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  1. As per the update it is revised but we are making additional improvements from this sample to the finished product
  2. I'll just leave this here: https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/flexible-instalment-options
  3. Correct, it's an exclusive for Rails of Sheffield: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/40287/accurascale-37610-oo-gauge-class-37-6-37610-hnrc-br-blue-wrap-around-yellow-noses-diesel-locomotive
  4. The older / pre-refurbished models have the 'as built' windows, the later versions were fitted with toughened / reinforced glazing with thicker frames. The model reflects this accurately
  5. Lots of options https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/class-37/drs-compass?grid_list=grid-view
  6. McC

    Weedkilling Coaches

    Great! I look forward to hearing !
  7. Hi Tom They are indeed the end tail lights. They are fully functional.
  8. The price is the same regardless, just like all of our other products.
  9. We offer a range of flexible options - for both in stock and preorders - https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/flexible-instalment-options You can order today, choose Direct Debit at checkout, and set up weekly or monthly payments between now and stock arrival!
  10. correct - we have packs of the part available on request should you wish to mount other 20' containers on the PFA
  11. Good point Mark! Or indeed wait for us to have the items in stock, or your favourite retailer - there is no onus to preorder, once you are quick / ready once they do come into stock! HTH!
  12. Hi Keith! Hope you got my email reply to you of a few days ago with the same questions? 1 - Accurascale was born out of Irish Railway Models, an Irish company established over 5 years ago. Accurascale Ltd became an English company in October of last year as part of our Brexit preparations. Since launching on the UK we’ve delivered the HUO wagon range in two scales, the PCV Cemflo, the PCA tankers, the PFA wagon lines and in the next 4 weeks our PTA and JSA ranges will be in stock. Additionally we’ve shown samples of the 55, 92, KUA and soon mk5 coaches and have many projects underway as yet unannounced) Our warehouse and distribution is in Peterborough and we have stockists throughout the UK and Ireland - https://accurascale.co.uk/pages/store-locator 2 - We hope so Our ethos is to deliver models that are 'definitive' to the prototype and as detailed as possible (even the parts you can't see) at the most reasonable price we can achieve. 3 - Per my reply, the photos on the site are of the Engineering Prototype of the KUA - you can see how it will be painted and finished in this image: 4 - As per this thread, the Fully decorated samples are due week of the 7th September, with assembly proceeding directly from then, all going well they should be in hand before year end.
  13. On schedule for decorated samples the week of the 7th September with production moving apace once all good!
  14. the lamp is a dedicated fitted part. If you wished you can snip the wiring and remove it
  15. The inset piece is (prototypically) designed to attach to the 20' container and raise it above the wheelbase. In use, you would clip the inset to the base of your container, then clip the combination into the wagon. A little twisting in transit wont' make any difference to the fit. HTH.
  16. Now in stock - but not for long ! https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/pfa-2-axle-container-flat-wagon
  17. Not wanting to stirrup trouble, having to rein it in a little bit might be better than foals rushing in, we don't want to be saddled with a spur of the moment decision that could end up a right mare!
  18. almost all the parts are removable - here's a handy parts diagram:
  19. afraid so! In fact both Nuke packs are now entirely presold on preorder!
  20. The LED's only work on one direction, and are designed to be lit all the time, hence we recommend a permanent power supply (either DCC or a direct 12v feed on DC) HTH!
  21. At regular height. All inners are in NEM sockets too but are at a prototypical height.
  22. For the sake of clarity, each 'set' of 5 fixed wagons, has a regular NEM socket at each outer end.
  23. Hi Railman, The entire run is a single batch, and generally most customers get on ok with them, The key is to take your time and follow the method in the video, giving them a little squeeze, then placing the rear legs first, then the front lugs will pop down onto the rails. Hope that helps!
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