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  1. Looks like Porthmadog to me. Recognise (and have stayed in) the hotel in the background.
  2. Another wallet getting scared....
  3. The unfitted 5-plank was a 9' wb ex-PO mineral wagon. The railway company-owned fitted general merchandise 5-planks and their BR-built equivalents were 10' wb; i.e. a different prototype(s), and would be a completely new wagon. British N has probably evolved past the stage where a single generic model can cover both.
  4. Thanks. There was a big "Buy" button on the Class B tanks page but no equivalent on the KFA page (You can tell I'm a software tester!)
  5. Have you stopped taking orders for the KFAa now? Can't see a "buy" button on the page..
  6. I was thinking for the 123s here rather than the earlier 126s, I think there were only 10 4-car sets built.
  7. I do wonder if their reluctance to do the Hawksworths in maroon is because most of the diesel-hydralics that will pull them are made by Dapol rather than Farish, and they fear boosting sales of Dapol locos at the expense of their own? Or is that just being too cynical?
  8. And the NSE Mk1s due in the next few months are more WR than they are anything else. The Thames & Chiltern fleet accounted for the bulk of the Mk1s in NSE livery.
  9. Are the Mk2a FKs in maroon and green prototypical? Thought that was the original vacuum-braked Mk2s
  10. Looks like the models announced last year due in the shops in 2017 to me. Continue to froth!! I'll have a Tiger 55 PBA...
  11. When do Fleischmann and Trix make their announcements? Usually quite early in the year, IIRC.
  12. A bit premature there? We neither know the cause of the fire nor the extent of the damage (which isn't clear from the photo).
  13. Photo posted on Twitter, reported as an engine fire. Has to be a significant setback to the project https://twitter.com/Fradgie/status/814832237338382336
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