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  1. I see that Rail of Sheffield have announced their exclusive new OO iron mink. The model looks excellent in the photos. But it is £37 plus £4 p+p. £41 for a OO wagon? I know it's exclusive, and I know about development costs, but it seems a lot to me. Is it that the only other option is the venerable ratio kit? Am I being overly price-sensitive? Ian C
  2. ikcdab

    Lyme Regis

    9mm is good for the top. But I like to use much thicker for the sides. I laminated three layers of 6mm together to give side 18mm thick. Not only does this make it very rigid, but gives you something to screw into. I used a handheld circular saw which was worth its weight in gold. Laminated the stuff together then cut to size afterwards. To be honest, you want your baseboards to be right. It's the foundation of everything. If you are not entirely happy, then scrap (or reuse) those bits and do it again. If you look on my layout thread you will see what I did Ian C
  3. To be honest, I wonder why any commercial company continues to produce scale posters. It's so easy to download your image, rescale it using any one of many different software packages, then Just print out what you want. No copyright is being infringed if all you do is stick them on your layout.. And if you don't have a printer, there are any number of local printshops, online printers or friends who would do it for you. You then get exactly what you want.
  4. I've always called them engineers blocks or engineers parallels. You can get things called 123 blocks which are useful to. Depends what you are going to do with them. Ian
  5. That's not quite how it was. The QB was indeed operated by the WSRA and was almost fully volunteer operated. The Coombs report recommended that commercial operations such as this should transfer to the plc, and this was done. The train continued to operate successfully with the same volunteers but under the plc banner. In early 2018 a combination of factors led to the two lead volunteers resigning at short notice. Given that we had bookings, we had little choice to bring in a commercial kitchen crew to prepare the food. The remainder of the staff remained as largely volunteers. In other businesses, its the food that makes the money. Not sure why we can't make that work here.
  6. I bought it new from kernow about a month ago.
  7. I would suggest that plastruct girders are the way to go. Make these up on a plastic sub-baseboard and glue the rails to the girders. You just need to ensure that you have the uprights vertical to maintain gauge.
  8. When I published the Minehead branch book, I had piles of very old pictures with no known copyright. The book would have been immensely poorer without them, so they were published as ,"WSSRT collection". I mentioned this in the book, apologised in advance if I violated copyright and in those cases asked the owners to contact me. I have never had any such contact. To be honest, if you have a collection of thousands of pictures, the chances of you recognising an individual print are fairly remote. Ian
  9. Very grey area isn't it. But this is a plausible situation. I know of one photographer locally who has legitimatly acquired the collections of other people and acquired the copyright too. He dies, and passes his collection and the copyright to someone else, but his record keeping is poor so the new owner knows he has the copyright, but is not sure which original photographer it was. In think in these situations, especially where the pictures and now very old, it is better to credit 'collection of Joe Bloggs'. You are then not claiming any copyright. Ian
  10. Ah yes, I see now. I did think they might be carriage boards, but the fact that they was four of them and no lettering threw me. Thank you
  11. I recently bought R4834, maunsell corridor third in BR green. In the detail bag with the close couplings, came these four green strips, each 44mm x2mm. What are they for? I can't see anything obvious and there are no instructions. Thanks Ian
  12. If you don't want to have any signals, then the line will be "one train working" which is self explanatory. Only one train is allowed on the branch at once. Signals are provided to keep trains apart, so if there is only one train then no signals are needed. There might well be points at the terminus and these might well be worked from a groundframe that is released by the token. If you want more than one train in your station at once, then some form of signalling is required so that the drivers know which one can proceed. You don't say what period you are modelling, nowadays there are many variations on these themes including electronic signalling.
  13. I have found that the factory grease goes hard over time. This might be now clogging up the gears and slowing things down. I suggest cleaning the old grease off and carefully relubricating.
  14. Ok, point taken, let's not get into a ding-d0ng on here as that is the preserve of the Nat-Pres forum. By "cheaply built" I was referring to the steep sided cuttings (washford and Bilbrook), tough gradients (washford again and Crowcombe), flimsy bridges (Black Monkey) and a line basically built along a beach (Blue Anchor). Perhaps that last example brings us full circle back to the quality of the beach there! If you're prepared to walk a little, the sand is best between BA and Dunster. Ian
  15. Well that's more appropriate. In your original post you cited "neglect of track maintenance". Sheer neglect is totally different to a backlog. Track maintenance has not been neglected, it has clearly been going on. Clearly there is a backlog. That in itself is not necessarily a problem depending on what is outstanding.
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