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  1. Not quite Peckham, but close, "We just have to hit on the right paint job and it'll sell for a fortune Rodney."
  2. It was a show home built by John Laing in 1935.https://www.architecture.com/image-library/RIBApix/image-information/poster/kings-cross-station-london-with-a-show-home-of-1935-built-by-john-laing-in-the-foregound/posterid/RIBA70591.html
  3. Pure speculation on my part, but Paypal recently introduced a 30p surcharge per transaction on all sales paid through them on top of their existing charges. I think Ebay thought "we'll have some of that" as their new charges add up to roughly what the combined charges were previously, plus a 30p surcharge per transaction. When I sell an item I get an email telling me it's been paid for. As I generate my postage labels through Ebay it's actually impossible to dispatch something until it's paid for, even if the money sits with them for a day or so (38 hours for the last one).
  4. Long ago a friend drove a four wheeled Renault car transporter. I sometimes went out with him, partly so I could walk his collie while he made a delivery. His wagon was used for deliveries that the company's artics couldn't get to. He never had a bridge strike but the front overhang made a trip through Dunster very interesting, and slow, due to some of the jettied buildings there. All were avoided safely.
  5. Beaufort's Dyke might be a problem, the tunnel will have to go under it deep enough to prevent vibrations disturbing the huge dump of WW2 explosives that lies above. I don't see the Republic wanting to change gauge.
  6. Some examples of older cranes in Southampton Old Docks in the 1910s-'20s. The cladding was timber, as were the cabins.
  7. This turned up on YouTube, a 1925 silent comedy directed by Fatty Arbuckle using Buster Keaton's Rocket replica from Our Hospitality;
  8. I've been interested in the Southwold Railway since I was young, holidaying at Walberswick in the 50s/early '60s. I found Walberswick Station not far from the farm we got our milk from, and we frequently walked into Southwold along the railway route, diverting across the golf course, and also along the harbour branch route. I still have the two sets of humorous postcards originally dating from the '20s. Mymodelling project is based elsewhere but I look forward to seeing more of your layout.
  9. The Romans must have known where it was, as they named the road to it; EFFLUVIA.
  10. “He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; shun him. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a student; Teach him. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep; Wake him. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is Wise; Follow him.” Old Arabian saying, possibly much older.
  11. I have refitted two of those (in different liveries) with Cambrian kit wooden underfames.
  12. I believe "engine" sound effects are now fitted. I heard one recently that sounded like a Lima GWR railcar.
  13. Not sre but the engine nd radiator are off an old Albion lorry.
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