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  1. Ive picked up 2 because I think they would look better behind my planned Rocket ‘back and forth’ ride for my fictional preserved railway than the full yellow covered coaches. incidentally, if anyone wants to sell me one of the new ‘Rocket’ locos by itself with no coaches then please PM
  2. as far as I know, at this period, the class system was based upon stagecoaches and primarily related to the speed at which the coaches were operated on the L&M - First class coaches were non-stop, second class had some intermediate stop, and third class was the ‘local’ service stopping everywhere. After a while, it was decided that having the trains stop everywhere and have different specifications of coach was more profitable. hence, I don’t think that there was actually a physical difference between second and third class L&M carriages at the start, at least
  3. Just purchased one of my own for £250 from eBay. I’ve adored the models I’ve seen in the flesh, so I’m looking forward to mine being in my hands
  4. Bluebell has given a provisional opening date of 7th August on Instagram. Rallies with what I’ve heard about the SVR etc
  5. In my defence, a serach for 'Warley 2020' in the search box came up with no results and nothing was showing up as being a relevant topic for the past 7 hours in the 'new contents' tab, so mea culpa.
  6. Regrettable, but inevitable unfortunately https://www.thewarleyshow.co.uk/
  7. Severn Valley is looking to reopen early August And the R&ER in early July, but I believe both dates are subject to a fair amount of adjustment based on circumstances
  8. Yup, easier to get a BR green one and repaint it methinks
  9. Hornby have done a Garter Blue no valance A4 - but I rather suspect that is is a little pricey for a chop and change job: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/37341/Hornby-r3771-oo-gauge-1-1-collection-limited-edition-bittern-lner-blue-class-a4-twin-tendered-4-6-2-steam-locomotive-no-4464
  10. It does, hence the confusion, but the documents I found online indicate that it was in fact a corridor tender http://www.doncasterworksrecords.org.uk/Part-30.html
  11. Mr Musgrave modelled a few of the engines for his Southern region layout, including seagull https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/grahammuz.com/2011/09/26/talking-stock-2-the-1948-locomotive-exchange-trials/amp/ I’m uncertain (and please someone correct me if I’m wrong) but I believe that Seagull was at the time a double chimneyed garter blue loco mated to a non corridor tender. The rearMost panel of the tender was cut down on all A4s participating in the exchanges to give greater clearance, so a bit of modding will be required EDIT: Scratch that, done
  12. I’ve been getting some virtual work done on some PB&SSR electrics. Very happy with the look - and I’ve now designed a layout for them to run on For those who might be interested, please be aware that this is NOT the model on sale in my shop - if you order you will receive a most inferior model! I’m still tweaking these right now, so they aren’t available quite yet
  13. Having recently got it into my head to purchase the ‘Ghosts of Aberglaslyn’ book about the P&BSSR I’ve got it into my head to build a layout depicting the railway. one thing that has been made clear to me though, is that the models I have for the locos from the P&BSSR are only approximate examples which can now be improved upon. so I’m asking you all for some help if I can. I’m going to be using an 0-4-0 chassis for the updated kits and I’ve already homes in on the Fiddletown and Copperopolis chassis along with the outside framed 0-4-0 diesel from minitrains. W
  14. Ffestiniog and WHR, along with NYMR railway have all asked for funds too
  15. Been thrown in at the deep end at all of the exhibitions that I’ve operated a layout at. I was for a couple of years a member of the ‘Desperados’ - a gang operating the County Gate, Cliffhanger and Bratton Fleming layouts. All three were nominally computer controlled for realistic operation, but I’m glad to say that I was able to step in to manually run trains when the inevitable error occurred (although I should add that such errors were honestly less frequent than that last sentence makes it seem). It took a moment or two to get a hang of what I was doing, but once that wa
  16. Lucky enough to ride in 93 from Llangollen to Corwen a few years ago, and again at Didcot last year. it’d be nice to see her again before she goes in for overhaul - although as boiler and mechanics et al are more or less new steam loco-wise I imagine she will be back in steam sooner rather than later. id love to see her at the SVR. Seeing her pulling away from Highley would make one hell of a video model wise, I suspect I shall pick up the model of 93 sooner or later. I have an increasing collection of ‘odd’ locos which can only be put together on a fictional
  17. I actually tend to agree with the 'verge of entrapment' comments here. Its one thing for the shop to fail to properly ID someone when the law says they should, but quite another for the police to actually provoke such a situation.
  18. As a vague hope, I’m hoping that some more 009 stuff is announced - lord knows what exactly, although logic would dictate that it is Talyllyn based because of the Thomas link.
  19. Edge

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    double post for some bizarre reason
  20. Edge

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    R3841 for me. I’ve got a planned preserved railway with several new builds already, so what the hell?
  21. Hush hush may be worth picking up - can’t say I care for the steampunk models personally, but it’s not like I’m their target audience anyway interested in the design app, we shall see what that’s like
  22. My friend from uni is confined to a wheelchair permanently and our experience has been that it is far far easier to get a wheelchair spot on a steam train than one on a mainline train. Weird that... Additionally (and ironically enough), it seems the further out from the cities you go, the more helpful people are and we have been treated to some truly lovely service on local lines in the middle of nowhere, but given nothing but abuse in the cities. should add that this is the personal experience of my friend and myself, just a disclaimer there folks returnin
  23. The difficulties are a shame - the product was fantastic to watch in operation and the folks running things were friendly and open
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