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  1. Looks like it puts some of the "Pros" to shame! The Nim.
  2. Yes. Could perhaps get a bit more precise if given the date of 67793's works visit - it has acquired the later emblem, and has yet to get filthy. The Nim.
  3. The coupling 'banger plate' was fitted to protect the AWS receiver on the front of the bogie. If you loco does not have the AWS battery box beside the driver's side cab footsteps, then the banger plate is inappropriate. The Nim.
  4. They must be tempted to examine the feasibility of the whole rake, as a parallel to the West Coast's own Coronation coaches. I for one, would be tempted by the set in BR livery, running as a fantasy, but plausible, 'Talisman'! The Nim.
  5. ... including Gresley's design team! The Nim.
  6. You're effectively measuring the armature resistance. The Nim.
  7. What are the Covid-like dots/particles on the bridge and brackets for? The Nim.
  8. For me, the greatest challenge is acquiring sufficient accurate dimensional data of the prototype object. How did you get the information for the Gardner? The Nim.
  9. I recall prototyping something along these lines about 30 years ago. There was then a TDA-something from Thomson-CSF which was an integrated 741 plus power stage in a package with a heatsink. My feedback element used an operational transconductance amplifier, in an attempt to get an auto-adjust of the resistance compensation. As far as I recall, my tests with a nearly new Hornby Class 29 revealed it approximated zero velocity by vibrating back and forth by about 6mm. I was strangely delighted for the remainder of that afternoon! I eventually concluded that compensation
  10. There could be a market for that! The Nim.
  11. I'd be very interested in seeing details of the brushless motor conversion. The noise from the standard setup is pretty obtrusive! The Nim.
  12. What characteristics lead you to your verdict of 'outstanding'? The Nim.
  13. Dave Alexander made a whitemetal kit. He may have supplied motorisable bogie castings, as with his BTH Type 1. That wouldn't stop a builder preferring a Lima chassis of course... The Nim.
  14. It's beginning to sound like some among us think the world be a better place without Hornby to whinge about! The Nim.
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