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  1. That is clever! Thanks again. I wonder if the red oxide body colour of the RTR model is correct (there is not much about the actual wagon that is) ........ Cheers Tony
  2. Hi, Here is a complete train made up entirely of POs going to Luton from the GN main line in 1937. I believe the Vauxhall factory was served by this branch so some could be destined for their works. The first wagon is interesting as it is new to me. The second is the well know POP (Peale Oliver Peake) and the third I believe Milner Thomas of London, colliery agents for a couple of Nottingham collieries. If anyone can identify that first wagon No 51 based at Luton I would be very interested Cheers Tony
  3. Bump - surely someone must have some photos of the preserved engines cab! Tony
  4. Hi, I am building a GCR Q4 in 4mm scale. I have reached the cab detailing stage and studying all the photos I have to hand (usual books) I cannot find pics of the cab interior. The best available I guess will be the preserved O4 2-8-0. Does anyone have any cab pics they could share? I am particularily interested in the reversing gear which I believe was a screw reverser, and I guess the O4 and Q4 will be similar. Thanks in advance. Cheers Tony
  5. If you need a long 4" tube could you use waste water pipe as the former? This is in a very hard plastic (is it a form of ABS?) and may well stand up to boiling water. Anyone tried it? Tony
  6. Hi, I have been trying to track down the history of D6325. It was delivered in plain green with headcode discs and there are photos of it like this in 1960 (and I think somewhere in 1965 although I have lost the ref!). Can anyone tell me when it was re-built with headcode boxes and if it then had small yellow panels? The only photo I can find of it is in blue livery with all yellow ends in 1967. Did it go straight to this livery when the headcode boxes were fitted? Cheers Tony
  7. Thanks - I knew you would find something interesting about it! I was not aware of the side planking differences....... Cheers Tony
  8. Another one for the wagon Midland Railway number collectors, no date or location available but post 1936, note the disc wheels. Too late a build for nearly all of you though! (Another corner of a neg) Cheers Tony
  9. Bute wagons are dealt with in Turton Vol 2 page 31. By 1907 their new wagon livery was simply BUTE across the side. They ordered lots from the Glooucester C&W company so it is likely they had some with side and end doors but there is no record of side door only wagons, especially as so much of the output was shipped at Cardiff Docks. The Hornby wagon has end stantions that are too far apart. If you can accept this some liveries are accurate enough to make conversion to finescale worthwhite. The brake lever is horrible and crudely moulded as are the brakes but with care these
  10. Brilliant! I would never have thought of one of these - in fact I had not even heard of them! Makes total sence as they would be bringing Dutch produce into London Cheers Tony
  11. Hi, Another wagon query. I had seen this well know Hebron image of a B12 on Brentwood bank in 1927 before. In the train were two strange looking Midland style wagons. Now we have access to the original neg it is possible to zoom in a bit and it reveals they are indeed very strange things, they appear to have toplights in the sides and ownership boards on their sides, presumably at the non sliding door end. They also have low stepboards as if they are Tariff vans. I seem to vaguely recall one in the background of an Ipswich shot as well. Any thoughts on what they are? My only
  12. Hi Everyone, Here is an interesting wagon load I have not observed before caught on the edge of a neg. It is of course a GW van with twin end ventilators, but there is straw stuffed in the vents (or stuffed on the inside falling out of the vents) The date is 1948ish and it looks like late winter in the whole neg. The only thing I could think of is something in the van is very sensitive to cold so an excess of straw has been used. We tend to forget nowadays how much straw was used for packing (around earthenware pipes, in tea chests, around vegetables, etc etc), it is the natura
  13. For all us sad number-collectors here is a MR Ballast Brake van at St Albans in 1923 with a 'new' number I think? As there were less than 40 of these there does seem to be a lot of photos of them! Cheers Tony
  14. Hi Guys, Thought you would like this part of a neg. The underslung bracket signal is very interesting, it appears to be a NER lower quadrant design that has been converted to upper quadrant by the LNER necessitating an additional short post secured in front of the old one to allow the arm to clear the bracket. Was this common practice I wonder? Cheers Tony
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