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  1. TBH I have been thinking that the original idea for a tanker is too big for the truck stop, it tends to dominate the scene. I have another option, but I would have to shorten the chassis on this one. Again are there any obvious issues with this idea. Have I gone from too big to too small?
  2. Agree with that. Where I used to work we often had Japanese tourists wearing face masks. I thought it quite amusing/quirky at the time - little did I know..................
  3. I have been stuck indoors for a few days and spent my time looking on various forums and TBH I have been surprised at how many featured payouts are post 1968. Just looking at 4mm modelling, what is the current balance between 'diesel era' and 'steam era' interest and for definition let's call that pre and post 1968. This is not a question of which is better. This is simply asking in 2021 what is the percentage of enthusiasts who are firmly in the diesel camp as opposed to being resolutely in the steam one.
  4. I am trying to cobble together some road vehicles from my bits and pieces drawer. I have several Saurer chassis and a tanker body. So, I want to fit the tanker on the Saurer chassis. I am not trying to make an accurate model, I am trying to make a feasible model. As you can see, the tanker is marginally longer than the chassis (the arrow shows the tail lights of the Saurer) and so I was thinking of knitting the two chassis together by ......................... 1. Cutting up the two chassis and make one with two rear axles - the extra axle to the rear of the existing one. or 2. As above, but moving both axles further back. or 3. Leave it with a single rear axle, but move it further back. Thoughts please, all I need is something that looks feasible.
  5. Lots of VERY little things happening today .................. The idea of the Chinese flag is being developed. The big star has arrived, but I need four smaller ones as well. I am going to swap over the two items. Firstly to make more room for the stars, secondly to raise the text so that it's easier to read. Before most people would have had to bend down a bit to read it and we don't want any disincentive which stops people learning about the basis for the layout.
  6. Next vehicle issue ............. I found this in a oddments box at a show several years ago. I didn't realise at the time that it is an ice cream van, the first job was to remove the paper stick-on sign. The side panel lifts up and it has a detailed interior for a stall at sports event or similar - unfortunately, I took the photo from the wrong side, but you can see that the glazing includes a molding for a counter and shelving at the back of the serving area. The cab had no rear wall and so I had to make one and I gave the van a quick coat of paint Placed at the front of the layout, now with picked out headlights and windscreen wipers
  7. I do apologise to both of you, I should have used GOOGLE and found their website myself. I have now found it - I must admit that I had never heard of them until today. I'm guessing that is the anti-shine matt varnish spray that you use.
  8. Thanks for that. Is it available in spray cans and where do you buy it?
  9. I'll get back to the Polo later, but for now I have been working on more figures. When I was a beginner in this hobby, I was told never to have figures in action poses on the layout - running, walking etc - because whilst they looked great in a still photograph, they looked odd when looking at the layout in real time. Let's not open up another can of worms with that, let's just say I had an odd German walker who needed to become a Chinese stander. So that leg had to come off and his foot ...... And an hour or so later ....................
  10. Never let it be said that I don't listen to comments. Here is the car park this morning ......................
  11. I must admit that I hate the one colour interiors which come with some HO model cars - especially ones which will be at the front of the layout. I made painted the interior and experimented with it being parked this way round because I could very easily paint the 'lug' which holds the body on to make it look like a number plate. But on balance decided this way round was best and I added a number plate
  12. It will, hopefully, get us noticed and talked about and if I may quote Oscar Wilde, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." Yes, that's a good idea - I will search the internet for something suitable. For example, the star at the top of the hotel was actually off a belt which I bought in China and which broke very soon after I bought it, but I kept the buckle as a souvenir - and five years later I found a good use for it.
  13. My team and I have been thinking of ways of making the layout grab people's attention at shows. One thought was that the presentation was too dull, still too much dark grey paint on show. It's supposed to be Red China, so why not paint it red? The idea is that the pelmet and the scenic section will remain grey so as not to distract the viewer but the two FY screens could be made more eye-catching. Thoughts?
  14. Hello After 5 years I am returning to this thread. Dullcote is no longer made and so I recently bought some Humbrol clear acrylic spray. It seemed to dry with a semi transparent white tinge (bloom?) is this normal? Did I put it on too thickly?
  15. I think I stayed in that same hotel, I have some video taken of a train at night with them all lit up
  16. I am treading a fine line between features (good) and gimmicks (bad) and I think blue flashing lights are definitely a step too far. TBH I have considered illuminating the street lights after all the layout is supposed to be set soon after dawn. The street lights come fully wired up after all, and I am still undecided but probably 51/49 in favour of leaving them unlit.
  17. OK, it might be slightly out of the period, but it does have wing mirrors, damn it!
  18. One of my team (Luke) has found something in Germany which will add some authenticity to the layout And it has wing mirrors!
  19. Very enjoyable watch even though I don't model British anymore. It can only be good for the model making/collecting hobby as a whole.
  20. Now, as for suitable trucks??????? By 2001 modern European branded trucks were beginning to appear in China - or at least I think they were, or perhaps it might be better to say that I hope they were!!! Now, I am not an expert on trucks, but I do have some models which I think/hope will convince 95%of viewers that they are at least WW2 24 3 feasible. Can anyone comment on this Albedo model, will this pass muster or is it totally out of period. I hope that it's feasible. This layout is in many ways like a feature film set in the past in a foreign country, and just like filmmakers make errors because a particular kind of car or tank or whatever no longer exists and so they have to compromise and hope that no one will notice.
  21. Better progress today. Thanks to help from Al (Remagen) Turner, I now had some typical Chinese windows to fit in the truck stop cafe... And now the whole truck stop can be finished. At least this time the detailed interior will be at the front of the layout - where people will actually be able to see it!
  22. I did look into that option, but nearly always (and this happens with this layout all the time) there are often unforeseen negative consequences if I make a positive change in one area. TBH I don't think it's the point radius that is the major problem, I think it's the proximity of the two crossovers to one another. The locos will all go through either crossover successfully, it's only the double crossover issue that does the damage. If I could add another 6 inches between the two crossovers I think it would sort the problem, but as the main curves start immediately either side of the crossovers that would impact on the radius of the bi-directional line. Let's face it, I am trying to get a quart into a pint pot! Moreover, these crossovers have never been used at any of our first four exhibitions and will only ever be used by maybe one or at most two steam powered trains (the diesels have absolutely no problem) and so I think I will get there eventually as long as we note which locos work successfully and allocate them to the correct trains.
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