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  1. Hi Simon, The above is a very good shout indeed, with a bit of modellers license the old diversion line to Durham could be still be open, for the odd Hst or loco hauled train... Regards Craig
  2. Hi yes sorry 1980’s till very early 1990’s.. Regards Craig
  3. Thanks gang, Going to have a think about it, think I’ll have to have a look at some north eastern track diagrams... Craig
  4. Hi all, Do think I’ll be able to do out with the above dimensions, thinking of a fictional north eastern branch that is set in the 80’s/early 90’s? Regards Craig
  5. So chaps, Are the bogies oxford rail ones? Cheers Craig
  6. Please look at the 5 br blue steel named loco’s at Teesside from the 1980’s
  7. Why do I ask here, when you don’t get any answer either via e mail or PM, that’s why.... All the best.. Craig
  8. Hi all, Any news on my 156 and decoder delivery? Regards Craig
  9. Hi Charlie, 618 decoder 721 unit Thanks for your time. Craig
  10. Chaps, Any idea how long before I receive my 156 plus decoders, monies taken from me account on the 6th of Jan? Thanks for any help Craig
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