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    Earliest memories are of Maidenhead and reading stations in the early 80s with HSTs and class 50s.
    Also love the early EWS years as well

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  1. Fair point, but it’s a long way from here to Liverpool.....I wonder where nearest stockist to wiltshire is
  2. Well, DE does tend to be an afterthought i feel..
  3. forget everything - concentrate on NOT cocking up diesel liveries
  4. I’ll order some - 0.5mm brass rod ok , or do you use something else ? Thanks
  5. Sorry to resurrect this long dead topic, im trying to improve my Bachmann 66s by wire loops, what thickness wire do people use please ?
  6. Absolutely have the same concern, the EWS doesn’t look as heavy as the numbers, when in reality it is I think . other than that I was well impressed with everards video.
  7. Make it an RAF station, low relief hangar and a corgi hawk or something small, then you can deliver fuel by rail like leuchars used to
  8. Brilliant, loftus road and didcot will be spoilt for choice !
  9. ‘‘Twas an interesting place. When I got back into railways I had to rely on rail magazine to tell me the unusual workings, absolutely hoovered up those pages. I was too busy with “ life “ to actually go there....funny really as I was born and bred about 25 miles away .
  10. In summary “ go elsewhere for your chuffer “
  11. Just wait till they arrive. we will be treated to about a million “ opening the box “ videos ....” here it is in the attractive packaging “.
  12. Good story - I’m also in Swindon and remember the adver article about that fella Starr. moral of story - don’t plan your stuff on post - it’s
  13. Very cool .Never saw a RR one, but by the time I visited didcot it was mainly 60s and 66s
  14. Wonder how much it’d cost the ship the lot back to China, strip and respray otherwise I’m sure any profit would be wiped out from these models
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