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  1. I've pre-ordered the grey one as in service with the LNER. I really had mulled over a green one
  2. I have ordered the LNER version, looking forward to it!
  3. I want to thank Hattons and others for discounting items. I have rarely paid full price for a locomotive or rolling stock thanks to the practice. Which in turns means I can purchase more products than I could if I paid full price for each
  4. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    Hornby have emailed me regarding returning my Rocket for a repair. Quite pleased about that as the thought of tackling it myself with my poor soldering experience was a bit daunting!
  5. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    I was always careful although I do recall a fella in school getting liquid solder in the corner of his eye! I've contacted Hornby regarding returning it for a repair but failing that my colleague had a soldering iron I can lend or he said he'd do it for me. Not much work involved, just heating the solder and popping the wire back.
  6. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    Well I noticed last night a wire has come away from the solder under the tender it was while I was adding the figures. It didn't happen as I struggled to fit the DCC chip because I tested it afterwards. Unfortunately I don't own a soldering iron and haven't done any soldering since secondary school nearly 2 decades ago.
  7. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    I had mine running today but waiting on a decoder to bring her in line with the rest of my collection
  8. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    I never thought of it that way Clearwater. Living in Northern Ireland I have to shop online for most of my models and associated products. I've used three of the bigger retailers in the last year and all have been positive experiences. I wonder if the response to this particular model has taken Hornby and the retailers by surprise? Mine will primarily sit in my display cabinet as I don't have a layout. I do get the trains out every so often. The Ulster Model Railway Society meets 5 minute walk away from my house so I should join so I can run my stock more regularly
  9. mckinneyc

    New Hornby Rocket

    I managed to get a Triang boxed set when they briefly came into stock on the Hornby website. I had accepted I probably wouldn't get one. From the experiences I've read above I might pre-order the W1s I want from Hornby themselves.
  10. Thanks Black Hat! Added to the shopping list!
  11. Am I right in thinking some Standard 2MTs were used in the North Eastern Region? Trying to justify another addition to a full shopping list!
  12. Don't hate me but I think LNER green for me, and a rebuilt garter blue one. If funds allow then I may get a grey one. I think a green one will look rather smart standing alongside my apple green A4
  13. I'll be adding both era 5 models to my collection to sit alongside my A4s and currently sole Gresley A1. I have to confess that Bachmann's A1 and A2 have never attracted me due to the drooping cab end and lack of finesse Hornby have always seemed to bestow on top link locos
  14. So happy! I'll definitely be getting a couple of W1s and Thompson Pacifics. Also like the look of the APT despite not modelling that era or region. And a new Rocket! That's definitely an indulgence I'll be acting on. Well done Hornby for a daring and very exciting range of products! Feels like new life has been injected into the marketplace
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