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  1. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t spot that until you mentioned it. On the basis that I didn’t see it and I am also a bit heavy handed at times, I shall leave it for a little while thank you though
  2. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    My pictures - the loco does not photograph well at all, but is much much better in the flesh. I’m perfectly happy with it myself
  3. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    Got mine too - the model does not photograph well at all but looks perfectly good in person
  4. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    I’m reasonably reassured by the pic on Kernow’s website and the pic blow earlier produced earlier in this thread (I do not know copyright owner, will happily credit or remove if this is an issue) These satisfy me that the clans did have green running plates (the difference between green and black in the above picture is very evident and the running plate shade matches the boiler) and that I should not be too worried about the colour of what I have just bought. The model is now at my house awaiting inspection this evening so I shall report back then if anyone is interested
  5. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    Request for pictures please
  6. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    Still looks like a decent option to purchase - £144 GBP for the clan on the site at the mo, although you’ll have to factor a fair whack for international shipping in there
  7. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    Well, just had news that mine has been dispatched. A little concerned about the livery, but I will reserve judgement until I see it in the flesh so to speak
  8. thank you all. I am by my nature a bit of a freelance guy - my preserved railway will incorporate green A4s, a railfreight class 17, a 'west country' with a stanier tender, an original condition merchant navy, a W1 and a 'Leader' . As well as a few other bits. So for once I wanted to actually try and have a pop at a moderately realistic set of trains for the area in my carnforth scheme. I'll happily take a plausible excuse to run the loco being towed
  9. Hmm. Im definitely getting 18100 for my imaginary preserved railway but presumably E1000/2001 had to be towed to the wires somehow? i may just throw an 8F and a couple of brake vans at the problem
  10. so what im getting here is that its not really on as a loco in the crewe area then? at least not if I plan to be accurate to real life
  11. Yes, I had the impression that it was never a service loco, I just didn’t actually know what it did and didn’t do beyond that
  12. Afternoon all, With the announcement of the Rails/Heljan class 80 loco (better known as the converted Gas Turbine 18100), I was wondering if anyone had any information on the service that this loco performed on the west coast main line during its tenure there, both as E1000 and E2001. One of the many layouts I have planned in my head is one based upon carnforth and I was wondering if it could be seen in the area and what trains it was pulling. I know that pictures of it are fairly rare but if anyone has a snap or two in service I’d appreciate that too
  13. Edge

    Hornby Clan

    Kernow have debited my credit card this morning so I don’t think it will be long before I’ll have it in my hand
  14. Lord knows. Looks like it to me, but what do I know?
  15. I am going to have to admit that I did notice a couple of things in the trailer which could be of potential interest I have exactly no knowledge of what the smoke unit is or what the plans for it are, but I do think it’s interesting that there appears to be someone recording a 4MT tank sound
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