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  1. It's not had the domino headcode treatment, so might have been U/S for a while.
  2. Those 'mirrors' really do show up well on that photo. I might reconsider my decision not to add them after looking at your excellent effort.
  3. I don't know about transfers, but I just painted mine (4mm scale). When I re-assembled the first one and looked through the windows from a 'distance' (maybe 4-6 inches) I found that the detail of my painting was not particularly noticeable anyway. However, mine were corridor coaches and so it depended on which way round the coaches were on the track. Therefore I just made sure I had a decent representation of the internal colours and was happy with that. I had thought about adding representations of mirrors or photos above the seat backs, but I decided that (for me, anyway) it was hardly worth it.
  4. There is a short clip of milk tanks being shunted by a Jinty at about 6min into the Marsden Rail video Carlisle (volume 3). Unfortunately it is rather underexposed, but he does say that the tanks had come from Appleby and the Borders region, and were shunted into full trains at Carlisle. A class 40 is seen heading south from the station with a full train. Of course this was the early 1960s, but I doubt operations had changed too much.
  5. Micheldever apparently. The unit arrived at Horwich on 12 Sep 1980.
  6. No, the Giraffe Car was a light hearted imaginary creation; unlike the Battlespace Turbo Car, and Turbo Launchers - which were based on real vehicles stored in Box Tunnel, but never mentioned due to high classification under the Official Secrets Act. For some reason, there seems to be a black helicopter hovering over my garden...... Sorry, but I have to go now.
  7. A job lot for which he paid about 50p each, I suspect. Not a bad mark-up. Harrods would be proud.
  8. An excellent nostalgic video. Thanks for livening up my hot and humid afternoon.
  9. No, 37s on parcels does not seem to be a regular occurrence - at least if my collection of images is anything to go by. However, I did find a couple. Here is 37298 with a GWML service near Waltham St Lawrence in May 1976. And here is an ER version, but I can't quite read the number. Looks like the ECML to me, but someone might be able to identify further details.
  10. I recently purchased a batch of John Vaughan b/w negatives at auction. The auction house stated that copyright was included, therefore I think I am within my rights to post this here. This is a GWML parcels train late 80s-style, with 47592 in charge, passing Waltham St Lawrence on 3rd June 1988.
  11. Imagine the froth if Hornby produced something like that these days.
  12. Anyhow, I have begun the slow process of transcribing the register details onto the 1954 page on my spotting log site. I like to add shed allocations where possible, to give a more complete picture. https://spottinglogs.co.uk/1954-2/ If anyone wishes to have a look, you will need to scroll right down to the bottom of the page for October as everything is in date order. Any comments regarding the entries/workings/destinations would be welcome; as my knowledge of services for anywhere in 1954 is sparse, let alone the specific Hamilton/Uddingston/Motherwell area.
  13. Railcar.co.uk suggests that the last two were taken out of service in August 1981. https://www.railcar.co.uk/type/class-111/operations
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