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  1. Camber Sands? East (very) Sussex, almost in Kent, and where the 1950s Dunkirk movie was filmed. Apparently the BBC used Formby Beach.
  2. I just skimmed through the linked article but I can recall at least six liveries: SR green with & without speed whiskers, black, blue, BR green, BR green FYE. Add variations in BR emblems + BRITISH RAILWAYS.
  3. That's not bad for the Echo, at least it was spelt correctly.
  4. Yet another strike at a "notorious" location this week https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/18028590.great-bridge-lane-romsey-blocked-lorry-crash/
  5. The shot of 70036 was taken from roughly the same spot as 70002, the inclined road up to the street overbridge. The J69 station pilot to the left is presumably 68619.
  6. I'm fairly sure 70002 is at Liverpool St., I recognised the location instantly as I used to spot from there.
  7. "ps the winner of the war of Spanish succession was recently disinterred from the valley of the fallen?" He could hardly lose; both factions were on his side.
  8. I observed a TDA on low loader in the centre of Eastleigh last Thursday. It was heading for the M3. The bogies were clean and all the info panels were freshly painted but the tank body was filthy.
  9. I doubt that a commercial processor would hand write dates on slides. Part of my job used to involve writing project numbers and other details onto slide mounts. It's a fiddly process just doing a date. A home processor might have done it, but how common was home processing of slide film in 1967? ISTR you could get the film only processed and cut and hand mount the transparencies yourself. We had a photographer at work in the '80s who did that.
  10. If the date on the slide is printed, it's probably the processing date rather than the date taken.
  11. The American "race" are the Native Americans, with a culture that has been systematically eroded and disrespected. The majority of the US population are a mixture of peoples from all over the world, with a variety of cultures of their own, all worthy of respect. What may be seen as "American" culture is IMHO largely a product of big corporations, mass media and the entertainment industry. Disliking that is hardly "racist".
  12. "Yes, indeed, but the Brummie on the Great Western poster appeared to be laying into his gun barrel with a hammer." Many shotgun barrels were made of hand forged strips of iron and steel that produced a pattern resembling Damascus steel blades. It was however done before the stock was attached. http://firearmshistory.blogspot.com/2010/06/barrel-making-pattern-welded-or.html
  13. It would possibly be suited to the Tyne Dock - Consett ore trains, or the Lickey banker.
  14. Beat me to it; eldavo is a member on here. The layout was at the Southampton show about three years ago.
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