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  1. Back to an earlier EMU age up The Junction, and 4-SUB 4656 is working route 21 circa 1970.
  2. 421708 is seen approaching Clapham Junction on March 14th 2003. This unit had just under 2 years of working life left at the time. Originally 7335 from 1966, it was cut up during 2005 at Caerwent in South Wales.
  3. It's not quite that simple. Older and well established woodland has a wide variety of interdependent species (not just trees but flora and fauna as well - not forgetting fungi, lichens, etc.); whereas these would not have developed in 25 years on a railway embankment even if the tree growth was rapid.
  4. I have been trying to work out where this might be, with a road running parallel to a two track railway which would have car trains running on it. For me, that rules out the M5 in Devon. The loco is 47033, but that is not much of a help really as individual 47s ventured far and wide in later years.
  5. Here is a MetCamm DMU in the landscape during the late 1960s, but I am not sure exactly where the landscape is. It could be in Northumberland. It is in the short lived blue livery with FYE continued over the driver's doors. This appears to have succeeded the blue with SYP paint job applied to units during 1966/7.
  6. Yes, they were quite a regular sight in many areas in goods trains, but were usually marshalled close to the train locomotive. A lot of brand new shunters were moved around the country in steam hauled goods trains. I have seen them in steam videos of the ECML and the GC; but those are the area of interest for me. I'm sure it happened on other regions.
  7. Did your cat knock your EE Type 4 off the baseboard and onto the garage floor? Never mind, just invest in a breakdown crane and re-create this Powdehall incident.....
  8. Ok, thanks keefer and pH. I have reversed the image.....
  9. This photo has my location finder stumped as well. Apart from it is in Scotland, I believe. Does anyone recognise it?
  10. The only music which reminds me of railways is by Edgar Froese; because a track on Epsilon In Malaysian Pale sounds like it was recorded in the front seats of a Metro Cammell DMU.
  11. Thanks Jim. I had looked at all the 'big' Scottish stations I could think of, but would have taken weeks to come up with the answer.
  12. Excellent work, Purnu. Thanks very much. This forum thrives on folk who have information which many others do not. Here is an easy one for everybody, although still a mystery to me.
  13. Thanks Bon Accord; it would make more sense, as I had not heard of push-pull services going north.
  14. I am adding this image because I was not aware that 27s and push-pull sets worked across the Forth Bridge, but this appears to show otherwise. D5400 (I think) just south of Dalmeny.
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