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  1. I've been working on my fiddle yard today and discovered two faults in the wiring of the points which I didn't know I had, even though we have exhibited the layout four times - they are faults which only became apparent when I attempted to trial some more complex moves that we have never attempted at a show. So, I will get the soldering iron out and sort the problems out. At the end of each day I like to look back and consider the progress I've made that day and so my question is ................. In some senses I will have made progress as I will have solve
  2. Are the videos on a set day and time? Will they be available for a day or so after the event?
  3. Whilst I've had my leg pulled a bit by my team for spending so much time making the FY look more professional (tidy), I hope they agree that things look better now.
  4. Basic toilet? Like this? Taken on a local train in 2013. This is an example of my interiors. I realise that they are unrealistically bright, but I want viewers to see the detail
  5. I don't disagree with you, except that I have now gone to a lot of trouble to give passenger train full illuminated and detailed interiors, plus many of the shops and hotel have fully detailed and illuminated interiors and I'm worried that by increasing the light these details will be lost. Yes, I (now) agree. As I have said, the other thread on RMweb about lighting has given us a lot of ideas and a lot of very technical information about the colour balance of light and we will be experimenting with these ideas.
  6. I hear what you say and will factor that in. I certainly take on board the fact that (I assume) we can dim the LEDS if we so wish - I will look into that. However, I would say that several RMwebbers who know China well agree with me that my glooomy grimy look is spot in for an industrial city - think of Yorkshire mining town in the 1900's. I have also started a separate thread on colour balance and received some VERY technical advice about lighting which I have taken very seriously and am factoring into the equation.
  7. So, going on from my last post, a pelmet is genuinely being considered, but it won't necessarily have lighting. By that I mean, whilst I am not a fan of lighting for my particular layout I can see that a pelmet does add something to a layout - it frames it, it forces a viewer's attention onto the layout as it tends to hide all sorts of other distractions. So, there are two separate discussions going on - 1. Do we have a pelmet? 2. If we do, will it feature lighting? Maybe we will end up with a pelmet with lighting we can turn on/off.
  8. Yes, I understand that issue and will bear it in mind. However, as I have hinted at, this whole subject of layout lighting and presentation is a somewhat controversial one within my team. Basically, I don't particularly want layout lighting, but two of my team want me to consider it and so I am considering it. For those of you who don't know my layout, it's set in 2001 in a heavily polluted city in northern China and here is a video taken (not by me) at a similar location during one of my trips to the region. I visited there three times and never saw the sun once!
  9. Thanks for that and that is the way I would do it, if left to my own devices. However, the desire for a lighting pelmet is being driven by two of my operating team and one in particular has come up with ideas and his ideas revolve around FOAM BOARD and so my post is really about seeking advice about the use of this unknown (to me) material called FOAM BOARD - I use capitals because I assume that it is a brand rather than a generic term. Has anyone used this material for a pelmet? I understand that this material is very lightweight, but will it stand up to the kind of tr
  10. I am considering a lighting pelmet for my 26ft long exhibition layout. The scenic section is 20ft with 3ft FY boards at each end. I have made lighting pelmets before - out of plywood - but now to save weight I am being told that FOAM BOARD is the thing to use. TBH I'm a bit sceptical as that material seems a little too fragile for the rough and tumble of taking to and from an exhibition. The idea is that there would be three 6ft 8ins sections, secured at each end into the fiddle yard screens, plus two supports in the middle coming over from the back. The pelmet needs to
  11. Well spotted - I started that post very late last night and ran out of steam before telling the whole story, because what I posted is only part of a series of changes we plan to make after a long period of soul-searching. I always wanted to bring the date into the tagline - to show, at a glance, that there was something unusual going on here - 'real' steam trains in the 21st century. 2004 has a significance to me and my fellow travellers to China, but it had limitations if we want to make our 'story' totally believable. My team and I have spent a (very) long
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