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  1. It's here! Twickenham & District MRC's new monthly magazine/newsletter, Single Line Working (SLW), has launched to members today. It is a publication aimed at bonding the club together in these difficult times. We are more than just a collection of layout groups who meet under the same roof - we are a community who supports each other in good times and bad. At a time when there is no clubroom activity, the magazine helps build and maintain that community spirit, it concentrates not just on modelling, but introduces us to members' other interests and passions as well.
  2. As the OP may I offer thanks to everyone for an interesting discussion. My knowledge of containers is very limited and I must admit that I assumed that all containers were the same height and so I was interested to see this photo. What are the issues with the taller ones? Limited route availability? Limited number of countries that accept them? How do you differentiate them? Do they have a specific description? Hi-cube? Paul
  3. Aha! That's an option I didn't think of - both the same way round - excellent! Many thanks to both of you
  4. First of all let me say that I do not model UK railways but I am seeking advice on how the UK does things as a clue to how the world does things. I am currently permanently gluing two 2ft containers to a 40ft flat car and suddenly I thought, "Is there a right way and a wrong way to do this?" Let me explain ................. Would they put the two containers on randomly? Which is my guess. OR Would they put the two 'door ends' facing inwards - for extra security? OR Would they have both the 'door ends' facing ou
  5. Fleischmann have stopped making HO gauge PROFI-TRACK and I am looking for the CONCRETE sleepered flex track. I bought the last supplies from two UK dealers and have contacted several likely sources - all of whom have sold out, with no hope of new supplies. Fleischmann only made the concrete sleepered track as 800mm long flexible lengths, but I want ANY lengths, any off-cuts - anything considered Thank you
  6. I guess this is the right place to ask this question as I am (sort of) preserving a railway relic. I have an old hand lamp. It came from Argentina but appears to be 100% British design. It can display clear, red and green by revolving the handle. Unfortunately, the green glass got broken. The diameter is approx 11.5 cm My question is ...... is there a source of coloured glass available to British enthusiasts which might restore it Thank you for any help you can offer
  7. Thank you for that. I anyone reading this has ANY concrete sleepered profi track including off cuts please let me know.
  8. I no longer follow events on the European scene as avidly as I once did - 20 years ago! I am aware that Fleischmann and Roco have merged and that Fleischmann no longer make HO. I see that the Fleischmann website still lists some HO profi track, but I assume that is just old stock. The problem is that I need/want two lengths of the CONCRETE profi flexible track and I have bought all the stock from Gaugemaster and one other dealer. Am I right in assuming that this item is now out of production? Does anyone know any dealers in the UK who has stock
  9. I've been trying to track down (no pun intended) these leg adjusters without any luck - I have some and want some identical ones to match. Who sells them please? Paul
  10. Back in 2011 I was heavily involved in helping to organise Twickenham & District MRC's 50th anniversary exhibition and I thought it would be an idea of producing a 'typical' model railway from 1961. My idea was to recreate a 1961 kitchen table layout and as luck would have it I found a piece of suitable wood to make the kitchen table top and a fellow member cut it to size and trimmed it up with a nice professional edge. Then I wanted more early 1960's memorabilia and so there's a tea cup, a pencil, a protractor, a 1961 Railway Modeller and when I exhibit it I usually pur some
  11. I am writing a (very) brief history of G gauge for Twickenham MRC's monthly magazine and have one question please. Many people might assume that the 'G' stands for Garden but I assume it stands for the German word Gross - am I right? Thanks
  12. Just literally going to ballast the track it sits on and may rust the rails. It will sit exactly where it does now just an inch higher due to base of showcase.
  13. With the layout's scenic boards out of my shed and safely stored in my garage I can get on with sorting my shed. Previously my shed was a mash up between a workshop and a man cave, but I absolutely hate the term 'man cave' and prefer the rather pretentious expression, 'museum of my life'. So I had to decide : workshop or man cave? I chose man cave museum of my life. At one end of the shed I had some recycled kitchen cabinets which housed all sorts of 'bits' .... So, that had to go and this is what's replaced it - BTW an indiv
  14. TBH I have no idea - I just let them get on with it. Do you think there might be a problem?
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