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  1. As with most things in my life, my second and third attempts at our layout signage has turned out better than my first attempts. Here is the 'before and after' of the signage which explains the concept of 'industrial China'. The photo is bigger, the colour better matches our backscene and the text looks better in lower case and in bold ......... Again, with the main display panels...... The photos are more dramatic and I have dropped that odd tagline "Real working steam in 2004!"
  2. There is a debate (elsewhere) as to the pros and cons of working colour light signals. I am against working colour light signals because by their very nature their scale accuracy would have to be severely compromised. Also, the light from a colour light signal is usually only visible 'head on' and viewers from side on would not see what aspect was showing. I did look into commercial colour light signals - I rest my case.
  3. Just to give credit where credit's due - all signal research, design and printing is the work of Al Turner, not me. Thanks Al.
  4. I just thought you'd like to see the second test print of a signal for my exhibition layout. I realise they won't light up, but TBH working colour light signals tend to look overscale to me and I know they're not British, but they'll look good on my Chinese HO layout - thanks Al Turner.
  5. There has been progress on issues other than coffee mugs.................... Signals ...................... Second test shot .................
  6. Catalogue 31-503, yes I guess it's 30 years old - not the re-tooled version. Thanks
  7. Hello The early version of the 158 - did it have lights in both the power car and trailer or just the power car? I have seen one for sale where the seller says the lights are only in the poswer car and he doesn't know if that is a fault or just the way they are. Thanks Paul
  8. Another side issue which has been taking my attention away from modelling for a few weeks is volume 2 of by photo books of my travels around the world photographing steam. This volume concludes China. It's 2006 - 2015 and not a single QJ photo this time. Seriously, these last five tours were a bit anti-climatic compared to 1993-2005, but something is better than nothing.
  9. Well, after hours and hours of work, and loads of superglue, the mugs are back 99.9% perfect .... Did anyone actually believe that? New mugs have arrived and they came by Royal Mail in individual boxes and by co-incidence my big box takes seven of the mugs in their individual boxes just nicely - much more secure - and 'yes' there is a lid as well.
  10. You may remember that last year I bought a load of bespoke mugs for all the team to be used at shows. The first batch were not 100% perfect, not even 99.9% perfect and so I bought another set and gave the first batch to the team to use at home. Here is a photo of the team receiving their (not perfect) mugs - So, when the new batch of mugs arrived I thought I must make sure that these mugs can get to and from exhibitions safely and undamaged and so I went out and bought a designated 'mug box'. Then I dropped the designated mug box .
  11. You've given me an idea. Passing trains on the double track leaves a long gap afterwards. We don't want any trains on the China Rail when we make the banking move. So if we link the two that seems a good fit. The industrial operator flags up that he is preparing a banking move. The China Rail operator sends out a passing move. The industrial operator waits and then does the banking move. Perfect!
  12. That is so in line with my experience over the last 40 odd years and I know other layouts which have come to similar conclusions. As I have said before we are going to re-think our operation to maximise interest for the viewers. Two examples.................... 1. Our biggest USP is the DOUBLE banked coal trains at the back of the layout which is very impressive with all three locos being sound equipped. But if a non-sound diesel hauled train runs through the layout on the China Rail lines closer to the audience then the viewer's attention is completely drawn to that r
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