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  1. HI Gordon s That looks very smart if I may say so. Well done, is it now connected to your ECoS and working. Regards. John.
  2. DCC Concepts also do a 6 core RJ12 curly cable if you need to source one at any time Regards. John.
  3. Hi Alcanman. Make sure the one you ordered has 6 cores and not 4, if its 4 its not going to work. John.
  4. I had increased my macro slots by using a free downloaded PC program and used this as it has multiple commands. I used one virtual button on my PC to operate over 60 turnouts as a startup test. And i also have about 40 plus routes set on to individual buttons some of these include Signals as well as the turn outs.
  5. Hi Ray What is the NCE system you are using, Please. John.
  6. Hi Drop them an email and ask how it all works. john
  7. You can if using Big Bear create the multi point macro in the software and operate it via a onscreen virtual button. I have a lot of multi point macro commands stored in my Big Bear, all operated by the virtual buttons, the software even allow timed delays to be inserted between actions . i also have on button that sets all the points on the layout left then right as a test if needed. As Nigel said above with out going to a larger system you wont get the 49 macros you will need to do what you want it to do. if you need any help drop me a message i use the mini panel for all
  8. try checking now they may have them back in stock
  9. Hi Speak to technical at DCC concepts The spec is the same as it was before they will if you speak to Mick supply the Board that is mentioned above. Regards. John
  10. What feed back units are required for NCE and how do the connect to the NCE system.John.
  11. Robin. looks great keep up the great work. John.
  12. OK I just wondered why you would use a separate switch to change a set of route indicator leds, when the point motor would do this for you as it would also isolate the tracks. John.
  13. Am i correct in thinking That your using the SPST switch to control the led and the DPDT switch to throw the motor, Also what are the diodes fitted at point X/Z for. John.
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