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  1. Er, Boss...You're not going to believe this or So, how did the accident happen Mr Clarkson?
  2. Yup , even donated ??1 to Haiti while I was at it. What a Philanthropist I am.
  3. Overll, I think the idea behind this entire thread is a fascinating one. There are a few books about a possible Nazi invasion of the UK. The most likely scenario is the British losing the BoB, and being unable to hold the channel in the face of the air superiority of the Luftwaffe. The entire idea is a fascinating political question. BUT... If you are thinking about exhibiting the layout, it won't get a good response. WW2 is a very sensetive area evne now, and some may not take kindly to anything like this. Worst case scenario, people might consider you to be pro-nazi. If you
  4. At the risk of sounding thick, wha?
  5. Hi guys, I haven't seen this thread ressurected on the new RMweb, and I always enjoyed seeing peoples ideas. So, in the hope of starting it all up again, here is my effort: Its a pre-war 2-10-0 that I actually plan to build some day. Like it?
  6. Locos Lion (D0280) Class 23 Dukedog B**** P****** (I'll get my coat, you can't blame me for asking etc.) Coaches New Collet and Hawksworth Coaches Those damn twelve wheel pullmans Wagons Not too bothered
  7. Edge

    Newnham Dock

    Okay. Am abandoning the DCC idea for the immediate future. The layout wiring simplicity to me is outweighed by the extra cost and increased loco complexity. I may go back to DCC later, butwill probably stick to a version of cab control for the original layout. Brand new N-drive chassis has arrived for 'Alan', a Chivers whitematal kit of 'Edward Thomas'. The *&^%ing thing doesn't fit. Grrr. Will have to do some chassis surgery, but ive left all of my tools up in Hull. Can't test to se if the thing is running wither, as all of the track I have is up in Hull as well. Still, another
  8. Definitely a 'Lion' and a Baby Deltic for me. Even though I have moved into 009. Boy, is this going to be an expensive year and we haven't even seen what Hornby and Bachmann are doing in 4mm in 2010.
  9. Edge

    Newnham Dock

    Well loco number 5 should be roling out in the next month or two . Might be a while before photos come along though. The only camera that I have is terrible at close up stuff
  10. Looking forward to going home for the Christmas Holidays

  11. Edge

    Newnham Dock

    Yes you do count five points. Nothing wrong in that is there? I have no idea what will go at the front of the layout in the semicircle. Ideas would be welcomed.
  12. Hi there, Well, I seem to have been floating around here for the past year or so contributing precisely nothing of my own making to the forum apart from the odd smartass comment. So, I thought it prudent to add my own two cent's worth at last. This is my first scenic model railway of any description, so please be nice. Newnham dock will be a 009 model railway served by a fictional company of my own devising (the G&OR). The idea borows heavily from Dunbracken (thanks Invercloy), but will allow a tad more operation. Track plan is below: I am currently improving all of th
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