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  1. Hi there guys, I'm looking for a couple of the resin loads that are supplied with the Bachmann 393-052a D class bogie wagon. I’m not after the wagon itself, just the loads. Please PM if you have one or two available, am happy to talk about a reasonable price. Thanks, Edge
  2. Haven’t participated in the show, but bumped into KM at Warley last year and she was a genuinely lovely person to meet and speak to briefly, even though I must have been the seventh hundred person to have bothered her that day also had a brief chat with steve flint, and got much the same impression. However, he was there to work so I tried to keep that chat rather brief all in all, smashing people. And I’m hoping to corral a team of volunteers to participate in series 3 (should it be made)
  3. Thanks for the interest and for the compliments. Afraid that things are rather at a standstill at the moment - job change hasnt left an awful lot of time for 3d work. I am working on a few bits and pieces. I am trying to work out the ins and outs of an O9 atlantic, but it is rather tricky to fit everything in without simply throwing away any pretense of scale but I shall persevere. As for Katie, I am looking into a model based aroung the minitrains 0-4-0 outside frame chassis, but its in the extremely early stages. Effie i think is probably well nigh impo
  4. I agree on Bulleid’s talents and brilliance, he was at the forefront of steam and it’s development and he deserves all of the plaudits he received. my comments above were not about the man, but the machine. The sense is that Bulleid (who left the SR well before completion of the project) left things half finished and that the concept was fundamentally flawed from the get go. Originally touted as a replacement for the M7 tank loco, the engine simply was not fit for that purpose in any way.
  5. There are large panels missing from the rear of the two pictured locomotives, so it is likely that it is 36003. From all accounts 36002 was only a few days away from its first run and was a considerably superior locomotive to the prototype. that being said, the design itself was fundamentally flawed in being vastly overweight, underpowered, incapable of fitting in with existing infrastructure on the SR lines (the loco could barely take on water because of issues actually fitting the spouts of water towers into the loco) and thoroughly unpopular with the unions of the time because o
  6. Hornby did a commercially available version of this with thomas: They occasionally still turn up on ebay/at hattons and the like
  7. Edge

    Wanted - Coal!

    I’ve found that if you’re around a steam railway and ask nicely they will let you have a cob or two for nothing. I’ve got a mix from the NYMR, the RHDR, R&ER, and FR. No particular reason beyond that that is when I remembered to ask and you should ALWAYS ask, it’s not yours until they let you have it. Apart from anything else, it’s not always safe to get the coal from the locations where it is stored, and it’s definitely not safe to take it from an engine without someone who knows what they are doing around
  8. Regardless of the prudence of an announcement of an announcement, it does seem that there are a large number of people on this forum who do seem to revel in putting the boot in when the tiniest mistake is made. What has Keith done here really? He's put a single sentence on facbook - lets actually give him the chance to mess up before we begin comparing him to now liquidated companies shall we?
  9. Cool. Must confess that the milk can does look very fetching in person, particularly behind the SR Green ‘Baldwin’
  10. CADs now in public domain liveries also slightly different and showing on Hattons as: 9980 - Works Black 9981 - L&B Green pre-1906 9982 - L&B Green post-1906 9983 - SR ex L&B Green 9984 - SR Green Pre 1932 9985 - SR Green Post 1932
  11. Double whammy for me as they have discounted warhammer as well as the model train stuff. It’s just one less shop for me to actually go into now - both of my hobbies are increasingly based around ‘order stuff online and get it delivered’
  12. Ill give it a whirl although in fairness, what has been shown this far is more or less a screenshot of the CGI model, so it’s currently unclear if the loco will have the Geisel or not. That being said, I’ll happily run up a chimney for whichever version isn’t done
  13. I deeply sympathise with the stories told on here and wish nothing but the best for those affected by adversity. for my part, a new job and now passed probation period has significantly turned things around. I am, for the first time in 18 months, able to make detailed financial plans and move forward with clearing the debt that has been weighing down on me for years (technically, I’ve always been clearing it, but I’d rather do it much faster than the ‘official’ plan). It wasn’t until I began getting ‘better’ after starting my new job that I realised quite how ill I had been at my l
  14. No word yet, and four years or so ahead of time any indications would be pretty worthless at a total guess, maybe about the same price.
  15. Indeed, it was shown to me as a Kato announcement (hence the smaller suppliers) rather than a PECO announcement.
  16. No maybe about it any more! Announced on PECO’s own Facebook page!
  17. Apparently a collaboration between Peco and Kato to produce the FR Englands and Doubel Fairlies in 009! Now i I have no clue as the validity of this (although the multiple photos in different environments does help with authenticity in my mind), but if true, this is very exciting stuff (albeit with a pinch of salt required at this stage) Perhaps someone in the know can confirm this is genuine? It would be great if it were!
  18. Although for their 009/Hoe locos of Rheneas/Skarloey they have based their models of the actual Talyllyn locos rather than the TV series engines. Rusty was a bit more TV series than prototype, but Bachman has for the most part done a very nice job with their narrow gauge stuff so far
  19. With the condition of either railway when they were saved, I find it hard to argue that either has not been ‘preserved’ in the traditional sense of the word, regardless of ownership status (I do know that the FR is certainly as outlines, no idea about the TR myself) as both lines needed almost total reconstruction of infrastructure, rolling stock and also became the home for a number of ‘foreign’ engines/coaches etc.
  20. Yes, definitely either County Gate or cliffhanger. Had the privilege of operating them and Bratton Fleming (another layout from the same builder) at various exhibitions. website for them all is still around at www.009.cd2.com
  21. It’s a personal choice for me, I like to keep work and hobbies separate from one another and if I did volunteer on the one of my local lines then it would become work for me and the enjoyment would be greatly reduced
  22. Well in fact even the location for Bleneau isn’t entirely original, the exchange platform between the FR and GWR was at the back of what is now the mainline platform, leading on to the FR official terminus at Duffws just slightly further along (even though that wasn’t actually the end of the line) in the town (the station building is now public loos).The FR actually divided the LNWR Conwy Valley line and the GWR Bala line well into the preservation era - BR had to ask their permission to build the ‘through’ line which now exists. But your point is well taken the railway has change
  23. I do find that on occasion the ‘it’s a preserved railway’ is used as an excuse for shoddy modelling. None of it looks believable, and so doesn’t exactly inspire. That being said, there are some truly marvellous ones out there - The Museum of Transport layout is a truly wonderful that leaps to mind immediately. as regards to non-surviving locos being used, again, it needs to look right to be right - so naturally I shall be running 4472 in wartime black, ‘Bude’ with a stained tender, GT3 and a new Build GWR ‘City’ when I finally get around to making my preservation layout
  24. My congratulations to whichever shrewd buyer spotted that i’d somehow neglected to add a profit margin to the Princess 1891 version of the England loco kit I tip my hat to you :). i cannot day that I am heartbroken, it is nice to see that people wish to buy the products that I am designing. If you are on here and reading this then I would welcome any feedback, and the same goes for any purchasers of my models :) Projects are slowly continuing for the time being and announcements will be made here when new items go up on the store
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