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    Earliest memories are of Maidenhead and reading stations in the early 80s with HSTs and class 50s.
    Also love the early EWS years as well

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  1. Hi, Dont think anyhting has run to ashchurch for years, but this did tonight. having waited patiently at the nearest spot to me at midnight ( that’s dedication ), I hadn’t realised how dark it was... It was deffo a 66 with VGAs at each end and military vehicles in the middle ,but I couldn’t see much does anyone with access to the relevant system know which loco it was please ?
  2. Some good stuff there, but the parcels livery 47 .....I’m almost certain the grey on the sides was different to the roof ? Have you used same tone ?
  3. Hi Paul. Id probably use the current model of 47001. It’s BR blue 70s/ 80s, has plated over each end and an original boiler port. issue - no headlight , so either a replica railways one or adapt a replica one to work. ( Kevin’s picture is 1985 so for truly early 80s it wouldn’t have had the headlight ). If you want to get rid of the boiler port, shawplan do blanking plates of all varieties . the earliest release of 001 had the old inacccuarate fuel tanks, try and get one that had the later ones , although these are available as a spare from Bachmann for a fiver. steer clear of the original BR blue TOPs one ( 47035 ) as had unusual marker lights each end and incorrect class 57 bogies .
  4. Nicely done mate, i especially like the airbrushing on 245 , what colour do you use for chassis ?
  5. Do it the other way round. I have a preiser policeman in my spares box, never used, so if Jim could get old bill to pose by the loco.....low and behold. Prototypical.
  6. Hi, bit of a point motor virgin... The instructions aren’t bad but they don’t mention the throw adjuster at all ( slidey plastic bit ). Is this critical because all it seems to do with my OO points is bend the actuating wire - they still throw at most positions ? i presume the motor has automatic internal system to stop it trying to push too far ? And what do I do when I like the position - glue it in place ? any gen appreciated
  7. Yep, all my Bachman’s were like this from new. removed most with a needle, redone with a lighter grease
  8. I don’t see any issues with the three competing 66s kids will love the limby one, price conscious modellers will go with Bachmann’s older tooling those who can afford it , and want the detail level will go with hattons
  9. I like Mr Kohler - we’ve had a couple of chats by email and he’s always keen to hear views on products . I don’t really understand why he was getting the hairy eyeball from the hattons guy. with the 66, Hornby had it in their range ( ex Lima ) for years , and they keep reissuing so it must sell to the more price conscious market.15 years ago I’d have brought the Lima one, now I’m eyeing up the hattons version - different market , And of course they will capitalise on the latest liveries. As for the terrier - Hornby had one before rails so I can’t see that they can get too high and mighty about that, although the timing of the new tooling canmaybe be seen as a bit incendiary . Theres going to be duplication - that’s unavoidable as some products are “ must haves “ for a lot of manufacturers
  10. Don’t use the air pipes ! They are rubbish and look nothing like the real ones
  11. True, in which case it’s too [email protected]@dy hot for modelling mate, better get some snags on the barbie
  12. That’s a nice looking shed - better get a move on as winters over !
  13. Contact railtec, iirc they do a whole number for about £1.50
  14. “ site owner reached bandwidth limit “ wont let me on with that link
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