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  1. Would be interested to see details of your conversion. These Roland machines are becoming affordable secondhand, I presume because 3D printers have become commonplace. The Nim.
  2. May I offer Hatfield, Herts on the ECML for discussion? That had three boxes up until the whole area went MAS in the early 70's. One on the up side at the south end, and one each side of the throat at the north end. In busier days, in addition to through traffic there were three branches to handle from the north, and terminating outer suburbans from the south. A 60ft-plus shed might accommodate a 4mm model, with approaches. I spent too long dreaming though... The Nim.
  3. I hadn't paid much attention to these, but I have to say I'm impressed by the finesse of the A4 body casting, once the image is blown up. The nose area looks far more refined than the latest W1samples shown in another thread, in both detail and form. The Nim.
  4. I wonder why the Bissel truck wasn't discarded when the loco was rebuilt, and the rear frames trimmed a bit. The fireman's hike would have been reduced, as would the controversy here! The NIm.
  5. By now, I'd be really excited if this was for flat-bottom rail ! The Nim.
  6. The way you've built them, that would almost spoil them! The Nim.
  7. One benefit of using PayPal as a seller, was that they sent an email alert when someone paid for an item. Does eBay do the same now? Otherwise it means polling one's bank to determine when it's 'safe' to despatch an item. The Nim.
  8. No, there are insignificant, insufficient even, numbers of suburban services off the GN onto Thameslink core. There are/were going to be some WGC starts, but otherwise through services serve Stevenage and Finsbury Park, anyone starting between those points requiring a change and spell of thumb-twiddling at Finsbury Park. At least that's the pattern evident around those times I've needed to plan journeys. I find it doubly irritating that the introduction of these reduced the frequency of the inner-suburban service from my two local stations! The Nim.
  9. It was a while ago in another thread around here, I believe, that someone with inside knowledge said that BR had come to the conclusion that engineering the rolling stock to perform well on less than 'perfect' track was more cost-effective overall than to keep all track perfect. Underlying this of course was the industry structure of the day, with one body overseeing both stock and track. It seems not too dissimilar to the situation on Britain's roads, which are tolerated in a worse state than other countries, and imported vehicles can give quite a harsh ride. My 1991 Rover 200 is way more comfortable than my Honda Civic, which has already fractured a road spring at 20k miles. On the rails, my experience of Class 313 vs. 717 is directly analogous! Lots of shock loadings going on under the 717 units! The Nim.
  10. I'd be interested to know whether any post-Brexit import gotchas arise, as this is a mod I'm interested in too. The Nim.
  11. Anyway, I never did like 313s, awful plasticky things, not a patch on a Cravens 105 (Actually, I got quite fond of 313's, more so when Cl 717 arrived.) The Nim.
  12. Looks like it puts some of the "Pros" to shame! The Nim.
  13. Yes. Could perhaps get a bit more precise if given the date of 67793's works visit - it has acquired the later emblem, and has yet to get filthy. The Nim.
  14. The coupling 'banger plate' was fitted to protect the AWS receiver on the front of the bogie. If you loco does not have the AWS battery box beside the driver's side cab footsteps, then the banger plate is inappropriate. The Nim.
  15. They must be tempted to examine the feasibility of the whole rake, as a parallel to the West Coast's own Coronation coaches. I for one, would be tempted by the set in BR livery, running as a fantasy, but plausible, 'Talisman'! The Nim.
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