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  1. For the hunting issue, this is true- because what is happening is the motor is being over-run by the grade, and is trying to be turned by the weight of the train pushing the loco. If there is slop in the geartrain, then it will hunt as the motor alternatively slows down and speeds up. The problem with DCC making it worse will be due to feedback on the motor exactly as explained upthread. Powerbase and Bullfrog snot won't help in this case, or at least not much. They both will work in a normal helix, as they are increasing the adhesive factor- one by providing increased downforce (Power
  2. Lovely work Just remember, seeing the Class 24 in the background: Coughs and Sneezles Spread Dieseel's ! (Thanks to the Rev. who taught me that...) that goes for everyone who reads this forum ! James
  3. We had no problem bringing a layout across the US (from Seattle-Detroit) in 2016. We had enough photos to prove what we took was ours, same goes for stock, but no issue on entry or exit from the US. Digital cameras mean that photos taken the day before the border crossing are easy pickings now- and if you had it before you cross, then you certainly can have it coming back. Even in the late 90's, I didn't have problems with bringing stuff across the border- we're really not something that the border guards are interested in, unless you are specifically selling or buying something
  4. Conflat P Conflat P makes total sense- in N, to go with the Rapido Class 28, and OO to go with the Heljan ones. Also works with Class 5's...(probably with less smoke, fire, bad language and brimstone than an unconverted Class 28...) But, I'm just guessing like the rest of you
  5. Not a help for the UK- but "Little Canada" in Toronto, Ontario. https://little-canada.ca/ Toronto Model Railway Club (Central Ontario Railway), http://www.modelrailroadclub.com/home.html I don't think that there is a similar one in Vancouver- there had been one in Grandville Island, but that has been gone quite some time. I understand parts of the layout build for the location exist, and are in Revelstoke (?) at the railway museum there. It was no-where near as fantastic as they advertised it to be, coming from a scale model railway guy. Miniature Wonderland woul
  6. That means _a bunch_ of relays. That's why I went the way I did with Long Marton- the first plans at home were for mechanical (relay) systems, then I started to figure out how many relays it would take to have the sequential staging loops pass trains to keep them filled, and I blanched, and went for DCC and track sections. Mostly because even though I have some of the background, and had access at the time to someone who most definitely did have the background to do the LLD & math to reduce it to a minimum, I didn't hold up much confidence of getting it all right and working. It can
  7. The first q that I have is _can_ the trains go all the way around the room? Even an 11m*11m space starts to shrink fairly quickly if you have to deal with - 1.3m at each corner. 8m is nothing to sneeze at though- the main scenic part of Long Marton fits into a 36' long room, including similar curves at each end. The advantage of being able to go around the entire "outside" is that it means that you could have trains running from place to place. I would think of DCC and automation as being both very useful in this circumstances. If I was starting with those sorts of constra
  8. Yes, robust enough for moderate public use- Southern California Lego Train Club used (?) to setup at the San Diego Model Railway Museum for 50 days/year, and run trains for up to 8 hrs/day. That's with 9V (track powered), rather than with PF or Powered UP! (no I don't come up with the marketing names...). That being said, think of it as being a toy, and that if it made it to 200 miles running, it's doing good. I tend to not leave trains hammering out miles at home. is how it was set up at one point- being lego, things tend to move around a bit
  9. Jeff, As we live in sensible places, today is of course 21/12 Happy Rush Day ! James
  10. So, I found the tape, laid out the rough line of the fill, and have moved about 4 m^3 or perhaps a bit more. The way I've been doing it is to take ride on mower, with a nominal .5m^3 trailer, and put 20-40 shovel fulls of dirt into the trailer, then trip it around and end dump the trailer, or shovel it out. (more often shovel it out...). The trailer is the cheapest thing known to man- they come from Princess Auto, with the fabulous "we're not satisfied till YOU'RE not satisfied" warrantee. (for 50 quid, what do you expect ?) https://www.princessauto.com/en/10-cu-ft-500-lb-steel-atv-dump-
  11. I have to agree with Jeff on this one- I have some colour photos of Trout Beck taken in 1996, and I have a small sample of roof slate and of lead (with "white" paint) on it. All the colours are impossible to exactly reproduce- except that the Metcalf kit colours are most definitely wrong for Long Marton. That much I do know- they are gray, and the stone used in Long Marton is very definitely brown, or sand coloured rather than gray. Certainly, getting the colours somewhere close is important. However colour perception is a personal thing, and is so very heavily affected by the t
  12. Back at it earlier in the week- another 100 tieplates cut off, and I'm supposed to do the other 300 tomorrow. We'll see how many actually get cut, I've gone through about 2/3rds of a 14" cut off blade so far. Dirt movement is now an ongoing thing here at home. It's not raining, so I'm moving dirt by shoveling it into a 6 cubic foot dump box behind the garden tractor & then unloading it. Given that I have about 200 cubic feet of fill to move, it's an ongoing project. The total required fill is >300 m^3, with about 1/2 of that in place, and about 16 m^3 left on the propert
  13. Having seen the photos you took of the moon, you would just about be able to make (Gill Head) out using that gear from the moon ! I just think that it is going to end up with this beautiful scene to take an image of from an unusual prospective as a model- thinking of the late David Shakespeare's Tetley Mills, and how there were all kinds of relatively unique photo locations possible on it. Some layout scenes are designed to have a camera jammed into the landscape so that you can take a photo from _that_ location, and I can within my mind see that Gill Head the scene is going to be that
  14. I think you are going to find that it ends up with a train on the viaduct, and the camera aimed upwards, as being a fairly "favorite" photo of Gill Head. I can see it in my mind, like the similar photos taken of Arten Gill. If it was me, I think I'd take a camera/lens combo that will give good results, and see where it has to sit to enable such photos, to make sure that there will be enough/appropriate scenery from there. ( like https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.artpal.com%2Fbuy%2F%3Fi%3D155757-3&psig=AOvVaw1sOOwmZG1SkxL4RPs8IpO6&ust=1606702600183000&
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