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  1. Looking good. It’ll be a gutsy move to flog the lot and head off into O gauge !
  2. If they bin them, I think they’ll go bust ! They’d be sent back to the vendor for rework or refund I’d think
  3. Difficult having two periods so far apart. my plank has 1982 and 2002....a lot of the infrastructure hadn’t changed, but things like posters, lights and of course cars would have to be swapped out
  4. Is that a centro 150 Andy ? what is it like ? Does the engine block really spoil its looks ? Thinking of getting one
  5. It’s your railway , run what you fancy. i run BR blue and EWS, but also have a few I like from in the middle - ie a Dutch 37/47 and large logo47. my theory is that the Dutch stuff came in 1991, so any loco from 85/86 running next to it is only 5 years adrift and I can live with that. running a blue 31and an EWS 60 is too far a stretch for me
  6. Shame I didn’t venture over, but the weather had me inside all weekend and as a result I’m now sick of modelling. !
  7. Work continues, mainly on the platform, which is sucking all the model time up. I’ve been mainly thinking about the 2002 era this week , and the bits that need interchanging . Can’t help but have a quick shunt too. This is one of my favourite locos from the later period . Theory would be Banford was chosen to have a virtual quarry, as well as Banford power station and MOD providing the reasons for stabling locos. There’s always a reason...
  8. New product - “ now stocking oversize banners ...!”
  9. I’d imagine a ltd edition from Hornby would do the trick
  10. A learned friend said the Dapol running qualities were not as good as hoped .
  11. Are there many diesel layouts ? Considering a trip if the storm isn’t too bad
  12. Banford now has a station building courtesy of Bachmann RTP. seemed to fit inperfectly with the drabness. I may have to move it’s location to the West Midlands, as there isn’t any passenger stock really available for my chilterns theme. The 117 that is coming is very expensive at present and the signature stock for later period is the 165/66 turbo, which is barely available second hand and an old non DCC tooling. I can get a 150 for £125 albeit with a massive motor in view !
  13. I don’t buy it. 10 seconds looking at a picture of the real thing and it was obvious what the errors were. Attention to detail isn’t that hard .
  14. Commercially sensitive info, they are not going to discuss profit/ manufacturing cost now are they ?
  15. Yeah, I know. thats why I said contact the seller and see if he anticipates anymore coming
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