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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any information on MEA wagons in use for moving salt? I found a couple of pictures through a Google search from a company called NGS, but no info on where they go from and to. I am also curious as they open wagons, is the type salt being moved not affected by water? I have read up on the use of the PGA hoppers for moving salt but they where covered. These interest me as I model in 7mm and can obtain a kit for the MEA.
  2. Some work on something different tonight, a 1/43 timber truck I have been working on for a while: IMG_20201022_192355 by James Hockley, on Flickr IMG_20201022_192427 by James Hockley, on Flickr Which leads nicely to the PRMRP OTA I am going to build: IMG_20201022_192817 by James Hockley, on Flickr
  3. 5 years after I started building it, I finally have the OBA ready for cleanup and paint, I have detailed the insides and added a wooded floor to the wagon: IMG_20201018_173658 by James Hockley, on Flickr IMG_20201018_170429 by James Hockley, on Flickr
  4. They are on a laser cut paint rack from a company called TT Combat, about £15 and holds a 100 pots.
  5. Another couple of my projects in desperate need of completion! A Parkside Grampus I have tried to convert into a Rudd, it needs lamp irons and air hoses. IMG_20201013_172456 by James Hockley, on Flickr IMG_20201013_172512 by James Hockley, on Flickr A GJH Plant MTA that needs to go to paint shop IMG_20201013_172545 by James Hockley, on Flickr
  6. I thought I would share some 7mm projects I am working on. First up a PRMRP OBA. Built the kit years ago, it was my first brass kit, so be kind... Now having decided I need a layout I am adding some extra detail before cleaning it up and painting it. A wooden floor closer to what the wagons had when in use by EWS on engineering duty: IMG_20201009_190751 by James Hockley, on Flickr Some detail to inside of the planked sides: IMG_20201011_221122 by James Hockley, on Flickr
  7. I have half an idea for layout, based roughly on Millburn yard in Inverness, I don't intend for it to be an authentic recreation as I don't have the space for one thing. Not knowing a huge amount the infrastructure of real railways, would a lot of changed between say the early 1990's and now? In scenery terms changes are pretty obvious, road vehicles, advertising and so can easily date a layout. But the actual infrastructure, the track, the signals and so, would they be much different?
  8. There are only 2 sets of bolsters on those wagons. It is only a trial so my guess is they have taken what is available and cheap to prove the concept. As for the 3 locomotives, I can only assume it is incase 1 fails?
  9. I also found this: https://youtu.be/nDWag_KiOZM
  10. Thanks Phil. In which case I will pick up one of the Cambrian kits, a far cheaper option should it prove too difficult. James
  11. I was looking the wagons, easy enough conversion. Maybe on the Cambrian kits version as a basis.
  12. A bit more research and I found this. https://www.logisticsbusiness.com/transport-distribution/railfreight/victa-railfreight-trials-timber-movement-in-scotland/
  13. I have been reading a couple of articles on recent trials of Scottish timber trains, they where using West Coast Railways class 37s and what looked like BTA bogie bolster wagons. Does anyone have any further information of this trial? James
  14. I am after some inspiration for prototypes I can adapt to fit a small layout I am planning. I am have a few criteria in mind: 00 4mm scale Using Peco Bullhead code 75 (I know the points are big but they look very good to me) Set in the last 10 years Industrial freight operations Layout size 6' by 18" plus 3' fiddle yard - or there abouts. Makes use of available wagon types Ideally short trains... I have come up with a few ideas: China clay Cement works Cement distri
  15. I quite like the idea of a preserved railway, in addition to regional railway. I quite fancy a small steam loco with some Thunderbox carriages chugging up and down. The steam loco in your photos is a big brute.
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