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  1. It absolutely cannot be denied that KR are going for it, they have rather cornered the ‘quirk’ section of the market with their OO announcements
  2. Yes, as I understand it 36002 was days away from her first steaming and possessed few of the construction errors that had plagued 36001 throughout her life when the project was cancelled. BR mixed traffic black was the preferred livery had the class entered revenue service and the nameplate ‘Winston Churchill’ was made up in wood for 36001 I believe. I think it was 36001 that was done up in black temporarily inside of the works, as 36003 never had a completed bodyshell and the photo I remember is of a complete locomotive leaving aside romantic notions of the loco going on to form the new pattern of steam locomotive had the plug not been pulled, I doubt that the engines would ever have been successful - they were just bad designs, and too much was attempted with them for all of the kinks ever to have been worked out. still, that doesn’t stop me making a pilgrimage to see 36001’s numberplate at York whenever I’m in the area and I’ll definitely get my name down for one of these models . Top form
  3. My comments about the motion were simply that no RTR model with the authentic vertical cylinder motion from that era has ever been produced and making it both functional and aesthetically accurate would be essentially impossible, not that the motion should prototypically transmit motive power to the wheels
  4. I hope I'm wrong - I'd love to see it doen as a RTR model by Hornby. My feeling is that as it was single loco, running along an extremely limited georgraphical area for an extremely limimted time. Now, you could get around that by including it on preserved railways etc, but i can't see a production run of 1000 models or so being bet on that one. I also think that there would need to be a totally and utterly unique system for the connecting rods from the vertical cylinders which would be both complex, hard to make and extremely delicate if they possess anything like a prototypical appearance. Those two things combined (limited appeal, engineering challenges) i think would strike out 'Sans Pareil' from consideration. As i've said, I would be happy to buy one should it be made, but I cannot see it happening unfortunately.
  5. Well, how about this - Planet’ as a possibility. If ‘planet’, ‘Lion’ or Sans Pareil (which is just too ridiculous an idea to suggest seriously) were to come along then I’d be highly highly tempted
  6. Ive picked up 2 because I think they would look better behind my planned Rocket ‘back and forth’ ride for my fictional preserved railway than the full yellow covered coaches. incidentally, if anyone wants to sell me one of the new ‘Rocket’ locos by itself with no coaches then please PM
  7. as far as I know, at this period, the class system was based upon stagecoaches and primarily related to the speed at which the coaches were operated on the L&M - First class coaches were non-stop, second class had some intermediate stop, and third class was the ‘local’ service stopping everywhere. After a while, it was decided that having the trains stop everywhere and have different specifications of coach was more profitable. hence, I don’t think that there was actually a physical difference between second and third class L&M carriages at the start, at least
  8. Just purchased one of my own for £250 from eBay. I’ve adored the models I’ve seen in the flesh, so I’m looking forward to mine being in my hands
  9. It’s a setting which is default turned off. You also have to download the various apps to use before anything will happen. for my part, I’ll be downloading the app and using it when it becomes available in the U.K. (as I understand things a hybrid between the centralised and decentralised systems is being created which will contain the accuracy and data gathering abilities of the centralised method with the security of the decentralised one) and id encourage everyone else to do it as well. The more data that scientists have, the better. as for it being a “train wreck”, surely a properly working app is better than one which doesn’t work? And why is it bad that people have admitted a mistake and are trying again? I don’t get the problem myself
  10. Bluebell has given a provisional opening date of 7th August on Instagram. Rallies with what I’ve heard about the SVR etc
  11. If you want bad multiplayer then join an F1 2019 lobby. Most of the people on there have figured out how to hit you to pitch you off the track and have you be blamed for it by the system. i don’t go on there much anymore...
  12. In my defence, a serach for 'Warley 2020' in the search box came up with no results and nothing was showing up as being a relevant topic for the past 7 hours in the 'new contents' tab, so mea culpa.
  13. Regrettable, but inevitable unfortunately https://www.thewarleyshow.co.uk/
  14. Severn Valley is looking to reopen early August And the R&ER in early July, but I believe both dates are subject to a fair amount of adjustment based on circumstances
  15. I’ve just preordered my digital copy of F1 2020 Schumacher edition. Am actually very excited about the new ‘My Team’ feature as well as having a go at the new racetracks that won’t appear in real life this year
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