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  1. 5 minutes ago, 2mmMark said:

    Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 was very useful to me a few years ago when I pre-paid via credit card for an annual subscription for broadband access from the now defunct ISP E7even. The company went into difficulties in early 2006 but was not wound up until over a year later in April  2007.  Via section 75 I was able to reclaim the pre-payment very easily and quickly on provision of evidence of non-supply.  I was expecting it to be pro-rated to cover usage received but the whole amount was refunded.

    Now that personal credit card payments are legally not subject to surcharges, there's no real reason not to use them.


    Section 75 protection applies even if only part of the payment is made by card, so long as the payment is £100 or more.


    Good advice, doing this sort of claim is actually my job (i should be doing it right now actually) and the above is bang on - if a credit card was used for £100.01 or more of the OP's purchase then contacting the card provider will allow you to recover the full amount of your payment

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