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  1. Good. I have one on order from Kernow - nice to know it’s on the way
  2. No, it was just the last scheduled payment
  3. not quite transition livery BR, but fairly close
  4. Last payment just gone out of my account. in the spirit of my inner petulant child I would now like to know when I’m the next three days I can expect my full finished and perfectly engineered model
  5. A not entirely unforeseen development. Aggravating, annoying and disappointing, but ultimately understandable. Oh well, I’ll live
  6. Limited edition rails of Sheffield 33001 for £100? I’ll have that thank you. Poor seller, I offered £115 before I bid and they didn’t seem to want to let it go for less than £125. I bid £100 in the off chance I was going to be the only bidder and I have my own Q1
  7. Will this just apply to the Oxford die cast car range, or will it include the OxfordRail range as well?
  8. Just ordered mine - was going to wait for the price to drop a bit as per the manning waddle locos but there doesn’t seem to be much stock kicking about and I didn’t want to lose it. so, £204 spent. Eep
  9. I did notice that. It is a it disheartening that they can’t get all of the fine details right like the name
  10. Just had my third payment go out - looking forward to seeing the model in the flesh
  11. I’ve got a 2007 on order at Kernow, but 2003 looks like a damn fine machine too…
  12. I made the right choice with the lined grey, but oooh that black one looks good
  13. I think the narrow gauge modeller is drawn towards the quirky nature of virtually every prototype out there - it’s only a small step to want to create your own version of the quirk. combine that with the requirements for kit building/bashing that were ubiquitous in narrow gauge modelling until recently (and still are around if you don’t want to model trench railways, the ALR or the L&B in 009 or continental outline Germanic stuff) and you’ve got a recipe where it is actually sometimes just as easy or easier to make your own railway as it is to model a real one. In standard gauge stuff, it’s actually a lot harder to paint Mallard yellow and claim that it was from the Far Tottering and Oysterperch Railway. But a dark blue ‘Russell’ is just another Hunslet 2ft loco
  14. Haven’t received the newsletter myself (maybe it will arrive at some point - I’m definitely signed up) - any chance someone could pop the early CADs up on here for perusal?
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