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  1. A further good review from me as a satisfied customer - light bars for 009 coaches obtained at a thoroughly reasonable price (albeit this was a while back now) so I'm happy
  2. Its something that I have sort of on the back (or turf) burner for my shapeways shop. Was hoping to pick up a Bachmann 66 to use the chassis to use it
  3. I've chosen to support this project on the basis that I want a model of GT3 and think that this offers by far the best chance of getting one of a modern RTR standard. I'd also like to politely point out to those people that seem to be using KR Model's lack of a track record as a basis to bash them seem to have disregarded that there was a time when everyone in this industry didnt have a track record... Simply put, lets cut the guy some slack and actually wait to see what happens hmm? EDIT: Not a comment on anyone specific (and if you feel that it is, i apologise, was not my intention), just a general feeling that I have formed from reading the posts on here
  4. I feel a shrinking sensation in my wallet...
  5. Well, several months behind schedule, I'm happy to reveal the actual content of the above, I know that both of you will be very excited The model shown above is my newest 009 kit, the Ffestiniog 'England' locomotives!: Once again, this is a kit which is best described as more of a scratch-aid than anything else, but is designed to drop straight on to the 'Percy' chassis from the Thomas the Tank 'Tomix' range. The motor does protrude into the cab area. This is a 'one size fits all' model which can be used to represent any of the England engines rebuilt into saddle-tank engines. I've also produced some variations, all of which are designed to fit on to the same chassis: This is meant to represent Prince/Princess in 1890s condition, when the locos were still side tanks, but had a ballast weight moulded into a sort of saddle tank shape. This is designed to represent 'The Princess' in 1887 condition with no cab but otherwise identical to the 1891 version I've also run up representations of the Type 2/4 tender And the type 3 tender: These tenders are hollow to allow for ballasting. Again, scratch build aids more than anything else - chassis arrangements are left to individuals to decide upon for themselves. There are also original condition 'England' engines in development, as well as Prince's Oil tender. Hope to have them up soon. Thank you once again to everyone who purchases - your patronage is greatly appreciated and I hope you are all happy with what I have produced. As before, please let me know if I can do anything to help you.
  6. Do we have an update on the progress of the deposits?
  7. £50.00 deposit paid for standard OO gauge model - I await the outcome of this project with great interest and anticipation...
  8. To be fair, it’s up to the individual to decide what will satisfy them enough to pay their money, and there is nothing wrong in them letting KR Models know that in a respectful manner (which I hope I did earlier in the thread). I for one do not have the money to lose on a crowdfunding project that doesn’t succeed for whatever reason, so I’m hesitant about handing over the cash until I know a bit more. in any case, it’s a good thing that KR is coming to RMWeb and I for one will be reading everything he puts on here in relation to this project to find something which will convince me to pay the deposit.
  9. I for one would very much like to hear more from KR Models directly, holding off on my deposit as I’m really not comfortable paying at this point. note: I’m not suggesting that anything iffy is going on here, but I haven’t been given enough confidence to hand over my money yet
  10. I'm perfectly happy to consider crowdfunding, but I personally would like a little more info (manufacturer name is the biggie) before I commit
  11. I use tinkercad for my models, and there is an option to put text in there. Doing curved words will be tricky as each letter will need to be placed individually, but straight names (station names etc.) are fine
  12. Edge

    JLTRT Receivership

    Good advice, doing this sort of claim is actually my job (i should be doing it right now actually) and the above is bang on - if a credit card was used for £100.01 or more of the OP's purchase then contacting the card provider will allow you to recover the full amount of your payment
  13. Have you checked the model with plain DC control? I had that a couple of times with locos and it turned out to be duff decoders
  14. Resurrecting an old thread here, I've just picked one of these up (memento of my last university jaunt to York NRM before I graduated). How easy are the deflectors to fit? I actually like the aesthetic of them and it produces an unusual looking engine (which is also what I like )
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