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  1. Whatever the 'compromises' it looks superb. I'm envious of your skills.
  2. Looks like it lost half a plug on the drivers side. Rivetted rather than welded tender?
  3. Northern have started training with the class 769s off juice. 769442 is passing through Parbold with the 3Z51 Springs Branch - Southport - Springs Branch on 18th February 2020. Phil Look No Wires!
  4. It isn't clear from the announcement exactly which liveries are being offered but the Hattons website shows 6201 in LMS crimson lake, 46206 in BR blue & 46207 in BR crimson (I think she only ever carried LMS style lining). Personally I'd have liked a green one.
  5. I think 6201 can be legitimately be produced in LMS crimson lake in the condition illustrated but it only covers the period november 1936 when she received a 10 ton tender & september 1937 when she reverted to a domeless boiler, the crosshead pump was removed in july 1938.The illustration which accompanies 46206 incorrectly shows one of the initial pair rather than the production series as shown with 46207. 46206 was also coupled to the unique riveted 10 ton tender with coal pusher.
  6. A quick search seems to suggest it was a bus company service vehicle & started life with Western National. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/19386122540/
  7. Ford D seen at Cumbria Steam Gathering today, is it a genuine railway vehicle?
  8. https://www.inthegreenwoodlaser.co.uk/collections/oo-gauge-modelling/products/sb002-signal-box-type-2-oo-gauge-laser-cut-kit If this is the platform signal box you mean I thought it was Furness Railway. This & the 'Hesketh' station look dead ringers for Haverthwaite.
  9. Mystery carriage looks to be a former 'Coronation Scot' vestibule first diner.
  10. To what extent has Sutherlands cab been cut down in order to comply with Network Rails modern loading gauge?
  11. Can only repeat what has already been said. A terrific event made better by the glorious weather. I'm not sure I made full use of my 2 day rover but thoroughly enjoyed watching the trains go by. Thanks to all who made it possible. My album can be found at https://flic.kr/s/aHskXdgLXn Cheers Phil
  12. In the early '80s when 46229 hauled the CME she brought the '55 club' with her which was added to the regular train. This consisted of the NRMs first class pullmans Eagle & Emerald plus the Royal Train brake 5155. She thus regularly hauled 14 coaches over the drag.
  13. Noted on yesterdays Cumbrian Mountain Express 99348 is now in full Pullman livery carrying the name 'Topaz'. Phil
  14. leander22b


    I think the sealink coaches on the L&HR wore a different style of sealink livery more in keeping with the buses operated by Lancaster City Transport on sevices to link with the Isle of Man ferries at Heysham, even having the red roof. https://www.flickr.com/photos/ewood_eddie1968/4385790628/in/gallery-faversham-gallery-72157626498466715/ The only pictures I can find on Flickr seems to confirm this, albeit not very clear. https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolfie59/8578886800/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8154404014/ Phil
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