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  1. Not sure why you are having “ conniptions “ ( WTF ?) about people pointing stuff out. I know nothing about class 86s, and I don’t want one , but I have been collecting models for 25 years and I’m surprised that cables aren’t modelled by cables. it looks a bit poor if that is the final result - and there won’t be amendments to the tooling if they’ve reached the final decorated sample stage.
  2. Cables aren’t printed on according to their FB page where a lot of people have asked same. they are raised moulded detail. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be a separate item .
  3. And I’m sure they’ll be a cry of “ give us quickly “ soon for some green class 66 details ...;)
  4. Problem is it’s a crowded market. A 50/50 hit rate would have me going elsewhere
  5. A reasonable decoder is £15 -35 ish. I use standard Bachmann ones for 21 pin, the older 8 pin locos I use lenz silver . Cheaper ones are available but I’ve found the Hornby and gaugemaster ones I tried, frankly , [email protected] they do represent a significant investment but the flexibility DCC gives you is a fun aspect .
  6. Southend - reading often had a 37. Was double headed back in winter with 37/47 due leaves on north downs
  7. Merlin was better I reckon , but blue grey original was even better ( do your time youngsters !) I remember someone describing FGW ...” it’s not first, it’s not great , but it’s geographically accurate !”
  8. Nope, still not regretting it. If they make it RTR rather than a kit next time, I might get one .
  9. That’s a great rendition of how the approach to Bristol looks right now !
  10. It’s amazing a comprehensive and well thought out system isn’t available off the shelf for storing our £100000000s of models. They represent a significant investment but at present are protected by not a lot
  11. Bear in mind the ones with a (Q) at the end are , runs as required , so may not be running at all
  12. Must be from an earlier period , as I don’t recognise them post 1990s, I’m guessing . Still look the part though
  13. Look ok, but a lot of foreign vehicles there I think
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