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  1. I am confused. Weren't all SOs 2+2?
  2. That's a complicated layout and it's impossible to say where the shorts are occurring without much more detail. The simple answer is that a turnout mudtv only be fed from the toe end. If there is power supply from the other end, then you must use isolating joiners. Unless that fixes it, the only way you will solve this is to disconnect everything and start again, doing one section at a time. Test that section and only when happy, wire up the next one. You don't say how your LEDs are powered so I can't say why those don't work. Ian C
  3. For me, I need to get things running to maintain enthusiasm. I can't be one of those who has a non-running layout for years and years....
  4. The layout looks excellent, well done. Impressed by how fast you have for on with it.
  5. There is a great video on YouTube under Everard Junction where Richard repainted one or more locos. Really helpful. As are all of his videos! https://youtu.be/iYR1TkinRh4 Ian
  6. Finally got the baseboards around the room... Now just have to lay the track on the new section and we're away. Then to build the central section across the room. Ian
  7. Maybe, but much closer through turnouts. SMP OO is currently £3.90 per yard length but rail is £1.10 per length, so £2.20 per yard of track. Bearing in mind the need to buy copperclad strip and the time, it might be more cost effective to just buy SMP ready to lay. Ian
  8. My loose wording. My old Hornby locos have pickups one side only, current being returned via the chassis block, wheel bearings and metal wheels on the other.
  9. A battery pack will be fine, it depends on the power consumption of the loco and the power of the battery pack. A "wall wart" might be better. Ian
  10. Lots of these available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184522093375
  11. Roundhouse have most things in their catalogue though I don't know if this is in it.
  12. Well, the thread title caught my attention! I dont model n gauge. The sleepers must be a max of 2mm wide, 2hich must make these incredibly fine screws with miniscule heads and threads. I'm struggling to see the advantage over pins.
  13. I think that's a bit black and white. Lofts can be made into perfectly habitable spaces with insulation, electrics, lighting and stronger floors etc. It's just a case of how much effort (and money) you wish to go to. Ian
  14. Maybe it's some primeval love of bright shiny things! Here are the sleepers at the other end of the loops glued down and gapped ready for the rails....
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