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  1. Will any go to retailers ? Didn’t even know I needed any vans till today
  2. I stand corrected , cheers . I could remember some in RES red and grey but not those
  3. I don’t think railfreight red and grey ever got to brake vans . I've seen mainly bauxite in 80s. im not sure you’d need one to propel carriages , there would be local agreements about the method of working but quite often I’ve seen a guard in the rear carriage waving the driver on in accordance with signals
  4. Wow, looking at those they should rust away to nothing fairly soon !
  5. Excellent I may resubscribe in that basis . I stopped as the steam bias grew even worse this year with every single cover steam I believe, but access that far back would yield great value - I’ll start with April 1972 - my birth !
  6. Good call . can we include the cliches ? " My wallet breathed a sigh of relief " " smuggled past Swmbo " etc
  7. Looks great that ! looking at your Flickr , you must have about a Toton heyday worth to shed !
  8. Excellent start. To be fair I can probably think of much worse secrets involving beds !
  9. GUVs got filthy but I'm not sure about newspaper BGS. the only thing I'd do is put it upside Down and make sure the powder gets up to the roof level as it looks like a patch
  10. Lee doesn’t do OO. squirrel does some great stuff. there’s not many doing it as it’s a Labour of love I think
  11. Good effort ! id maybe sand the black down with 2000 grade wet and dry and respray it dot forget repaint aerial black no idea why this bloody thing is doing bullet points
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