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  1. Excellent video Jenny. Looking forward to them arriving. Ross
  2. The buffer covers seem to be the only unusual feature of the wagon which could cause problems although some CR and LNWR open carriage trucks had similar fittings. The Caley did have lists of individual wagons which were banned from specific sidings but they tended to be large trolley wagons or other specialist heavy wagons which couldn't negotiate tight curves. The unusual branding would be enough of a reason to build a model of it but unfortunately its the reason why it couldn't run on my layout!
  3. Thank you for sharing that short video clip, I never thought I'd see a pre-grouping train in motion in such clarity.
  4. ossy5190

    2021 hopes

    I'm hoping for a bit of Scottish pre-grouping, perhaps a Caledonian Class 439 0-4-4. Long lived, fairly widespread, plenty of liveries and a preserved example. An iconic engine that would be an ideal companion to the Rails/Bachmann Class 812 and hopefully lead to further models.
  5. Hello My Heljan container crane has started showing a short as soon a power is applied. Afer investigation it appears that the decoder in the gantry is the problem. I know spares for these are pretty much impossible to find, does anyone know of an alternative? The decoder controls three motors, and electomagnet and a set of spotlights. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ross
  6. Excellent looking models Dave. I always wondered what these would have looked like as part of a train. Can't have been much fun working these trains in winter! Ross
  7. £17 seems very cheap for what is a fairly complex model, not that I'm complaining though!
  8. Really looking forward to seeing the Cowans Sheldon Crane. I was planning on scratch building one of the Caledonian pair, think I'll be modifying one of these instead! Good to see another pre-groupng wagon too.
  9. Very quick response to feedback, well done Hattons! For the full break a more typical arrangement would probably be to have the centre door and lookout evenly sized and symmetrical around the centre of the coach with the double doors further in with an equal number or panels either side. The compartment spacing looks better but on a purely personal note the lack of lower paneling would make me rethink what I would do with them. Far less suitable for Scottish prototypes but probably more suitable for many English lines. Can't please everyone I know but I would probably use them as a foreign excursion set rather than Caledonian stock.
  10. A very interesting move. They might not satisfy the purists but if they can increase interest in the pre-grouping scene that can only be a good thing. Good to hear that Hattons are prepared to listen to feedback at this early stage regarding the full brake. Looks like the 4 wheelers and the 6 wheel first would all make pretty reasonable models of Caledonian vehicles. There could also be the potential to 'bash' the equivalent 6 compartment 6 wheel third. Can't wait to see more detailed images.
  11. I have seen a picture of one in LNWR service still displaying full WD markings although without the French ETAT branding that the Bachmann photograph shows. Some tanks were built in Glasgow so I was planning on a short rake of them, not sure if they went south by the CR, NBR or GSWR though. Ross
  12. The GWR non-corridor clerestory full third (if correct) appears to be a new and rather long overdue tooling. The matching brake third and full first were first released by Tri-ang! Ross
  13. Thank you both, I look forward to seeing the model. Ross
  14. I ordered City of Truro when it was first announced. APC delivered it the week it was released but put the wrong item number on the delivery slip so I couldn't rearrange a delivery. APC say they sent it back to Locomotion but I can't contact them to confirm. They don't answer the phone, return messages, reply to emails or contact via RMWeb. I have to say I am throughly disappointed with Locomotion's customer service.
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