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  1. I'd be tempted to put a footbridge from just left of the red rock to the street outside the house to break the scene up a little maybe
  2. So did I ! I seemed to be able to access it briefly then not at all - I wasn’t that bothered as I found the navigation of the site not exactly easy
  3. Hi, trying to amass some xmas ideas for myself , anyone read this title and would care to comment please ? In theory it’s right up my alley
  4. Good use of the space in the corner to add operational interest , I like it !
  5. So putting it all together - one of the great appeals of the mid to late 90s was the fact tatty old trains of conventional vans still ran - especially for the MOD. A few vans doesn’t get much more colourful than this four ..
  6. To be honest unless you name the retailer so we can avoid buying from their Bachmann selection this is not much use . I got caught out buying a " new " Bachmann off eBay because of course it may be new but it's second hand as far as Bachmann are concerned . Different but parallel issue . It amazes me at some if the shows I've been to how many Del Boy traders pop up that I've never heard of online or with a physical shop - also had a bad experience there so I steer clear .
  7. Bit of a niche thing , can't see it being viable for two
  8. Interesting machine . The class 18 bit caught me out , I was imagining some crapola 1950s thing
  9. If it’s diesel , the 31 or 50 are waiting for a 21st century option..
  10. Trying to make this VGA more manky , with the addition of the distinctive diamonds where the hazchem stickers have been pulled off
  11. That's very interesting about the 60, never knew that . As there is some question mark about the 66 , I think I'll carry on calling them " the bits from the accessory pack "
  12. There's not enough time in my life to read it - what's the abridged version ? all this CO2 stuff surely would be better served by streamlining
  13. Unifrog merely gives the option of being like an old insulfrog but with better looks , or going the whole hog and using it as electro frog. I always avoided anything not insulfrog until these came out , as I didn’t understand polarity switches etc or want to get involved with them esp as my layouts always relied on push rods to change the points. It was only with the ease of use of DCC cobalts strapped on to them that I took the plunge with bullhead and unifrog
  14. So at what speed does drag become worth sorting out ? The slab fronted EMUs are only a bit slower than a pendolino which is much more streamlined . they are both a lot slower then the TGV or bullet trains , which are clearly built to punch a hole in the air - or are they ? Is it just for aesthetics ?
  15. Damn ! I thought they were dams - because I know they ain’t snowploughs - I thought obstacle deflectors were the “ lifesavers “, those metal bits that hang down ?
  16. I would wire it if you want stuff like 08s to run well. Its surprisingly open to stalling I’ve found
  17. rob D2

    Hornby APT 2020

    Looks nice . I remember a fellow who had " Birmingham new street " in his garden in OO , that'd be ideal
  18. rob D2

    Hornby APT 2020

    What do you call that then ?
  19. rob D2

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hell yes ! sod the APT ... the only obscene bit was that electric dogs tail ..! I also spied the Hornby G scale rocket - a coach for which resides in my loft - it's so coated in nicotine ( from being on display in my parents lounge ) I don't know what to do with it
  20. Layout performed really well ! There was a couple on the video before yours where they need driving lessons - ruins the illusion when they smack into wagons at 25 mph and immediately reverse out with them. strangely I was watching in the man cave and this happened ..
  21. You lost me after " that video .."
  22. Love his city scene. So reminiscent of the New York I know ( although set a few decades earlier !) , just needs some smoking manhole covers !
  23. I’ve got loads of bits, but if they go for 99p on eBay the only people that win are ebay , and the post office. Simply ain’t worth my time
  24. I did actually click this one into full screen to see where it was, but either way round on the iPad , I couldn’t unmute it , or put the volume up with slider and there was no text on screen - was it a test ?
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