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  1. Not in 2014 when that was posted !
  2. Here’s some of the stuff I have. The RM BG was quite hard to find , although Bachmann are reissuing them soon at an eye watering £41
  3. Ha, you don’t miss much ...! your not wrong, they are actually separate at present . The only stuff routinely in there would be a stabled loco or a 153 which would move across via loco lift. I may utilise a cassett on that road as well....or it may not work in practice and I’ll have to put another crossover in. I was avoiding it due to the complexity of points in that area at present combined with buying more cobalts, but may have to revisit it. The FY track is mainly pinned down to enable messing about as required .
  4. Ok, so I brought a gaugemaster Omni with 8 pin plug to replace the above, and runs even more like a dog ! cant see which CVs to adjust with this chip doesn’t seem to have 55/54
  5. Here’s a few photos of progress to date .
  6. Hi, Thought I’d start to document my latest plank. It’s basically 10’ of white rose’s finest laser cut boards down one side of a spare room. It takes the place of “ Appleton yard”, my EWS era shunting plank that lived here before. This time I really wanted a mainline passenger feel, which isn’t easy to achieve in ten feet. I also wanted to up my game from code 100 and metal rod actuated points. So this is code 75 bullhead on the scenic,and using cobalt DCC point motors throughout. The main reason for point motors being , the last scenic bit of this will be a harbour/ beach/ dock attached to the front which I couldn’t do with push rods. I’ll be running two specific periods - BR blue early 80s for which I have most of the stock already, and sectorisation of around 1991 when it was colourful but short parcels trains still ran. I have been collecting stock for the later period. It will be based on the half station concept, so that I can run longer passenger stuff as necessary .In the blue period we will have short parcel trains, and 3-4 coach passenger from Exeter , as well as summer trains from Paddington and maybe further. the later period will have short parcels, more units, and summer trains from Cardiff comprised of freight locos and mk1/2s. Location wise , somewhere near Exeter , maybe Jurassic coast or further down to the west.
  7. Thanks for that , I shall look into it . The offending loco 47346 has been withdrawn from service , as it’s the only one that seems to” bridge the gap “ and cause the short
  8. I’m also having problems. Gaugemaster prodigy operating the cobalts. They were fine right up until Bachmann 47346 caused an “ SVDA “. Seems to have issues with its wheels as it’s shorting on the frogs. after it did it twice , all the three cobalts have lost their address ! Damn annoying as I have to fiddle around with the set switch again, which involves raising the boards. would the EB1 fix this and then have a separate bus for the feeds as opposed to an accessories ? Bearing in mind there is only one option of feeding power out the prodigy so if it goes” svda “ again , I need to keep the points working .
  9. I wondered what the fudge that was on the bridge... for “ retired folk” read “ shiftworkers “ in mine and my cohorts case !
  10. Damn, what a pain ! I had an excellent day yesterday . RE car park, it was a bit “ wheel spiny “. In places as I left at 1615, there were some guys putting down sort of plastic tiles to try and negate it. I’m surprised they didn’t start with it down. Some great layouts, not too crowded , and wide enough isles.one of my favourites was deveonport - has a fantastic miniature swimming pool complete with slides ! also had some nice rides behind the peak/ 37 combo, DMU lash up and steamy whatnot . definitely good value at £20, plus £3 parking
  11. Don’t rub too hard, on a Hornby 60 I took off the background grey before the mainline logos shifted.... ideally afterwards needs a spray of Matt varnish to blend in with the rest but not essential
  12. I’ve got a load of 47s to do , for my new 1991 period. Maybe this will be summer I finally get Round to the airbrush ...had it three years and still in packaging
  13. I’ve always used T cut on a cotton bud. Its abrasive and leaves a shiny finish ideal for taking new transfers. if you do it , I mask off the area I need to remove so not too much goes shiny, after wards I use water to make sure all traces of t cut are gone as it turns crusty white when it dries and is hard to get rid of.
  14. I’m coming all the way from Swindon tomorrow ....83 Miles in my car. hoping it’s not a quagmire in the tent ....do they have flooring or will I get wet feet ?. hoping this is as good as I think it will be. Used to like riding this line when I lived near Northampton , bit closer then .
  15. Rainbow railways appear to have it in their range .
  16. How did I miss this ! fantastic .
  17. Offline to Saturday ? He’ll have started and finished Clapham junction by then !
  18. Early 90s is what I’m aiming at. Ive trawled through a lot of photos and the variety is outstanding . You have petrol. 47s, Dutch 37swith blue grey mk2s ( mix of 2A,b ) it seems as well as RR mk2s, NSE mk1/2 and all sorts of locos
  19. Hi, I’m looking at recreating this train so I can run some freight locos on passenger stock. around this time it ran with either blue / grey mk2s or NSE mk2s. I’m no expert on the difference between 2A,B,C ,but was hoping to use some of the relatively cheap Bachmann blue grey mk2a for this, can I get away with it or were they different ? Thanks for any help !
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