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    Earliest memories are of Maidenhead and reading stations in the early 80s with HSTs and class 50s.
    Also love the early EWS years as well

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  1. Strangely , I measured all the back to backs and they were ok . the metal collars that sit the wheel sets into the plastic bogie frames were off centre so I took them out , and put them back straight . It doesn’t short the points now . next issue is the guard irons that foul the track at one end then the dodgy sound chip to be replaced with a cheap non sound one
  2. There’s a truckload of different versions ! I’ve only ever seen one shade which looked totally off and that was some turquoise class 40s
  3. rob D2


    Looking good. I love using hanging basket liner. I that 104 , something a bit different .
  4. Techno Neil ? You’d have to have Eiffel65 for 98 then !da da da da da bee great work as ever James. It’s all a bit too much for me , filthy celebs ( locos) and carol Vorderman all in the same sentence. Im going for a lie down in a dark room.
  5. We should have a “ show us your box “ , contest !
  6. At my stage of life ( 47; full time career; teenage kids ) by necessity of space and time planks are where it’s at. i have ideas for one more after this which will take me into my 50s..... then it’ll be time for the final large ultimate loft or garden scheme.
  7. Haha ! Some pretty funky looking stock there, and of course Stratford had some interesting locos to pull it all right up to the shed domination took over. I’m making support wagons to go with hattons 12T crane when it comes out in January , not sure if the eastern region had something similar . What about an inspection saloon for a bit of variety ?
  8. Ipswich CE yard , 1991. Pick and mix your own train Pete ! I’m not bad at Flickr searches because I also need specific locations and times. I’d search Leyton CE yard and Stratford depot for representative dates as that’s where a lot of the stuff originated. On YouTube there are a couple of early 90s. Vids of March area. copyright of photo is not mine of course. It rests with don gatehouse .
  9. Fantastic. they’ll look great with some cooling towers behind !
  10. 85 mph on oil tankers ? I doubt it greatly. IIRC limit is 60 mph
  11. If it’s good, I’d be pleased if they went down the route of some common ones , without numbers to do yourself .
  12. It’s a never ending debate, but are “ modern “ ones good sellers ? the anglia 47 doesn’t appear to be for Bachmann. Everything seems to change so quick , and what are the chances of seeing a real one these days unless you actually chase after them ?
  13. Modern image ? Yeah, I’m sure they’ll do a BR blue one, don’t panic !
  14. Mother of god, I wouldn’t trade all that for Piri piri chicken...
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