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  1. The Kato N Gauge track can be disguised and weathered to create quite an acceptable appearance, so by no means is it a lost cause on that score. A For the performance compared to Peco/Farish track - it is a world apart. I had some Peco/Farish stuff and after three or four months of assembly/reassembly (something that I admit it probably wasn’t designed for, but it is a train set after all) the connectors between track segments were so knackered that every single piece of track needed attention. Ive now had the Kato Unitrack starter set for nigh of five years and it has worked utterly faultlessly throughout that time, despite being used in the same way as the Peco/Farish track. Can not recommend it highly enough EDIT - I even wrote a review I was so impressed - link below in case it might be useful
  2. Battleship grey was to my knowledge unique to this loco. The only other LNER locos to wear grey in service were the A4s which had a much lighter grey livery. as I understand it, 10000 was ultimately expected to carry apple green, but would wear the grey through her testing. When the rebuild was ultimately decided upon, her A4 outline made the sky blue of their livery a better fit
  3. I’ve also had some quality control issues on my Heljan stuff. Nothing serious, paint splatter, glue marks etc. as well as a propensity to be extremely jerky if the screws holding the baseplate in are actually tightened. the Kernow model by comparison does have its faults (the splashers) but generally has a better finish, better design and better build.
  4. Externall the lcoocs are pretty much identical, i think there has just been a little work on the smokebox door and thats about it
  5. Yes, for the boiler, increase the number of sides/segments - this should make it much much smoother. as for the even arc, there are two ways: 1. get a thin walled tube, cut away the bits you don’t need and squish the tube to the height you need. The problem with this method is that it will distort the thickness of the tube wall which will therefore be inconsistent. It will be minimal, but noticeable if you know what you are looking for 2. Start with a rectangle or block and use cylinders to trim away the material which is not needed above and below your roof. For the trimming needed above you may need to use another block which already has a cylinder hole taken out of it. This method is a bit more finicky, but will ultimately produce a better result Hope that helps - without using videos that I don’t have time to film, that’s as well as I can describe it
  6. Edge

    Bachmann GWR 'City' Box

    Yes, am aware it came as part of a set, but is the standard ‘City’ tooling which has been produced as several versions of City of Truro and the City of Bath as well. It’s one of those boxes that I’m looking to grab so that it doesn’t move about inside of the box when being handled
  7. Bought a GWR 'City of Birmingham' a few years back from the Bachmann sales stand at Warley, which unfortunately didnt come with the proper box. Whilst the engine is fine I am aware that the rattling i hear every time i pick it up is asking for trouble so i was wondering if anyone here had a GWR 'City' box (or even just the clear plastic clampack with sleeve) which was surplus to requirements?
  8. In addition to the above (and not what the OP was asking for, I grant you), Kernow do the engines in their saddle tank form in all of the liveries they carried. Far superior to the Heljan models in my opinion, they are pretty decently priced. The saddle tank variant was also unlined black in BR days. As stated in other posts, an awful lot of the workaday tank locos were.
  9. NCB number 19 arrived today. Looks a wonderful model and I’m looking forward to running it. however, I have to admit that I’m a tad miffed that the loco can’t be stored in its packaging with the couplings attached. Put them in the NEM pockets and closing up the packaging around the loco bends them downwards in a quite alarming fashion. So I’ve now got to handle the loco both before and after every running session or take a craft knife to the packaging to make clearance I didn’t pay full RRP for the loco, but I got it for £127. I’ve got to confess that that issue at that price rankles a bit. There are a couple of spots of blue on the yellow cab of my engine too, but they are barely noticeable and that doesn’t bother me too much. Minor points, neither of which constitute a dealbreaker for me, but are nonetheless rather irritating
  10. and that wasn’t the post I was referring to. In fact I believe that that post was written more or less at the moment mine was and I didn’t see it until after mine was uploaded
  11. Their avowed purpose was to evaluate a number of designs from each of the big four (and a couple of the wartime ‘Standard’ WD locos I believe) in order to determine what features of each should be included in the ‘standard’ steam locomotives to be made by BR. Scientifically, the tests were a total shambles - not all important factors were noted in the data (coal was counted, but I believe that water and lubrication oil were not), crews were given different aims (some ran for economy of fuel, others to maintain timings) and this would have led to a conclusion which was as clear as mud. As said above, the standards eventually followed established LMS practice, with a few features thrown in from the SR for crew comfort and ease of maintenance. Whether as a result of politics at BR or by erroneous conclusions from the trials, the designs that were decided upon were decided upon - and they weren’t such a bad bunch of engines were they?
  12. Yeah, I think I probably did the same for the Q6, which has arrived less than fourteen hours after being ordered and I can indeed confirm that it is a Q6. getting off topic now, so I shall shut up.
  13. Okie dokie then - I’ve given it a whirl - wanted a Q6 for a long time, so we shall see what happens. according to Amazon, because I have prime it should be with me by 7pm so I won’t have long to wait and find out
  14. Review section seems to confirm that picture is accurate, and description is wrong. Still, not a bad price at all for ‘Stembok’
  15. Edge

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    I had been toying with an apple green W1. Thank goodness I didn’t - wonderful as the model appears to be I think that livery is utterly hideous on it. Battleship grey British Enterprise for me I shall run it alongside my Khaki ‘City’, my LMS red 8F and my Bulleid Pacific with Stanier tender. I’m not one for prototypical accuracy
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