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    word is that Lyd may well be runnign trains onto the rebuilt WHR until it is repainted. Owing to the bypass works in the area, the FR is closed until march, so no luck there. Probably your best bet to find out when and where it will be is on My link
  2. Newly-built L&B Manning Wardle Lyd was outshopped in BR lined black on 12/12/10. given the number 30190, and an early BR crest. I think it looks an awful lot better than that plain black she has been carrying for a while. It's also nice to see that us freelancers get a bit of a say in the real world too I cannot take any credit for the pictures, they were taken by Andrew Thomas and another (unknown) photographer.
  3. Well... Although i haven't actually built any of it yet... :-D I'm planning a series of layouts around a fictional Fifith company to come out of the 1923 grouping. Dubbed the 'North Western Railway' it is the perfect excuse for me to run whatever I like as well as scratch-building a lot of stock and locos. Freelancing has always appealed to me more than strict accuracy, so this was a oerfect solution for me. Its only in the planning stages, but if anyone's interested, let me know, and i'll stick some more info up on another thread.
  4. Hmmmm, I ordered some Maunsell carriages on Monday, and I was told that they had been dispatched on Tuesday via a 48 hr courier service. And they still haven't arrived. Before I cause a riot, I must say that I think that the problem here probably lies with DHL, and not Hattons, bu the fact remains that I paid £71 for the things, and I would like to have them. Probably gonna leave it until Monday before I get in touch to say anything, but I have to admit, this is beginning to give me doubts about buying from them again.
  5. I prefer 'Purity Seal' from games Workshop, its cheap(ish) and it provides a wonderful satin finish
  6. There is another one showing an oil train in the winter in the lickey hills, with no less than two 9fs leading and four panniers banking! Would like to have seen that... Another unlikely pairing that I remember seeing was a pic of the 'Pines Express' on the S&DJR. A 'Battle of Britain' was being piloted by a Jinty, which actually carried the train headboard! Perhaps the most prestigious moment in the history of the Jinties
  7. Stratford on Avon. Not sure, but I think they might have been working a railtour
  8. I remember seeing footage of a Q1 and a ex-southern 2-6-0 (N5?) working a train through to Stratford
  9. Yup, thats a good description allright. It's not all bad though; I'm actually building a small diorama/ shunting layout for the steampunk society at my university, and its really fun to try and figure out how the victorians would have built diesel and electric locomotives. I'm at a loss as to what belly dancing has to do with steampunk however...
  10. Very slighly off topic, but does anybody know when the next batch of Devon Belle Observation cars are due to be available?
  11. Or one with smoke deflectors?
  12. What would have happened if the GWR and the LMS had agreed that the latter could build a batch of 'Castles' for their own use? I'm thinking of calling it 'Crewe Castle'
  13. A great shop, I bought their last (I think) Hornby 'Bude' with the stanier tender for £49.99! The charging was prompt, as was the delivery. An exceptionally good shop, couldn't be happier with my purchase! No connection, just a satisfied customer.
  14. Try PPD. They etched me a large number of names and numbers, and the quality is superb. They work from both sketches and photos, so they should be able to do this. I can pretty much guarantee that they will also be very good value. It might be worth commissioning more than one name though, or asking for the name on the edge of a larger project. Anyway, the site is below: PPD
  15. Is there any news on Bridge 30? I ask because my Firend is coming up from Birmingham to go to the Re-Opening Gala on the 27th March. The NYMR website has no new official updates, so I was wondering if anyonehere had some 'insider' info.
  16. ScaleScenes do a downloadable station name pack where you can specify the name of the station on the signs. Why don't you check them out and see if that is a good alternative to making it yourself? They do a large variety of styles, and from recollection, its only a few quid
  17. Er, Boss...You're not going to believe this or So, how did the accident happen Mr Clarkson?
  18. Yup , even donated ??1 to Haiti while I was at it. What a Philanthropist I am.
  19. Overll, I think the idea behind this entire thread is a fascinating one. There are a few books about a possible Nazi invasion of the UK. The most likely scenario is the British losing the BoB, and being unable to hold the channel in the face of the air superiority of the Luftwaffe. The entire idea is a fascinating political question. BUT... If you are thinking about exhibiting the layout, it won't get a good response. WW2 is a very sensetive area evne now, and some may not take kindly to anything like this. Worst case scenario, people might consider you to be pro-nazi. If you
  20. At the risk of sounding thick, wha?
  21. Hi guys, I haven't seen this thread ressurected on the new RMweb, and I always enjoyed seeing peoples ideas. So, in the hope of starting it all up again, here is my effort: Its a pre-war 2-10-0 that I actually plan to build some day. Like it?
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