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  1. Good spot!!! That's saved us some negative feedback - thanks
  2. Many thanks. But whilst I think of iot anyone know this kit? One of our Founder members passed away and we got all his model stuff but of course we can't ask him about stuff that isn't in its original packaging. A london taxi, but whose make? Thanks again for any help. Paul
  3. Hi I have been asked to sell on ebay this whitemetal kit which has been donated to Twickenham MRC. Can anyone tell me what it is please? Some kind of flat , but anything more? Thanks for any help. Paul
  4. As regards my comments regarding where I work - YES, there is such a system. Visitors can be escorted by stewards via a 'back way' open usually only to staff, but the person escorting the visitors has to radio all other staff to warn them to clear a path for the visitors as it is down (relatively) narrow corridors. In other words there are many staff members on duty to manage the flow of visitors.
  5. I am not saying this as any kind of formal statement of policy from my employers, I am merely expressing a personal interpretion of how the system works. Firstly the attraction is limited to approximately 33% of normal capacity. The attraction is open for up to 13 hours a day and an average visit is 2-3 hours. There are interactors placed around exhibits to instruct/advise visitors against crowding. There are queuing lines laid out for popular exhibits, Queue lines are laid out with social distancing restrictions. Tickets now only sold as a maximum of six. Any existing bookings of 7/8 (the previous maximum) are asked to rebook. All visitors are only allowed in at certain times - not sure but I think it's every 20 minutes - each set of visitors is shown a video and given updated info/advice/instructions on how they are expected/required/requested to behave. One a slightly different topic .... Perhaps one big difference between where I work and an exhibition is that where I work was always laid out as a ONE WAY system. That was always the theory, that was always enforced in theory - now it is enforced more vigorously. Imagine a model railway exhibition where there are 80 stands - layouts, traders and demos. You get to stand 75 but you want to go back to stand 60 - you have to go to the end of the exhibition and then start again at stand 1 and work your way around to stand 60 and there are stewards spread around to enforce that one way route.
  6. I would just like to thank the two RMwebbers who have donated a significant amount of s/h models to Twickenham & District MRC since reading my original post. We will sort them and list them on ebay. If anyone else would like to donate unwanted models - any type, any gauge, any condition - please send me a PM or contact the club chairman on [email protected] THANKS
  7. TBH I don't know. I have actually been off sick this week and won't go in until tomorrow. I do know even before this new rule bookings could only be a maximum of 8 and school groups were banned. I will check but I assume an interactor speaks to the group discretely. I will report back.
  8. TBH I think this rule of 6 is irrelevant in our case and the reason I say this is that I work at one of the UK's top visitor attractions (apologies for repeating that) - we have exhibits, we have two shops and two cafes. AFAIK no-one in management has suggested that we are closing down because of the rule of 6. I am NOT saying that exhibitions can open at the moment, all I'm saying is that the rule of six makes no difference to the current situation. The only thing I might suggest is that is will re-enforce the view in some (older) people that there is still a very real danger out there and that they should limit their going out/socialising. Therefore this rule may persuade more potential exhibition visitors not to attend any shows which do get put on.
  9. Andy, my apologies for missing that.
  10. I did raise an issue a few hours ago that has not been commented on and I fully appreciate that could be because no-one who knows the answer has yet read my post. So I will re-phrase the question. My understanding some six months ago was that if an exhibition due to be held in March/April was cancelled 'due to government decree' it would probably be covered by insurance as the insurance would probably have been taken out well before the pandemic was contemplated. Now, I maybe wrong in that assumption. but my understanding is that the March 23rd Aly Paly show was not cancelled until the government announcement on March 16th for that very reason - it would then be covered by insurance. But what is the situation now? Assuming that my assumption above is correct, then I would assume that either insurance companies have re-written the part about 'cancelled by government decree' or drastically increased premiums. Can anyone comment?
  11. Wow! That really does show how much of a gamble putting on an exhibition would be for a club/promoter. What is the situation with insurance in a case like that for exhibitions? Have insurance companies had to alter their T's & C's (and charges) in the new normality?
  12. One other thing that might need factoring is cleaning. I'm thinking barriers, cafe tables, door handles and all 'touch points' - as I have said before I actually work at a visitor attraction which has already opened and they have cleaners cleaning all of that and more at least every hour.
  13. Twickenham & District MRC, like most other clubs, has suffered a bit during this pandemic. Not only have we not been able to use our clubrooms, our two public events have had to be cancelled - Our club OPEN DAY and our 'pop-up' exhibition in Twickenham Library. These two events are our shop window to attract new members, but they are also a major source of income. Like many clubs we are keeping our club members informed and entertained with newsletters, quizes and other 'on line' events, but we needed to somehow make up for the loss of our fund-raising events. So we are selling donated s/h items on ebay - firstly items donated by members, but we are reaching out to the wider community via social media. There must be many people who have 'found' old models (and toy trains!) during lockdown and we are appealing to them to support our club by donating these which we can then sell on. And we have had success! Our appeal is bearing fruit, we are getting donations from our local community and so we now reach out to RMwebbers too. If anyone reading this has any old models which you would be prepared to donate to our club please send me a PM. We can , given time, collect from a wide range of places in London and the South East. Now just to show the wide range of items donated so far - here are just a couple of recent donations from local Twickenham residents who had them in theirb loft for 50 years!
  14. Not a bad idea at all, but again I feel we need to look at model railway exhibitions in a slightly different way. The owners of Ikea want to open in order to make money and stay in business. The workers at Ikea (I assume) need the money and so they want to keep their jobs and so they have to override their fears and concerns - or leave! That does not apply to unpaid volunteers at a model railway exhibition. And on that subject, we seem to mainly be seeing posts from exhibition visitors- some of whom are very keen to get back to visiting shows. I haven't seen much from exhibitors desperately looking to exhibit.
  15. Hello Gordon Thanks for that. As I have said I am not into tinplate myself and my friend's father is merely trying to restore a family treasure rather than start serious collecting. So is that spare spring available to non-members of the HRCA? TEAMYAKIMA - visited Washington in 1981 and saw the name YAKIMA - liked it. Built an American logging layout - called it The Yakima Valley RR.
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