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  1. The only comment I would make, is that if the person who made the notes was in possession of a platform ticket, he might have been walking down a platform with a train on either side and recording the numbers of both formations alternately? He may also have listed the catering vehicles in a separate column to the others? What I can tell you, and might be useful - but I had failed to appreciate at the time of posting - is that E15694, E15693, E1000, E25021, E25040 were in maroon livery; but the others were in crimson/cream. This is the reason for the 'M' next to E15693
  2. Given that nothing is set in stone, and could be subject to reintroduction of restrictions if the relaxing of rules leads to a raised infection level, it would be a bold/brave organiser who committed to the investment for a big show this far ahead of the calendar. For example, the Dorset Steam Fair has been cancelled for this coming August because the upfront financial commitments are far too high to gamble on a "maybe" scenario.
  3. It wasn't just 47s which dragged power cars and barrier vehicles in the 1990s. Here is 37051 passing Dawlish Warren in 1991.
  4. With a visit to Kings Cross, it would be rude not to drop in on St Pancras and then Euston; and maybe even double back to Liverpool Street in order to see what was around. St Pancras Dec 18th 1956 M34392, M15336, M4428, M15683, M24142, M24838, M34700, M34125, M24422, M24438, M34099, M15382, M3046, M3768, M24844, M24397, M34469, M3M, M6866M, M27440M, M1108M, M1111M, M30077M Euston M3748, M24107, M35051, M3017, M53234, M46076, M80677, M15924, M21025, M13060, E80792, M4366, M24105, M34399, M1546, M35049, M24679, M24678, M4424, M3735, M30025M, M2729
  5. Prior to the Paddington visit, our carriage spotter was at Kings Cross on the previous day December 18th 1956. Here are his notes from that visit - E34482, E4269, E34476, E4326, E13635, E4293, E13100, E15694M, E34731, E4306, E4291, E9215, E25693M, E80967, E13125, E11, E80001, E1000M, E25021, E25040, E25023, E16475E, E13440E, E21746E, E11182E, E9154E, E13398E, E13344E, E16286E, E16182E, E15587, E9248, E24156, E24211, E43130, E46167, E46210, E46214, E43125
  6. Possibly not. I wouldn't know. But, then I also have no clue as to what time of day the record was made. It may just have been at a time when any kitchen cars would not have been rostered to be there.
  7. There are catering vehicles. W7, W1011 and W1008 are all restaurant cars of various layouts.
  8. The following numbers may be useful to some modellers. I found them in an old notebook, and it appears a bored spotter turned to writing down carriage numbers in addition to locomotive ones. Anyhow, this is from Paddington on December 19th 1956. These are in the order they have been written into the notebook. W15117, W25105, W35034, W34816, W24541, W24716, W1008, W13133, W13128, W34815, W34842, W34824, W25121, W15610, W25086, W34773, W7, W1011, W9266, W3817, W3818, W3814, W3815, M34657, W3819, W3813, W3820, W9267, W21155, W34810, W13140, W24539, W24358, W25059, W34763
  9. The photo of the 08 with a short trip working reminded me of this photo I took at Tinsley in April 1990.
  10. Don't forget strange cars such as the NSU Prinz, and bubble cars. Then there were 1970s Lancias which rusted so fast no one can remember them. The coal merchant might not have become wealthy by purchasing new cars, but I can imagine him driving an old Rover P4 which he has cherished for years, and washed every Sunday morning without fail.
  11. I bet you say that to all the girls..... I'll get my coat.
  12. I just looked at those photos, and thought wow! the detail was so good for 2mm scale that I might consider switching. At least I would get far more into my 10' x 2'6" space.
  13. I think you are right Stewart, as there was a brickworks there (at least on the 1950s 1:25000). 61569 was an Ipswich loco, and so would be on its way home. I can't quite read the number of the L1 (except that it is 677-something).
  14. This is not a combination I remember being common, especially on a local stopping passenger. Perhaps the L1 has failed in some way and the B12 is assisting, or maybe control are just avoiding a light engine movement. Anyhows, the location is not given. It has been suggested that the large chimney on the right proves it is Whittlesea; but when asked where the sharp curve necessitating check rails appears next to the brickworks, there was a stoney silence. Similarly, Queen Adelaide might work if there had been an industrial complex instead of lakes and wetland.
  15. Oh I don't know. At least it is colourful. Notice the slight difference in the width of the yellow on the cab sides. I wonder if manufacturers would be allowed to get away with that?
  16. This is J20 0-6-0 64685 between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge on the RCTS (London Branch) tour of East Anglia from 6th September 1953.
  17. Back to an earlier EMU age up The Junction, and 4-SUB 4656 is working route 21 circa 1970.
  18. 421708 is seen approaching Clapham Junction on March 14th 2003. This unit had just under 2 years of working life left at the time. Originally 7335 from 1966, it was cut up during 2005 at Caerwent in South Wales.
  19. It's not quite that simple. Older and well established woodland has a wide variety of interdependent species (not just trees but flora and fauna as well - not forgetting fungi, lichens, etc.); whereas these would not have developed in 25 years on a railway embankment even if the tree growth was rapid.
  20. I have been trying to work out where this might be, with a road running parallel to a two track railway which would have car trains running on it. For me, that rules out the M5 in Devon. The loco is 47033, but that is not much of a help really as individual 47s ventured far and wide in later years.
  21. Here is a MetCamm DMU in the landscape during the late 1960s, but I am not sure exactly where the landscape is. It could be in Northumberland. It is in the short lived blue livery with FYE continued over the driver's doors. This appears to have succeeded the blue with SYP paint job applied to units during 1966/7.
  22. Yes, they were quite a regular sight in many areas in goods trains, but were usually marshalled close to the train locomotive. A lot of brand new shunters were moved around the country in steam hauled goods trains. I have seen them in steam videos of the ECML and the GC; but those are the area of interest for me. I'm sure it happened on other regions.
  23. Did your cat knock your EE Type 4 off the baseboard and onto the garage floor? Never mind, just invest in a breakdown crane and re-create this Powdehall incident.....
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