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  1. Mine arrived and it looks exquisite. And tiny! But how are people coupling these without throwing it thru the window?! my initial ‘new loco’ excitement has turned to frustration is there a knack I don’t have? C.
  2. I’ve used 7”, 8” & 10” Lenovo tabs with my Z21 and yes they all have 2 controllers used in landscape. The 7 I find a bit small, 8 is a good size, 10 a little oversize. C
  3. Www.aandhmodels.co.uk in brackley stock fleischmann, Roco, (mini)trix c.
  4. Just shrink some of their OO offerings. Plenty to choose from LNER D11 & V2 LMS G2a Southern H2 GW City, 45xx 56xx Europhoenix 37, Derby lightweights and a Revamped DCC ready 170 Tried not to show any regional or time bias in my choices... C
  5. A quick trawl round t'interweb and it seems the current firmware version is 1.5 and now supports up to 28 functions. C.
  6. Select isn't user upgradeable but you can send it to Hornby and they will do it for you. They may charge for this. Contact Hornby customer services for details. C.
  7. I really like it and bought one at Warley. I think it's great that Bachmann are at last offering something unusual in N for Collectors Club members as they have in OO and hope it sells well. We might see some of the other OO specials like the Silverlink 150 or LNER 47 made available in N. C.
  8. Updated 158s and 170s for me please. Possibility of Colas and/or DB Schenker 37s? It's also about time the derby lightweights and 105s were shrunk to N. C.
  9. Absolutely agree, Grahame. In fact my membership is up for renewal this month. (The cheque is in the post ) I would be more likely to drop the 'generic' model mags, which do encompass N but inevitably have to bow to the popularity of OO, in favour of N specific. C.
  10. I like lights. They bring a bit more life. Signals, Street lights, illuminated buildings and yes, lit coaches especially if adding passengers. No point adding them if you can't see them! C.
  11. Have you tried disabling run on DC in CV 29? I've had decoders behave as you describe, setting off as soon as they were placed on the track. Seems they 'think' they're on DC and hare off down the track. Disabling DC resolved the problem for me. C.
  12. A TCS dp2x-uk certainly fits the pannier. Can't comment on the jinty or the DCC24 decoder. C.
  13. Never forgotten this from my junior school years. We had to learn and recite a railway related poem Paddy on the railway picking up stones Along came an engine and broke Paddy's bones "Oi" said Paddy, "that's not fair!" "Well," said the driver, "you shouldn't be there." No idea of the origin, other than it being recited by a girl called Denise! C.
  14. Hats off to Dapol for taking this step but it's my belief that the contract of suppy & purchase exists between the buyer and the retailer. The buyer need have no interaction with the manufacturer. Any problem at point of purchase or arising after should be taken up with the retailer, not the manufacturer.
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