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  1. Haven’t received the newsletter myself (maybe it will arrive at some point - I’m definitely signed up) - any chance someone could pop the early CADs up on here for perusal?
  2. In short - nobody has worked it out, to the penny, but the equivalent of many millions in today's mney would have been spent on the RHDR, and there are a few other scattered examples of people with suffient time and money taking on the construction of narrow gauge/miniature railways. As for models, there are a few scattered coaches etc on shapeways and the like, but nothing for the engines. There are some rather fine scratchbuilt examples here and there (including a few on the model railway at New Romney), but almost certainly nothing available commerically in any scale. What is ou
  3. Was she turned during the day? She appears with both the smokebox and the tender towards the Kidderminster end of the station in the piccies
  4. Agreed - send them whatever proof of purchase you have and that should sort it. They are reasonable folks and from from your initial post it seems that they agree that the problem could be on their end as well. They are actually much better at customer service than most - give them a chance to resolve
  5. As the loco was never officially a BR loco and only ran test trains I’d be highly surprised if the loco ever ran with less than two crew in the cab. I believe that it may have been set up for single man operation, but again, considering union opposition to single manning at the time, it’s unlikely it hauled any trains that way. Perhaps yard moves etc. but that would be about all
  6. Edge

    Preorder email

    Well, received an email from Hattons saying that my ‘British Enterprise’ pre-order has now vanished. So cheers, thanks for that - only had it for 18 months at this point and no chance whatsoever of getting another pre-order elsewhere. lesson learned - all pre orders with Hattons now cancelled and I will never ever trust them with pre-orders again. Whoever bears the true fault for this, such cancellations are doing nothing but hurting Hattons. My pre-orders added up to well over £1000 and now they are all with other companies. Not good at all
  7. Facebook for TRS has some fascinating videos on there. A wonderful system with some wonderful results https://www.facebook.com/trs.trains/
  8. From recollection their response was something like "we have quite enough trouble keeping our current 16 miles of track going, thank you"
  9. From an aerodynamics point of view, a bullet shaped snub-nose front can actually be a significant advantage. A Bugatti story front end will tend to cut through the air and consequently there is normally regular pressure air pressing down on the whole of the loco and train, this creating more drag. A snub nose creates a far greater initial resistance but actually sets up a shock front of high pressure air which actually acts as a shield for a low pressure bubble behind it. This has the effect of actually lowering drag overall. now, that being said, I actually agree with the
  10. Yes, I too expect a class 98 from them today little bit of TOPS humour there for you fine folks
  11. I'm going to go left field and say I'd like it to be an S160 in 'OO'. based upon nothing more than the fact that I'd actually quite like one
  12. I considered it to be one of the best. Was side splittingly funny without being a shot for shot remake of the original. I like it when remakes respect their source material. takes all sorts to make a world though for my part, I guessed that Hornby would make ‘Lion’ or ‘Planet’ in the coming year but Rapido was a bit of a surprise. I can’t say that I particularly care which one I get at their stage, with my one idea being that the Hornby one is likely to have compatible couplings for the LMR second class coaches I've bought. That’s about it at the mo. Neither of the co
  13. I was literally writing the same thing and spotted your thread before I posted lord, please have mercy on my wallet, I’m already giving Hornby £1000 this year...
  14. My original post was saying how unreasonable it would be for me to expect an EP already. Was simply curious as to how things were going with the uptake
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