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  1. Did you ad extra pick ups as the early ones didn’t have them in all wheels Often found the bogies a bit tight, I have one that slows up in corners - Unscrew bogie slightly. Is there rust inside anywhere - I had a couple of models in the garage that got rust internally
  2. Interesting, because supposedly when they are driving there, you see them drive through Fishguard harbour station it appears
  3. I was intrigued by the location too. Do the local plod really use this bunker as an evidence store or is it artistic licence ? was a good series that
  4. Man up Greta thunder bergs ! this is a train modelling site ... we are supposed to like the roar of trains ... unless you live by Scarborough station of course ... my hearing deficiency at low HZ is all due to Paxman Valentas and I’m great full ..
  5. I don’t live up there, but these things sound epic , is this the reason they seem to have garnered a bit of an enthusiast following ?
  6. So you got a new hobby to replace the old hobby as it wasn’t a hobby anymore ?!
  7. That’ll teach you all for buying them in anything but “ LARGE LOGO “ blue, sinners..... But seriously , that blue ain’t quite right..
  8. Very honest post. I’d imagine a quick way to ruin a hobby is turning it into a job !
  9. Didn’t Hornby pee off all the retailers a few years back by having web / direct stuff from them ? strange policy - I wonder what is behind it
  10. 1989. Seems like aubergine with yellow line and white border . Not my picture .
  11. Plastic card off eBay, mixed up wickes tester pots or green scenes concrete. dislike using filler etc as it gets everywhere
  12. Hi, I’m just intrigued as to which supermarkets use rail and from where to where , I understand DRS run daventry - Wales/ Scotland for Tesco , and I’ve seen DB doing Russell group stuff ( Sainsbury’s ?) , bit if someone more clued into the current scene could give a quick run down that would be appreciated , cheers
  13. Newer ones look like just out of works , older look like half a decade down the line
  14. Not often with this lot it’d seem
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