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  1. Robin. looks great keep up the great work. John.
  2. OK I just wondered why you would use a separate switch to change a set of route indicator leds, when the point motor would do this for you as it would also isolate the tracks. John.
  3. Am i correct in thinking That your using the SPST switch to control the led and the DPDT switch to throw the motor, Also what are the diodes fitted at point X/Z for. John.
  4. Try giving the decoder the CV 8-8 reset just in case it has become corrupted in any way. Its worth a try. John.
  5. Go take a look at the website posting, there to me anyways its pretty obvious it does amps. this is the spec Power – DC or DCC, 5-29V, 10 amps max. Power – AC, 5-20.5V, 7 amps max. https://www.dccconcepts.com/product/alpha-meter-for-dc-or-dcc/ John
  6. Did you ever get to the bottom of the problem ? Regards. John.
  7. NCE. Don`t have any authorised service agent at all in the UK, its been asked but they say its too much hassle on there part , There are a few model shops that do undertake repairs, like we do, but mostly the items end up back in the US. Quite often in our experience the don`t charge for a genuine fault, so all you end up paying is the shop cost.and handling charge. John
  8. Thank you for that information. John
  9. Dont forget. If you increase the supply voltage to the power cab, and it burns out the internal tracks, it wont be covered by any warranty claim. This could be a costly mistake Regards. John.
  10. i use that system ans can run multiple vehicles at the same time,it is PC controlled via, i train. You will need to do some work to the road way to make it work, as it uses induction for communicating with the vehicles. but when you have it set up it works great. John.
  11. Hi Jim Can you please explain how you did it . John.
  12. Just check you have not inadvertently, change the cab address from CAB 2, as if you have it wont work. It will do all the correct things on the screen but thats about it. John.
  13. Good to see you back. wondered what had happened to Holmes Yard John.
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