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  1. My original post was saying how unreasonable it would be for me to expect an EP already. Was simply curious as to how things were going with the uptake
  2. This is what I’m doing on here?
  3. Any word/indication from KR models on how the project is going? I mean in terms of the uptake so far - as nice as it would be to see an EP i don't think that thats too reasonable
  4. I rode in 92/93 at the gala it attended and had a wonderful time at two Steam, Steel and Stars events at the Llangollen. I personally think it belongs in the upper echelon of the preserved railways of the country and its actually pretty heartbreaking to see it in this position. I know exactly nothing about the manner in which the railway was managed, so I shall hold my tongue on that issue, but I do hope that it can survive this intact and continue into the future.
  5. Not good is a bit of an understatement there. Here’s hoping that the situation can be straightened out
  6. Edge

    Preorder email

    Yes, I must confess that I now have a concern about my ‘British Enterprise’ W1 - I’d shift my pre-order if anyone else was still selling them
  7. Mine just ordered - no crest grey. Bit of a stetch to justify it by calling it a new build for the preserved railway, but hey, its my model Can i also say, truly biblically brilliant customer service from KR models as well
  8. I’ll be grabbing an Inverness sleeper set come next payday. I’m a steam modeller but as I’m planning a preserved railway I think I can crowbar them in somewhere
  9. Edge

    Preorder email

    It’s a shame - there is no actual evidence that anything here is the fault of Hattons, but if it affects me getti by my model trains then I’m afraid that action must be taken. thats £500 from my wallet not going to Liverpool at a time when I’m sure that they could use it. as I said, my W1 is on order and has been for many many months without incident, but I shall be most miffed if anything happens
  10. Edge

    Preorder email

    Clan cancelled, order shifted to Kernow . Am now concerned for my other 2021 pre orders EDIT: have now shifted my orders for 2007, the Bristol peckett and the NCB brake van to Kernow. My W1 is still with Hattons - I hope that there isn’t another revision
  11. Always wanted a Jubilee, and I do like my odd liveries... I take it that there was no news from new stuff for EFE? That’s where most of my purchase money has gone for the past year, so I was interested to see what they could have coming
  12. Just got an email from KR models saying that the order book for the leaders will be open in fed and that both grey and black liveries will be available. Quick question for KR - is the grey livery the early crest grey (loco’s official ‘portrait’) or the lined grey she ran with in her trials without the crest?
  13. Could be the return of the Hachette parkwork Mk1s? But a link would be handy so we could take a look
  14. Bellerophon is of considerable interst to me - will await the opening of the order book
  15. Highly curious - Hattons are stil showing it at the higher price. Someone has made a mistake somwhere, although i think Kernow is far more on the money with the value of the set
  16. Whilst no doubt upsetting, you appear to ahve taken the difficulties and indignities you've suffered with very good grace. Bravo to all at Widnes.
  17. What heated discussions we are all having. Steam heated perchance? I shall buy some of both ranges - this does not encourage me to cancel the orders I have with Hattons and I shall also be picking up some Hornby examples too. Room for all
  18. Pre orders now up on Hattons and they certainly appear to be of the opinion that £299 is the price for the terrier train pack. Rules me out for pre-orders but I shall snap it up if I see it in the future. EDIT: Just worked it out using Hattons prices and the RoS GWR Terrier for £110. Even with the step in the price because its the RoS terrier, I cnat make it go past about £210 for all of the constituent bits. For that price, you could top and tail it with the Hattons AB in GWR green and just barely go over the cost of this train pack. How very peculiar.
  19. Think if it was sound fitted then it would have been advertised from the start. I assume that the coaches are the all singing and all dancing lit versions, so the £299 price tag makes no sense. To be honest £199 makes my eyes water a bit, but I can see that the value of the contents warrants that price. im a Warhammer modeller in another life and I’ve just come off paying £90 for a single figure (damn you import charges) so I can take the rough with the smooth on pricing until I reach a flat ‘nope’
  20. Subject to a more sensible price I’ll be picking up the terrier train pack. £299 is a bit steep, but I did notice that there were other errors on the slides (Tornado was noted as 60103 at one point) so I live in hope of a typo.
  21. 2007 for me. Had to send back a 2001 which arrived from eBay, so I shall take this as a sign from provenance
  22. Been waiting for a clan for yonks. As soon as Hattons puts that up for pre order I’m having one. also rather taken with the Port of Bristol Peckett too
  23. Certainly characterful machines - I have seen one or two videos of them in action and sorry to hear that they now appear to be dropping out of use. Let’s hope that they find good homes rather than face the cutting torch
  24. Yes, I’ve had this too. From my perspective it’s kind of irritating that people either value my work as nothing or think I’m hopeless enough to hand over free stuff to them However, there is a wonderful community out there with free 3D files for those who want them - some of them handy. I don’t use these in my sales models for obvious reasons, but for those designing for themselves, there are plenty of test prints/ actual useful items available with a simple google search
  25. I love the V2 model as it looks, but I’m afraid that the silvered wheels on green arrow are a bit put off for me - they seem far too obtrusive. Think I’ll need to actually see the physical model before I can be certain about what I’m going to do.
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