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  1. As I have said before, I have done no modelling/layout building since early May, but that doesn't mean that I have been idle. I have been converting my garage into a proper storage area fit for BEIJIAO. I always stored the FY boards in the garage, but now I needed to store the scenic boards there as well. When we bought the house two years ago the garage had an asbestos roof which had some minor leaks. It now has a new steel roof and insulated ceiling - all done professionally and costing a small fortune So I decided to
  2. Hello Steve, I don't know why you say that, but I must admit that I am trying to recruit Ruth to the operating team ....
  3. Does anyone know what happened to Motor Books selling on the internet? Anyone know what happened to the staff? John Scott-Morgan?
  4. 4 of us Photo was taken by an attractive blonde on the next table,
  5. Can you detect the subtle difference in this version taken a few minutes later.... and it's not photoshopped!
  6. We had a team meeting in Central London yesterday and souvenir mugs were duly delivered to those present.
  7. Is this the layout you're referring to?
  8. Another 'positive' from the current situation is the re-launch of a T&DMRC monthly magazine. For the last few years the club has mainly relied on news emails which have sometimes included newsletters from specific layout groups within the club, but from December we will have a proper club magazine which will help knit the club together as one entity. As part of this we have resurrected an old club motto. 'THINK CLUB' We thought of using 'one for all, all for one!' but apparently that's already be taken If anyone reading this has any T&DMRC memories o
  9. The generosity of Twickenham & District MRC members has been amazing - members and RMwebbers have rallied round to donate models that have gone a long way to replace the lost income from our open day. However, things like rent, insurance and building maintenance still need to be paid for and the club has managed to gain publicity in the local area via the Hounslow Borough Business & Services Facebook group and hopefully that might bear some fruit as members donations are gradually running out.
  10. TBH it's always surprised me somewhat that so many model shops close rather than get taken over when the owner retires.
  11. Details please. I saw Bernie Victor today via ZOOM and I'm sure he would be interested to know about this.
  12. Thank you for your concern. My OP was meant in a lighthearted vein on the basis that no-one sorts out the screw collection unless they are really 'bored'. I can reassure you that there is no serious mental-health issue here - I was just at a lose end for an hour or two. I have several other railway related hobby issues to attend to which will ensure that the next 6/12 months will be quite busy. I apologise to anyone who took my OP to be a more serious issue than it really is.
  13. Absolutely correct in all your assumptions/conclusions. It's something I've said before on RMweb (apologies to those who have read this before) - I need everything I do to have a purpose. For me the purpose of railway modelling is (to a great extent) to have something to exhibit at shows. For example My last show was Warley in November - this highlighted a lot of work needed to be done before my next show would have been Aly Paly in Mid-March. I worked EVERY day from mid-November to March 16th (inc Xmas Day) on the layout. One day I worked 15 hours solidly
  14. I am most certainly espoused and I have spent a load of money over the last 18 months to make sure that most of those jobs have been dealt with by people who know what they're doing - decorating, carpentry etc. All I'm left with is 'keep the place tidy'
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