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  1. Another issue I want to deal with is allowing operators at the back to follow their trains on the scenic section. They suggested a mirror but I've gone high tech with a video system. Have just mocked up a trial at one end …. Nice clear screen ………………...
  2. As I have said I am not technologically minded - DCC is a dark art to me! Some years ago I/we bought this system but have never installed it. I have little idea how to exploit its potential. TBH I only bought it because I was told it would make the vehicles run at a slower, more realistic speed. The main issue on the roadway is that it is 25ft long and 80% of it is a single lane track with dumbells at each end, So in practice we can only have one vehicle on the road at any given time. It goes out turns around and comes back. But we have 4 vehicles and so we need a system which stacks the four vehicles in the dumbell at one end and releases the first one. When that one returns it releases the next one and so on and so on. That sounds very advanced to me, Is there such a system?
  3. One of the frustrations of running Beijiao is that is has so many features which for various reasons we have never exploited at exhibitions. TBH we have been to four exhibitions now and NEVER even attempted to deploy some of the layout's more advanced features because we have been struggling to cope with the basics of just running trains. There is only a finite number of shows which we will attend and so I am determined that we will use/deploy all the layouts features at our next show in Aly Paly. These include : 1. Trains snaking across the two crossovers in the centre of the layout from the bi-directional line at the front to the anti-clockwise China Rail line. 2. One steam/diesel double header on the bi-directional which was a feature on the Ji-Tong line in 2004 as Diesel driver training began.... 3. Getting the Faller roadway system working. One suggestion sent to me as a PM after Warley was that we install a Faller roadway to add interest to the front of the layout. Well we've had a Faller roadway installed for the last 4 years - but we've never got around to using it at exhibitions! Well first of all we need to make it 100% reliable as we can't afford to have an operator dedicated to supervising it. So I have sent in the road crew to work on the road to make it nice and smooth……..
  4. Hello I want to split my loconet into two - half going clockwise, half anti-clockwise. I need to track a splitter but don't know the term to use in the search. What is the technical term for the connectors at the end? Thanks Paul
  5. Car reversing system arrived - with VERY scant instructions, in fact virtually none! Monitor has three cables coming out of it. Yellow - video, red - power but no mention of what the white one might be and no cable supplied to go in it. Then there are these mystery very short red wires coming out at both ends of the black video link cable with yellow connectors .………... I have contacted the seller but nothing back so far.
  6. I had planned a layout based on the G&Q in Equador. but although I built the layout I chickened out and made it D&RGW instead. Back in the 1980's I did Ecuador x 3, Argentina x2, Chile, Columbia, Brazil and Paraguay x2. Only the steam lines I'm afraid - but absolutely amazing times! If you build a layout would it be a mash-up fictitious country or anything specific?
  7. Please forgive my (genuine) ignorance of such matters but shouldn't there be a guards/brake van? My knowledge of such matters is severely limited so this is a genuine enquiry.
  8. Hello As some of you may know I have a 26ft x 10ft Chinese HO exhibition layout with a 20ft scenic section. Since day 1 of the concept there has been a Faller roadway running the whole length of the scenic section. I/we have installed a level crossing and various loops and points. I have invested in three vehicles and DCC and computer control and yet in my layout's first four exhibitions we have never really run the Faller system to any extent. We have just returned from Warley and we never even took the vehicles out of the boxes! After Warley I posted on RMweb and asked for genuine feedback from visitors who had seen the layout and in particular suggestions for improvements. Ironically one of them was 'Have a Faller roadway along the front of the layout to amuse visitors when there are no trains'. The trouble is that none of my 'team' are Faller roadway enthusiasts. Nobody has any experience, nobody uses it on their own layout. What we need more than anyting is someone with loads of experience of running Faller for 8 hours a day at exhibitions, someone who can say what is and isn't practical. The railway has always given problems at exhibitions - partly because the layout is so big that we can only set it up at shows. We cannot easily set the whole layout up and test, test test as you can with a small home layout. So with the railway needing a minimum of 4 operators at a show we just haven't had the resources we need to monitor/improve the roadway. A layout like mine will only get a finite number of exhibition invites - we have already used up four of them!! Our next show is at Aly Paly in March and we MUST get the Faller working properly by then. So, may I ask is there anyone living in/near Watford who would be prepared to make a site visit and help with this. I will admit that I have joined the Faller users' Facebook group but I feel that whilst forums are good/useful up to a point I think we need a physical visit to really appreciate the various (often conflicting) issues. Let me make it clear that I am not necessarily asking for physical help (although I wouldn't turn down an offer of physical help!) it's more someone with experience of what we are trying to achieve coming to visit so that we can have a discussion of all the issues involved. Let's face it - I think we are trying to achieve something VERY ambitious considering our lack of experience with Faller. We need advice more than physical help but I feel that anyone can only appreciate all the conflicting issues when we can discuss them on site. Please PM me or email me on [email protected] or phone 01923 461941 or 07799728863 if you feel you would be able/prepared to help - Many thanks for reading all of this.
  9. As we have discussed, one of the problems is not the amount of detail but the fact that the detail is hidden or at least not 'in your face'. Many of the coaches have full interior detail - something I love doing, but totally in the dark because I think coach lighting is too gimmicky. But have been experimenting with different lighting options - am seriously thinking of going this route. Maybe a tad too bright, but we'll never know until we get to an exhibition and each hall lighting is different ………… sorry for the poor photo …………...
  10. I will be selling some very soon - how many do you need? Send me a PM and we can talk it over.
  11. I'm making a yard office - non-uk , circa 1970/80. It's is a VERY heavily modified US kit. The original came with a roof which sat inside the walls and I have copied that design in the mock-up shown below. But before I fixed the roof permanently I was just wondering what are the issues here? Why wouldn't this building have a roof that sat on top of the walls and overhung them?
  12. And I know exactly where those two posters can go …. An we can have some western tourists photographing them! Now I l know that by 2004 these would be very old posters (very old!!), but the Mao one does shout 'CHINA!' and as my friend Colin always says, @It's not what the man on the top of the Clapham omnibus sees … it's what he thinks he sees that counts.'
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