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  1. I thought Paddington, because top right looks like the girders of Bishop's Bridge which the loco has just passed under.
  2. The last one of the recent four looks very much like Paddington. Thanks for posting these. I wish I could find a stash of prints such as this, taken by my father.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will have to see if I can find it on catch-up.
  4. From memory, lots of SKs and BSKs. Some sets had TSOs which probably became more prevalent as the corridor versions were scrapped. A few sets had a BCK at the front just to provide some 1st class accommodation, but many were second class only. I don't remember any catering vehicles, although that may have changed in later years.
  5. Yes, I used to do that in the late 70s/early 80s when money was tight. A few colleagues of mine clubbed together and bought film in bulk rolls. One of the group managed to get some empty canisters and had a darkroom where he cut the big roll up into the correct length for 36-38 transparencies, and we paid him far less than the (then) current price for commercial slide film. I can't remember who processed the films after exposure, but I used to buy boxes of Gepe slide mounts and just cut up my developed films and mount each slide individually.
  6. To my untrained eye, the structure to the left of the steel framework looks a little like a part constructed cooling tower.
  7. I have resurrected this thread because I was watching a 1980s railway video on Youtube the other day. The video was filmed at Peterborough and amongst the freight and passenger working was a Cravens dmu which had been rebuilt for parcels use with roller shutters etc., which left the station heading towards March and towing a Mk1 BG. I can't remember seeing this combination before.
  8. Maybe you could build some form of Heath-Robinson conveyor system, such as a variation on this one in Lincoln goods yard?
  9. Kentish Town on 25th February 1950. Johnson 1F 0-6-0T no 1661 stands looking rather forlorn. However, you might be forgiven for thinking that it's next trip would be to the cutter's torch; but this loco journeyed north after about another year, spending time at various sheds such as Normanton and Goole, and finally was withdrawn in July 1959 after giving 81 years service.
  10. Another from Beckton Gas Works on 24th August 1957. This is works loco number 25.
  11. Great Western Railway Auctions were the auctioneers - https://www.gwra.co.uk/gwra-uk-railwayana-online-auction-bidding-guide.html You will find the Casserley collection in the 'Results' section for September 2019
  12. Drummond 4-4-0 no 384 of 1902 vintage is seen at Feltham on 18th March 1950. A tender swap with withdrawn 385 seems to have taken place, which might have posed a problem for the local spotters. Although 384 did not last much longer, being withdrawn just over a year later. I have noticed that image quality on these 1950 negatives is somewhat inferior to those from later years, which is probably due to the unavailability of high quality film material in the immediate post-war years, although it may just be that it was a dull day. I apologise for the horizontal line which appears across the image on some of these scans. It is a fault on my scanner, but it does double as a unremovable watermark for my online posts.
  13. I have never seen that combination before, in over 40 years of HST viewing. Thanks for your quick reactions, given that it was taken from a passing train.
  14. 2-6-4T 42121 has derailed at Euston and there seem to be a lot of staff wondering what to do next. 4th May 1950.
  15. 2F 0-6-0T 27513 is at Devons Road Bow on 4th May 1950. The loco was constructed just down the road, and so must have felt quite at home. A BR number of 58854 was allocated a few weeks after this photo was taken, although 'Gladstone' seems to be the unofficial name. Withdrawal would not come for another 6 years, allowing the loco to reach the milestone of 65 years working service.
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