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  1. The photo has been 'colourised' from a b/w image I think Tony
  2. Now that is interesting, looking at old maps if it was in the yard on the opposite side of the tracks to Denaby & Cadeby Collieries then it would be on GCR later LNER land so their responsibility. There were two sets of sidings south of the main line, one to the west adjacent to the sewage works (and opposite Denaby Colliery) and one east of Conisboro station nearer Cadeby Colliery which looks like a general yard to me - both have small buildings which could have been the store - which set of sidinds was the one you refer to? Perhaps this was the 'regional store' for the explsoives for the area? Cheers Tony
  3. Don't forget that the LYR was heavily involved in moving cotton (and wool) from the Liverpool docks to the Lancashire mills so high capacity (volume) wagons were in more demand than on other railways. Sure there would be 'smalls' traffic but that would be a smaller percentage of overall tonnage. Just look at all those pics of overloaded drays departing from their goods depots! Tony
  4. Thanks everyone, the Haverthwaite LNWR van also still has grease axleboxes which rather surprises me for a date of 1932 given its cargo -surely grease axleboxes were more likely to 'run hot' than oil? BTW the NB van can be modelled in 4mm withthe old Cotswold kit (plastic body with whitemetal solebar etc) which makes up to an acceptable model. Later it was marketed by Nu-Cast. Cheers Tony
  5. I have often seen it mentioned that railway gunpowder vans would be used delivering to mines and quarries. Is there any photographic or paper work based evidence of such vans actually delivering to coal mines or is this just an assumption? I recall a picture of a derailed LMS gunpowder van in a Cumbrian goods yard but apart from that the only pics I have seen are at explosives factories and marshalling yards. Tony
  6. I think you might have to splash out and actually purchase the digital image........... Tony
  7. That is interesting, there are no LMS period photos of these vehicles in the LNWR wagon book so this confirms the livery. I seem to recall the LMS re-classified other Refrigerator vehicles to Insulated in the 1930s (ex MR vehicles?), so this all fits nicely. Cheers Tony
  8. Hi, Another edge of the neg query. Does anyone recognise this LMS van partially seen at Nottingham Midland around 1934? Number appears to be 224189 Cheers Tony
  9. I seem to recall that there was an illustrated article on Settle Speakman (and consistuent) PO wagons in an issue of Model Railways (the mag that continued at a larger format from model Railway News) in the (late) 1970s - anyone got a copy? Tony
  10. Don't class 66s still fuel up next to the old shed (now a wagon repair shed)? They may still park up overnight on Washwood Heath sidings which has a 'new' road next to it. Tony
  11. On the weekend of 2/3 October trains on the MSWJR (Midland and South West Junction Railway) will be running for the first time. Full details can be found on the website https://pendonmuseum.com/events/2-3-october-mswjr-preview-weekend?utm_source=Pendon+Master+Contact+List&utm_campaign=8faf506827-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_30_COPY_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4e3e8ae242-8faf506827-439512630&mc_cid=8faf506827&mc_eid=c8608372cc. This event marks the 60-year anniversary of the closure of passenger services on the MSWJR between Cheltenham and Andover Junction. For card carrying Scalefour Society members entry will be half price.
  12. We have been able to do more research on the date and it is later than 1928. The main subject of the neg (LNER B3) is in a condition only reached in 1933 so the neg is dated 1933-5 Cheers Tony
  13. Found a second neg of it, plus one from an earlier period! It looks like a foormer GCR van to me. Tony
  14. Thannks Darryl, I meant to type OCT! Any idea what the writing between the N & E says on the NBR van? Those NER OCTs look easy to scratchbuild........ Cheers Tony
  15. Found another one. Actually at Nottingham NR carriage sidings. This very short LMS Van could just be a LT&SR Hearse Van (as produced by Wills many years ago) Tony
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