitions that I’ve operated a layout at. I was for a couple of years a member of the ‘Desperados’ - a gang operating the County Gate, Cliffhanger and Bratton Fleming layouts. All three were nominally computer controlled for realistic operation, but I’m glad to say that I was able to step in to manually run trains when the inevitable error occurred (although I should add that such errors were honestly less frequent than that last sentence makes it seem). It took a moment or two to get a hang of what I was doing, but once that was achieved, getting the trains to ‘look’ realistic going around was not too tricky. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I achieved prototype practice, but nothing jarred at all. A little time to consider, some excellent design work on the part of the builder and a decent overall set up goes a long way to making the lot look good and run well.
  6. the fatality percentage is based upon early and highly suspect figures (W.H.O themselves are the source for that assertion) because of the large number of people who suffer only mild symptoms and will never seek treatment/formal diagnosis of Covid19, this will lower the fatality percentage considerably once it can be factored in. ive also seen unattributed sources which state that of the 80,000 + cases diagnosed, approximately 35,000 people have already made a total and complete recovery.
  7. Must say that I’m a little unhappy with the story direction myself. In particular the end of the unfortunate fellow at the beginning, who I was rather fond of (avoiding spoilers for those who haven’t watched) and I’m also growing weary of Star Trek series where the entire series is one story. One of the things I loved about Star Trek was a new thing every episode, even within wider story arcs (DS9 dominion war for example) and I think that Discovery and Picard really aren’t in that vein.
  8. Lucky enough to ride in 93 from Llangollen to Corwen a few years ago, and again at Didcot last year. it’d be nice to see her again before she goes in for overhaul - although as boiler and mechanics et al are more or less new steam loco-wise I imagine she will be back in steam sooner rather than later. id love to see her at the SVR. Seeing her pulling away from Highley would make one hell of a video model wise, I suspect I shall pick up the model of 93 sooner or later. I have an increasing collection of ‘odd’ locos which can only be put together on a fictional preserved railway . 93 would fit right in!
  9. I am watching. It’s nice to see him back, and I’ve always enjoyed the formula s as enemies, but it feels very far away from Star Trek to me. I think it’s the season-long stories. They interfere with the episodic nature of the series, which is one of the things I loved so much about it as a kid. Still, we are only two episodes in, so I shall give it a chance. For those not in the know, it’s shown on Amazon Prime Video in the U.K., do you do have to pay for the service. Although amazon do do a one month free trial, so it may be worth waiting until it’s all been broadcast and then binging on them.
  10. I actually tend to agree with the 'verge of entrapment' comments here. Its one thing for the shop to fail to properly ID someone when the law says they should, but quite another for the police to actually provoke such a situation.
  11. Edge

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    As a vague hope, I’m hoping that some more 009 stuff is announced - lord knows what exactly, although logic would dictate that it is Talyllyn based because of the Thomas link.
  12. Edge

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    double post for some bizarre reason
  13. Edge

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    R3841 for me. I’ve got a planned preserved railway with several new builds already, so what the hell?
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