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  1. Here's a link to get you to the virtual exhibition....... https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/virtual-exhibition-layouts/?CurrentPage=1
  2. Just looked in at the virtual exhibition and discovered a FANTASTIC video of ADDISON ROAD taken at Aly Paly a few years back. It's very professional and informative - GO TAKE A LOOK!
  3. The elephant and pram were a donation from a non-member of Twickenham MRC who just wanted to make a contribution to the layout. Her name is Carol Bevis-Smith and she is a member of the MRC based in Keen House. I assume that the pram is an etched brass kit and that the elephant is a modified commercial model - Britains?? We have now added a press photographer who in real life took this photo - albeit that this was taken in 1956 and out layout is set in the 1920's.
  4. I've visited the virtual exhibition this morning and discovered a FANTASTIC video of ADDISON ROAD taken at Aly Paly a couple of years ago. It's very professional and very informative - GO TAKE A LOOK! - https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/virtual-exhibition-layouts/?CurrentPage=1
  5. I've just visited the virtual exhibition and there is a FANTASTIC video of ADDISON ROAD in action at the ALY PALY show a couple of years ago. It's a really professional video and very informative - GO TAKE A LOOK!
  6. I know you have links to Singapore, is there something we should know about Bugis Street????
  7. Ebay have delivered! I have turned the mug over 90 degrees and no leakage - if only every layout problem was this easy to solve!
  8. I already run a topic on Twickenham MRC's ADDISON ROAD layout in the LAYOUT section of RMweb, but just 'discovered' this section and thought I'd add something here as well. It's best that anyone interested looks at our main thread as I won't be updating this particular thread quite so often and anyway the whole back story is told in the main thread - just search for ADDISON ROAD. Photo by Tony Wright, courtesy of BRM magazine. For the record, ADDISON ROAD is set in the 1920's although modern diesels can often be seen running on a clubnight. We are looking for new members to join the team because the layout is 99% finished but when we operate at exhibitions we need more helpers. Would YOU like to join our happy team? You don't need to model in O gauge as even the builders of the layout actually model OO, G, HO or even N at home! Why not contact us and come down to our clubrooms one Friday once things return to normal - email our chairman for an invite at [email protected]
  9. Here's a recent 'publicity shot' of ADDISON ROAD, photo by Tony Wright courtesy of BRM magazine.
  10. And just to prove it - here is the elephant! It REALLY did appear on the platform as a publicity stunt to publicise a circus which was performing at Olympia !
  11. Hello John That is an idea I will chew over - thanks for taking an interest. Paul
  12. For those of you who don't know, that is an 'in joke' as we have an elephant on the layout! And what's more amazing - it's 100% prototypical!! For those of you who are now intrigued may I suggest that you visit our thread here in the 'LAYOUTS' section and scroll down and you will discover WHY we have an elephant not just on the layout, but on a platform!!
  13. Twickenham & District MRC's well known 7mm scale layout 'ADDISON ROAD' already has a very popular thread in the LAYOUTS section of RMweb, but I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that the layout will be attending BRM/RMweb's virtual exhibition next weekend July 4/5th. We hope to see you there!! Photo by Tony Wright, courtesy of BRM magazine TWICKENHAM MRC have a very talented and dedicated 7mm group and their layout is recognised as an historically accurate model of what is now better known as Kensington Olympia. The group is looking to gain new members now that the emphasis has changed from building the layout to operating the layout. So, coming to see us next weekend at the virtual exhibition will hopefully attract some new members to the group. Would you like to join the group? But are you worried that you don't live local to Twickenham? Don't let that worry you - we have group members living in Germany, USA and even Watford! So do come along and say 'HELLO' next weekend and if you fancy joining our friendly team then do contact us at [email protected] and we can tell you when we're having a REAL operating session once our clubroom re-opens after the COVID-19 situation improves.
  15. Found it! Photo by Andrew Burnham editor of Continental Modeller .....................
  16. WOW! Respect and thanks to all of you Mandarin speakers. Just for the record I've found a better photo... I will post a model photo as soon as I've found one.
  17. Good point Ian, thanks for that. Since your post I have had a cunning plan - more once ebay make a delivery!
  18. As previously posted, I haven't been working on the layout since I've been furloughed (how does that make sense???) What I have been doing is working on my photos from my trips to China and today I discovered that I have actually photographed one of the locos on the layout - SY 1770. Photo taken at Tiefa in 2002. I must dig the model out and post a photo for comparison purposes.
  19. Have just heard that my old layout (American ON3) has an eight page spread in this month's Continental Modeller. Must get a copy!
  20. Having read all 5 pages of this thread this morning and heard about all the angst people are suffering from these (relatively) minor issues I realise how lucky I am to have built and exhibited a foreign layout - a VERY foreign layout ! In fact in my case it's sooo foreign that 99.9% of exhibition viewers probably don't know the prototypes and certainly don't know the models - they just look at the scene and enjoy it (or not) for what it is - a model railway which gives the viewer a flavour of the real thing. Perhaps it is true that knowing too much about a subject can be a bad thing.
  21. Haven't worked on the layout for a month now, no point as the next exhibition won't be until December at the earliest, but have organised dedicated team mugs. All the main operators have got their own ones .... Al, Gordon, Luke, Richard, but I'm not sure whom this one belongs to......................................
  22. Barry : Once we are a month or so before the next confirmed show (maybe earlier) I will work tirelessly on the layout - and so the layout will have all the upgrades I deem necessary before it is put before the paying public again, but I am just as busy now working on other aspects of my hobby/hobbies which I have put off for years because working on the layout has totally dominated my life for the last nine years.
  23. Whilst I have absolutely no wish to dispute those sentiments, I have to say that for me personally it's the complete opposite. I still work 3 days a week and from the day I returned from Warley I worked on my layout EVERY day (including Xmas day) and one one occasion from as early as 05.30 and on one occasion for 17 hours straight without a lunch break in order to make a load of improvements for my next exhibition which was to be Aly Paly. But now that I furloughed from work I haven't done any work at all on the layout for weeks. WHY? Because there are no exhibitions - all my bookings until Peterborough are cancelled and so without the incentive of an exhibition deadline I've done nothing for about 8 weeks. My layout can only operate at exhibitions, it is 100% exhibition only and if I could operate it home I wouldn't because without an audience what is the point of operation? Now I fully realise that I may be the ONLY person in the country with that outlook and I don't want to take this further off topic by discussing/debating that outlook in this thread - all I'm saying is that for me personally NO EXHIBITIONS = NO HOBBY.
  24. Now please remember that I was the first person here to reply the last time you posted and I said that even as a pessimist myself I found your post too pessimistic, but you do make a well thought out point, no matter how pessimistic I think it is. It's a bit like 'working from home' ……………… companies hadn't planned to do it before Covid 19, they bought/rented expensive office space, but now that they have adapted their business so that many office workers can work from home then some companies will retain 'working from home' and offices won't be needed as much. So I can see a certain logic in what you say, but could we hear from traders please. Have you adapted your business model to survive without exhibitions? If so : does that make you re-think attending shows? If not : are you going out of business?
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