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  1. The 104s were not exclusive to the Manchester area. They could be seen on Crewe to Lincoln trains in the late 1960s and I saw quite a few at Nottingham during that time.
  2. 46039 is at Manchester Victoria on 22nd August 1983.
  3. I think you are right, ikcdab. Although I would probably inspect a random model open carriage from maybe 6 inches away just to discover what can and cannot be seen through the windows. I know that on a few of my old Bachmann non vestibule coaches, I went to great trouble painting the seats and the wooden partitions, added a few seated passengers; then re-assembled the vehicle only to discover that I could see about 5mm into the interior at normal viewing distance and most of my effort was now invisible.
  4. 46056 is seen passing Harringay early in September 1975.
  5. Yes. Sadly for those egos are so inflated they fail to read posts before replying, they might have noticed this - "Have a good Christmas with your grandson, and keep up the class 66 brainwashing..".
  6. I'm not sure where all this emotive language is coming from. The Hornby offering has not hit any of my "hot buttons" (whatever they are). I like the family box. It is an excellent idea. I just wondered aloud why there is not an equivalent with a class 66 and some aggregate wagons? Hornby might have lots of J15s unsold, but that is none of my business. Their choices are commercial ones. I am speaking as a potential customer. Yes, I am fully aware that if I go into any classroom around the UK and ask children to draw me a train, they draw a steam engine - p
  7. Ok, poor choice of words by me. He will think it is strange when he gets a bit older. If he asks Santa for a big lorry for Christmas, would anyone think of buying him a model of traction engine and trailer, or one of a Foden steam lorry (both slightly younger than an original J15)? I don't think so. I expect he would prefer something similar to this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oxford-Man-Curtainside-Hgv-ERIC-VICK-TRANSPORT-176-Scale-Limited-Ed-MIB/184490924067?epid=27012034716&hash=item2af4841823:g:dIgAAOSw1~Zfia0F So why are we su
  8. Well that reply wins the prize for being full of strawmen and non-sequiturs.
  9. Yes, that is true - but how much of that is due to how they have been conditioned during their early years? My grandson is 4 and loves to watch live train cameras on my laptop. He must think it is quite strange that throughout his baby years almost all the pictures of trains have been steam locomotives, and yet everything he sees going past the cameras are electric or diesel powered and look nothing like a Choo-choo. They don't even sound like a Choo-choo. His favourite is anywhere with a very frequent service. The Watford cam is popular, as is Peterborough.
  10. My only thought is that how many school age children are going to be happy with a 1950s era steam loco and carriages/wagons? After all when I had my first Hornby 3-rail train set 60 years ago, it did not feature a turn of the century (1899/1900) loco and rolling stock. Wouldn't an alternative of a class 66 and a few modern wagons be appropriate?
  11. Yes, my grandson (aged 4) doesn't mind how minutely accurate the item is as long as it looks like a train to him - and he is (hopefully) a potential modelling enthusiast for the second half of this century. After all, he will not see his 40th birthday until 2056. Rather a sobering thought, IMHO.
  12. Possibly, but in my bleary-eyed early morning state I read the thread title as 'Hornby Christmas Lunch' and was hoping that we were all invited.
  13. Well, I have just checked EE on my laptop and the December issue is not there, so I assume they don't work weekends.
  14. I bought a Heljan Falcon and some MetCamm Pullmans plus a couple of brake seconds, but have never run them so far. The idea was to move forward a few years from my late 50s era; and have a Sheffield Pullman.
  15. I would go through an Observer's Book Of Steam Locos and note the 6-coupled tank engines with the largest diameter driving wheels, if you want them to be fast.
  16. I think in those days they were mainly done at Derby.
  17. On this day in 1989, and in far better weather than 31 years later, 50015 heads towards Dr Day's Junction with a PW train, while 47188 heads for Bath Road from the east.
  18. I doubt the 85s were because the WCML was only wired up as far as Crewe when they were built. I don't know about the 86s, but by then the GC was being cut back prior to closure.
  19. Boston shed closed at the end of 1963. All local DMU work was done by Lincoln depot, and had been since about 1956. A few Skegness SO summer services did utilise DMUs, notably the ones from the West Midlands which in the 1960s tended to be 2x4-car MetCamm units. (This was a source of many DMU cops for me in those days, although it was almost impossible to write down all 8 due to the speed of the train), but that would be 1964 and onwards, I suspect. The Saltley loco crews would not be familiar with routes east of Nottingham, and a Colwick B1 (or K3 in previous years) would normall
  20. Going almost completely O/T for a minute, and without looking up shed allocation websites or loco shed books for the era - here is a question for 'off the top of the head' responses. If you had a time machine and could go back to April 1963 at Devons Road, Bow engine shed on a quiet Sunday afternoon, how many locos would you expect to see there - and how many (approx) of each individual class do you think might be on shed waiting for Monday morning? There are no prizes for guessing, but I do have an answer to give sometime later.
  21. I think being able to read the number of one of those would have triggered an immediate cardiac arrest, simply due to the shock.
  22. I am a member of that group, and could ask the question on your behalf - if you wish.
  23. Have you tried asking the question on the Reading station Facebook Group? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1450572048583727/?multi_permalinks=2415536822087240%2C2415109348796654%2C2413334738974115%2C2414477642193158%2C2412932719014317&notif_id=1602972865577312&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif Someone there might be able to help.
  24. Yes, it is 43108 and is on 27th July 1963. The notes say a Skegness to Birmingham working, so presumably the Ivatt would be replaced at Colwick or Nottingham Midland. There was a gap of about 100 yards, between the houses on Station Road (near the corner of New Street) and the Pea Room/Station Hotel area, in those days; but it didn't feel as isolated as it looks in that photo. The crossing keeper's cottage has obscured the goods shed and station yard entrance. I have often toyed with the idea of an early 60s model of the station, but there are no scenic breaks and the
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