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  1. I doubt it greatly after the 66.
  2. - lack of money has always been a factor for young people, and always will, unfortunately you have to manage your expectations to what you can afford. When you get older , all that happens is you have more stuff you have to spend it on , so you have to manage your expectations again .....until covid i earned a great salary, but even I sucked in my breath when RTR locos went over £150. Public perception will never change - most people will look at it as a eccentric nerdy niche interest. These days though, most will be less willing to take the [email protected], due to the current “ be kind at al
  3. I’d be very surprised if accurascale don’t do both the 31 and the 50 before long
  4. Ow about this one off three tone bad boy with a little manipulation at the bottom ?
  5. Well, as we know statistics can be used to prove anything, incidentally if you search “ model railways U.K. “ it’s 17,500,000.........but that’s a seriously dodgy way to describe interest, I haven’t the time to look but “ steam punk tendencies “ , sounds more like fashion than steam punk the model railways. And if such things are about dressing up, I’d imagine the demographic is younger than railway models , therefore they are more internet savvy and do more searches. regardless of my sample here of 4, only me had heard of it - that’s 25% so I’
  6. I get your point , but if you ask most people if they know what a model train is , they do. If I asked most people I know what steam punk is, they’d have no idea. I think it’s a much more common concept .
  7. Well there’s two, and one came as Tommy Cooper , was he a steam punk ? Sci fi festival ? Yep, never likely to do that .
  8. I’ve never seen anyone dressed as a steampunk in the U.K. Is this genre more popular in Germany ? They like dressing up more than us it seems...the industrial and industrial dance/ music scene for instance seems way bigger there
  9. I like the look of the Hornby shed - although the 60s style isn’t quite the same as Bristol bath road , it certainly has the feel of the same era , which Of course lasted till 1995
  10. Had a mk1 fiesta , but we digress
  11. I’ve a lot of Bachmann . I brought my first in about 2005. they are a bit like Ford , reliable dependable, no frills. 37/47 are fine for mid range stuff. 45 ain’t bad either.
  12. Well , that’s quite irritating . What the heck is an “ injun”
  13. Come on John, You know as well as I do, with batch production, if you want something for a future layout you need to buy it when it’s available, if you have the funds.
  14. Legally they may not be inclined to do anything as they are so old, but morally and not discounting the absolute value of goodwill and further sales of their products they should.
  15. Looks like he’s got the first Dapol class 59 !
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