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  1. Certainly an idea, but I may want to keep one siding for the engineers stock otherwise I have limited space to show it off - sad if it’s all away in the fiddle yard ! i could do an ultra low relief version, similar to Stratford LIFT below which saw wagon load stuff from Wembley well into the privatisation era. ( not my photo )
  2. Do you like dull cote ? I’ve got three cans of it.....used it once...it’s literally too dull and flat
  3. Still going - ongoing issue what to do with the two kick back sidings ( an after thought really) . Might keep as engineers sidings or maybe put a very low relief distribution centre in . Took delivery of a RFD 47 body - the fun bit is the research to change the number to something unique .. full respray on going.....second coat of yellow on.....looks ok at normal viewing distances ...but a bit gritty in super close up.
  4. I know the bits you mean . They are steps I think for putting lamps on the front middle lamp iron. Its a poor bit of design by Bachmann , as often I’ve had them glued to the body with the paint or one glued to body and three on chassis ( where they should be ) and they are quite over scale . i did make an effort to put them back on most models but a couple are mssising some - I’m not too bothered
  5. I’ve had spare bodies and noses from them - always good service ! Their resprays Look factory quality - I think they use serious kit
  6. You’d be better off changing the title to reflect the vendor , so people can see.
  7. I wouldn’t incase I get any noxious chemicals on it. Weathered windows often look overdone anyway - like it’s driven under a muck spreader in a field
  8. Had lots of old school class that . I think keeping the intercity was a good move - instantly recognisable
  9. That’s very cool. Theres definitely a “ chabby chic “ to faded RFD
  10. Generally I think people start their auction price, where , before they would put a reserve....ie the lowest they will take . I can’t see the economics of another run stacking up though still
  11. If I had some, I’d sell em for whatever profit I could make . Western Europe = free market economy. I think there was a thought that Bachmann wouldn’t rerun them as the required profit margin would make the RRP so unattractive they wouldn’t shift
  12. Fair enough , I’m old enough to remember tired looking 37s taking tube stock up through aylesbury for refurb. They were interesting moves
  13. Will Calvert still be open when HS2 kicks in ? Seems to be running very close/ through it ?
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