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  1. Hello Thanks for your interest but you have misunderstood the issue. The end protectors do extend beyond the boards and so the backscene is held off the floor already. So the problem was exactly the opposite - the bridge support was at the top of the upright board and gravity separated it from the baseboard edge when the board was moved around - it just needs gluing back in place. I hope that makes sense.
  2. We have just discovered that our investigation to Trainswest has been put back to 2021 so now only have two exhibitions booked for 2020. If anyone reading this is in a position to offer an invite in 2020 please send me a PM. The layout is 26ft x 10ft and requires a team of six. Our current bookings are ... 2019 Warley and Fareham 2020 Aly Paly and Peterborough
  3. As the OP, thanks to everyone for posting. I am starting the work in 15 minutes - I will report back in 20 years to tell you all how it turned out.
  4. Hello again Thank you for your continued interest in my problem. On the advice of the shed manufacturer (CRANE GARDEN BUILDINGS) I have bought IRKO BREATHABLE MEMBRANE - is that a VP? Are you saying that I need to seal around the edges of the VP with tape or similar - I was just going to staple it to the frame. Paul
  5. Ok …. am starting the work tomorrow. I have gone with Celotex 50mm entirely. And 18mm moisture proof plasterboard. What I don't understand is that people are still telling me that I need a moisture proof membrane . If the Celotex is waterproof and the plaster board is moisture proof , why the membrane - thoughts? Also some people have said cut the membrane and hag it vertically between the uprights, whilst others have said lay it horizontally right along the walls including over the uprights - which is correct? Paul
  6. The materials have arrived to transform my shed into my layout room...…..
  7. Ok... M shed now wired. Next insulating...... Taking cost out of the equation , whic is better at keeping the shed cool in summer ... Rockwool or celatex? And is the difference significantly so? I just can't make up my mind!
  8. Another problem has been discovered. Scenic boards have been stored on their backs...… and have just discovered that this has caused some damage as a part of the bridge supports has become detached....
  9. I've had a frustrating and time consuming morning - off to work soon! One of the problems I've always had with the layout is testing/adjusting - in so many cases testing could only be done when the layout is fully assembled - which now means at exhibitions. And of course at exhibitions there is no chance to adjust things if things are not quite right! And so it has been with the working level crossing barriers - this needed a lot of adjustment and there was no time at Stevenage to do any. Today have spent about two solid hours and I think I've finally got it perfect. Here is a photo showing the problem - the rear barrier should be fully down - but it isn't! The problem now was working by myself I needed to be in two places at the same time - DIFFICULT! I had to be under the baseboard to make adjustments to the relays but also standing up to see what the adjustments looked like. After four or five attempts the rear barrier settled down properly - that then revealed that in the down position the barriers weren't level as seen here …. So by raising the supports each side this problem has been improved... Then more adjustments to make sure the barriers went up to the same angle ….. One last check - did they look OK with a vehicle passing across? Job done!
  10. So the Milton Keynes show has now been and gone...………….. We used the new barriers for the first time...………………. We were visited by one of our Founder Members (and still a Country Member 58 years later!) Pat Finch - proudly wearing his 50th Anniversary T&DMRC shirt.... And a new loco appeared for the first time ……………..
  11. We're off to the Milton Keynes show soo and no barriers are provided - time to buy some of our own …..
  12. Since our first real operating session at the Bristol exhibition last May I have now taken out a total of 16 points to simplify operation in the fiddle yard - that's nearly enough for the new fiddle yard on my new home layout....
  13. I have now removed four more points from the three industrial roads in the fiddle yard - yet again I built in features in the fiddle yard which no-one ever used... The industrial roads are 16, 17 and 18 and the crossover you can see links 17 and 18 - the two crossovers linking 16 and 17 (one in each direction) have now been removed. All clockwise trains will now use road #16, all anti-clockwise trains will use road #18 and trains which change direction in the fiddle yard will use road #17 using the remaining crossovers to run round via road #18 when its vacant.
  14. My friend who will be insulating and lining the shed came round this afternoon and needed the shed to look its best. So I make no apologies for posting the two most recent photos of the shed - it's never been so tidy and organised - and most likely will never be so tidy and organised again
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