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  1. There could be a market for that! The Nim.
  2. I'd be very interested in seeing details of the brushless motor conversion. The noise from the standard setup is pretty obtrusive! The Nim.
  3. What characteristics lead you to your verdict of 'outstanding'? The Nim.
  4. Dave Alexander made a whitemetal kit. He may have supplied motorisable bogie castings, as with his BTH Type 1. That wouldn't stop a builder preferring a Lima chassis of course... The Nim.
  5. It's beginning to sound like some among us think the world be a better place without Hornby to whinge about! The Nim.
  6. Do we know the last dates in service for this month's planned retirees? 119 included, istr? The Nim.
  7. ... except the Hornby 31 is not the sort of definitive representation that Accurascale aspire to. Above bogie level, the body shape is rather compromised, a story familiar from their Gresley gangwayed coaches. The Nim.
  8. I'd be happy with "... and breathe" ! The Nim.
  9. I suspect the ER liked it too much for that to happen! The Nim.
  10. Indeed it was. I bought my two as soon as they hit the local shop, a couple of weeks into my first term at university, so early October 1970. Set straight to, carving off the spurious lump on the roof. The Nim.
  11. It would be pretty good going merely to pull together such a well-structured issue of the 'Engine Shed' in less than a week! The Nim.
  12. Do you have an ammeter to establish whether the motor is still conducting whilst cut-out? The Nim.
  13. Admittedly it's been a long time, but it seems in my recollection they were actually more comfortable than a Class 717! Those are developing rattles too. The Nim.
  14. It was a bit too white. Finsbury Park missed a trick if they didn't ask Bounds Green for a can of coach (window) grey. Would have been from a complementary colour palette. The 1960's colour wasn't white either! The Nim.
  15. I'm disappointed that the CADs confirm my impression from the earlier stereo samples, that the rebuild's smokebox doors are flat in the transverse direction. In reality they inherited the bow curve of the bufferbeam casing at the bottom, easing the curve out gradually until straight at the top hinge line. With a suitably dusty loco and angle of sunlight, the unequal protrusion of the bottom hinges (to get the hinge pins in line) demonstrates this, for those who hadn't noticed before. And Hornby have a full-size set 'downstairs' on Bittern for reference! The Nim.
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