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  1. No doubt the origin of the family name of those guests at the Yorkshire Ball, Mr & Mrs Eckerslyke and their sons, Willie and Izzy.
  2. The fire started in the compressor, which has it's own small motor and fuel supply. That would have been on the front of the box body above the cab, just right to hit the bridge. The fuel could have been ignited by damaged wiring.
  3. I noticed that too. I ran it at 0.25 speed and there's a jump cut at 2.08, from no apparent smoke to noticeable smoke. On You tube there's a link to the full story.
  4. I just found a side view of Bob Roberts' Vectis Isle for sale on Ebay; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/pf4033-UK-Coaster-Vectis-Isle-built-1939-ex-Badzo-photograph-by-J-Byass-/292404293592. It should be possible to get a rough estimate of length from that. The same seller also has this, a smaller coaster that I reckon is very roughly 100ft LOA; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ce3186-Vectis-Shipping-Coaster-Needles-just-off-shore-photograph-/293187827615. I tried to find some data for Vectis Isle but the waters are muddied (!) by there being two later ships of that name.
  5. For the same reason the assault troops at D-Day put them over their rifle muzzles.
  6. They don't look like Amish; another source (daily Fail) suggests they were Mennonites (similar theological origins as Amish but less strict) who are widespread in Pennsylvania.
  7. The family's dress style suggests that they believe their lives are in the hands of a higher power.
  8. It looks like a conversion of one of these: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im1874ev18-p58.jpg with a wooden frame and buffer beams. The cylinder position is the same. Boiler, safety valve housing and firebox are a close match.
  9. I'd I agree; I'd place it near where The Avenue (Wilton) crosses both lines by one overbridge. The land rises to the north but nothing like the hill in the painting. The D15's headcode is for Waterloo to Salisbury and Exeter. The whitish area to the left of the GWR loco's exhaust is the exhaust from the Up train behind it, part of a clerestory in lake is at the left of the picture.
  10. From the O.E.D.; fell (4) Pronunciation /fɛl/ adjective literary Of terrible evil or ferocity; deadly. ‘the fell disease that was threatening her sister’ ‘Sometimes, the wind also brought unnervingly fell sounds with it, as if a chorus of unholy demons was singing in the distance.’
  11. My ad-blocker is now off again and I'm getting ads for....ad-blockers.
  12. A fantasy gamer I knew once asked me in Beatties for advice on painting an angel's wings in a rainbow effect. I told him to use Humbrol Rainbow paint. "What number is it?" he asked, heading for the paint rack.
  13. I did say I'd turned it off for RMweb. I sincerely hope I can turn it off again soon. I'd go for gold but with the extra content available I'd never get off the PC.
  14. I use an ad blocker on Firefox but had it turned off for here. It's back on now.
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