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  1. This “ digital command control “, won’t catch on, I can’t see people giving up thousands of wires and the joy of soldering.. Now back to my work as CEO of Nokia.
  2. Nice one. Didn’t know any made them it into EWS colours
  3. I’d be especially interested in how you did the gunnels
  4. Nice one once again James, looks like an everyday loco you would see at somewhere like didcot ! I’m dreading Putting blobs of grey paint on loco sides as “ gone through to primer “, what’s the secret ? i was thinking of making a stencil and spraying grey ....
  5. Sorry to resurrect this long dead thread.... lanarkshire buffers look good ....class 37 , do I need 22” or 20” please ?
  6. You’d think they’d be enough trade in a large city like that . I lived 200 miles away but was dropping off an aircraft at the engineering hangar there
  7. Or find some office building down there, and copy that in flat relief, will help set the location, HQ of Cunard or P&O or something similarly nautical
  8. Low relief containers ? Always seem to be massive piles of them around Eastleigh
  9. That’s a shame, made a visit 20 years ago when in the area, and it was a great shop
  10. Looking good, roof wise - is that whole thing smooth MDF ? if so I’d be tempted to put thin clear acetate over the holes and then apply corrugated plasticard to the whole roof, over that solving the issue and making the roof more realistic in one go .
  11. Nice one ! did you replace the buffers on those , Lee, they look nice
  12. Class 60 was good, but then I thought all the ones I had were good as that was what was about when I got interested again in 96. 67 was a major disappointment as we were expecting a big step up, but had to wait until 2001 for the Hj 47 for that to start
  13. Bridge looks very good indeed
  14. Iike an aircraft , they should really have a “ differences “ course between marks of the same model .
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