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  1. A Jubilee was captured on film barrelling south through Oakleigh Park on a special. The Nim.
  2. Still banging on the door of a sat down 717 ? (Assuming he doesn't do BPK-KGX by ministerial vehicle now.) The Nim.
  3. I'd been unable to put my finger on the dispiriting ambience of the 700/717, but this comment nails it! The Nim.
  4. The 'adaptor' will amount to an IEC kettle lead, if my experience is still typical. The Nim.
  5. Slightly. To get an optimum traction and track-holding balance you start by considering the relative axle loads. Driving axles for instance provide best traction when equally loaded. The axle loads and their spacings mathematically determine where the centre of gravity will need to be in the completed loco. This may influence the driveline layout in order to provide the optimum placing of voids in which to locate ballast to achieve the desired centre of gravity. In a parallel analytical thread, the axle loads and their spacings, via the spreadsheet, determines where the spring anchors need to be. The technique has been around long enough now for various rules of thumb to have emerged regarding relationships between driving and carrying wheel axle loads, acceptable tweaks to anchor locations, wire diameters etc. The Nim.
  6. Nimbus

    Oxford N7

    ...Except where Peter Townend was involved! The Nim.
  7. The Independent's summary https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/grant-shapps-hs2-heathrow-transport-policy-voting-record-boris-johnson-a9020141.html aligns reasonably closely with what I've observed from Mr Shapps as my MP. The Nim.
  8. Except that it wasn't a passing aberration. The public announcement he made later showed he was, effectively, bearing a grudge. The Nim.
  9. Au contraire; the CL compo lavatory was as characteristically KX as were the Baby Deltics ! LNER vehicles were still in evidence in some numbers too, into 1963 according to my daily travels at the time. The Nim.
  10. Haven't bought any of theirs since it happened! US comic Rich Hall wasn't impressed either, I recall. The Nim.
  11. I note it's not particularly spanner-friendly. Is this design of fishplate 'fit and forget'? And presumably it's located where it is for electrical isolation requirements rather than mechanical? The Nim.
  12. I wonder if that was related to any requirement to obtain Hitachi personnel to administer safety procedures on the train? The Nim.
  13. How much trial and error was needed to get a functional fit to the axle? The Nim.
  14. Where have the 'resting' 91s been tucked away? The Nim.
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